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Found 5 results

  1. Have the XBOX One Enhanced version. I enjoy building flying, failing and flailing about... however... the controller controls seem to pale in comparison to the, uh, other versions that I'm seeing the original engineers. I can plug one of their fancy multi-button keyboard doohickies into my control console and use my other applications with it, but KSP doesn't seem to pay attention to it. Even when asking for just names, I can't enter them with the multi-key controller and have to use my hand-fitting ergonomic multi-stick controller to do it. Any chance I'm just missing something and I can magically access the 101 key multi-button controller that most of my fellow Kerman Space Engineer's are using? Just curious. Also, a little 'finer' control when in snap mode would be awesome. I have to exit snap mode and fuss around with the sticks for what is usually a minute or so to get that part placed 'just right'. Doesn't mean I fly the craft any better but sometimes that itty bitty little bit helps.
  2. Hello there! I'm trying to set up a complicated vJoy script, but for it to work the way I need it to, I need the virtual controller to have 28 buttons and 5 axes. (28 buttons because I want a double-click to give a different output, and I want the POV hat buttons to act as buttons, not axes.) I'm using FreePIE to write a script that takes xbox 360 controller inputs and map them to the vJoy controller, but I need to know 2 things before I know this process can succeed: A) How many buttons will KSP recognize from 1 controller, and B) Can KSP tell the difference between an xbox 360 controller and a separate vJoy controller? any help is greatly appreciated! EDIT: I have workarounds for if KSP allows fewer than 28 buttons (create a second vJoy controller to output to) and if KSP only recognizes 1 controller at a time (make 1 vJoy controller with 38 buttons, leaving the 1st 10 blank, as they are the raw 360 inputs) EDIT 2: I have proved that KSP 1.2.2 can tell a 360 controller apart from a vJoy controller by mapping the POV hat buttons to vJoy buttons.
  3. Hello! I would like to know if KSP is compactible with controllers, as i wanted to make something like a Capsule with screens and a Controller, in which i will pilot the craft. Controller model - Saitek Cyborg Evo. With best regards, SpacePlaneArchitect.
  4. Hey guys I was wondering if a developer would be able to shed light on the Indicated Air Speed or Mach value(s) that determine(s) the 'safe to deploy' indicators from Safe | Risky | Unsafe. This is for a control panel I've been working on, and I'd love to be able to accurately reflect what's happening on screen on my panel Many thanks in advance!
  5. This christmas i'm looking to purchase a pair of bluetooth gamepads, on for myself and one to give to my brother. I'm just looking for a standard bluetooth gamepad priced at around $30 a piece. Does anyone have any recommendations about a specific model?
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