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Found 6 results

  1. Current Release (GitHub) This mod adds long-range antennas using stock assets to facilitate communications networks for planet packs larger than the stock solar system. This allows the player to extend, rather than replace, the stock antenna progression, making long-range relays possible without trivializing inner-system communications. The RA-500 weighs 1.3 tons and has range rating of 500 Gm. It has a 1.25m bottom node and fits in a 5m fairing (i.e. it's a 2x rescaled RA-15.) The RA-2500 weighs 2.6 tons and has a range rating of 2.5 Tm. It has a 2.5m bottom node and fits in
  2. This tutorial, Setting Up A Commnet System, suggests placing 6 satellites into a 4Gm Kerbolar orbit, 12 into 25Gm and, optionally, 24 into a 50Gm orbit. To do this in a finite amount of time requires launching them all individually at specific time intervals. I've calculated the following: To launch 6 Comm Sats to a 4Gm orbit, launch each with 13.48 day separation. To launch 12 Comm Sats to a 25Gm orbit, launch each with a 59.30 day separation. To launch 24 Comm Sats to a 50Gm orbit (optional), launch each with a 20.69 day separation. The 3 formulae
  3. Hi everyone, I've picked up KSP again recently and am trying to build a comm network local to Kerbin. For context: I'm playing on pretty hard settings, and I only have a ground comm station at the KSC itself, not anywhere else on the planet. This pretty much means that I need a comm network local to Kerbin itself. I'm at the point in the tech tree where I only have the 5M relay antennas. For various reasons it would be really nice to be able to launch and control probes around Kerbin (and due to settings I don't have probe control unless I have a comm-link). In case it's relevant I'm usin
  4. The CommNet feature, introduced in 1.2, made communications-satellite constellations relevant in the base game. A three-satellite constellation, in an equatorial orbit, is a relatively easy way to provide pretty good communications coverage; but such a constellation does not provide full coverage over the entire surface of a celestial body. However, a four-satellite constellation, orbiting in a tetrahedral configuration, does! What does such a constellation look like? It looks like this... With that in mind: I've compiled a list, for every celestial body in the Kerbol system,
  5. I've been using CommNet for a while, and love it. I have just managed to find myself in a particular situation I want answers to in my science game. In it, I'm still waiting for transfer windows thanks to kerbal alarm clock, so I'm sticking to Kerbin system-based operations. My rather primitive and outdated relay system contains two relay sats, exactly the same including layout, with four of the antennas directly superior to the Communitron 16, except they're pointing opposite directions. This is obviously because they're supposed to be on opposite sides of Kerbin(And yes I do have newer a
  6. I know I'm not the only one having trouble giving orders to my distant probes. I can't increase relay size with tweakscale either.
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