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Found 1 result

  1. Have the XBOX One Enhanced version. I enjoy building flying, failing and flailing about... however... the controller controls seem to pale in comparison to the, uh, other versions that I'm seeing the original engineers. I can plug one of their fancy multi-button keyboard doohickies into my control console and use my other applications with it, but KSP doesn't seem to pay attention to it. Even when asking for just names, I can't enter them with the multi-key controller and have to use my hand-fitting ergonomic multi-stick controller to do it. Any chance I'm just missing something and I can magically access the 101 key multi-button controller that most of my fellow Kerman Space Engineer's are using? Just curious. Also, a little 'finer' control when in snap mode would be awesome. I have to exit snap mode and fuss around with the sticks for what is usually a minute or so to get that part placed 'just right'. Doesn't mean I fly the craft any better but sometimes that itty bitty little bit helps.