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Found 2 results

  1. Alright folks, I used to love perusing the old B9 creations showcase and as far as I know one for NFT doesn't exist yet. In the NFT thread it was suggested to me that I start one myself. With the release of 1.3 NFT I think it's the perfect time. There are no requirements other than that your craft use an NFT part or mechanic. Can be current or old, I don't care. I'll update with a few more when I get home today, but I'll start this off now - This craft was designed in pieces and assembled in orbit for one of my many grand tour ideas. Back in .25 I was using Krag's planet pack before Kopernicus and I needed something with more delta-v than I'd ever managed before. This thing had 27km/s with the lander docked fully loaded, and about 45km/s without the lander. It was designed to be able to get to things like the old Ablate, which orbit really, really close to the sun. It was a really utilitarian craft, as in the second image, all but one fuel tank were designed to come off and go down with the lander to be refuelled with Xenon and brought back up. The lander itself was inspired by Cupcake's dropships, and had enough for a Tylo landing without any extra baggage, and could also do a Dyna landing plus ascent without refuelling via Kethane. I had a lot of capacitors there so it could handle ~3 minute burns without reactor startup, then get that power back via solar panels. There were two main problems with it - the lander had no RCS to save fuel and relied on two tugs to dock every time I had to move it, which got annoying fast. Secondly, out past Jool it had power problems because no RTGs and low solar output so I had to keep the reactor online very low. I can't wait to redesign for 1.3, TAC LS and the new changes to NFT, and I'd love to see all your designs. Mine tend to be very functional and not so pretty, though I was somewhat proud of the way this one looked. Anyways, let's see all your crafts folks! Also any tags or formatting I've missed please feel free to pm or post or whathaveyou.
  2. I'd like to do a probe landing on Tekto and one on Putto using NFT parts. Doesn't need to be one launch, but that would be cool. Problem is I'm much better at designing BD Armory stuff than building a spacecraft with the required dV and resources needed for this. I'm pretty fine with using maneuver nodes, I just need help with the craft design itself. Would anyone be willing to assist me with this?