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Found 4 results

  1. EVE-Redux This is my own build of EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancements) which enhances performance by utilizing a few tricks. See here for EVE (thanks for everything @rbray89): https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/149733-18-environmentalvisualenhancements-180-2/ This build also integrates @R-T-B's and @BIOZ fixes for 1.10: Note: this isn't meant to be maintained as a separate version of EVE, the goal is to have a lot of people test it here, validate it, and then integrate it into mainline EVE. Performance improvements: This version uses a few
  2. KSP is many things to many people. It is rich with possibilities. The only "right" way to play it is to have fun -- and if along the way you amuse/entertain/enlighten others, that's a decided bonus from KSP to everyone. I recently built a plane with wing root tanks. I like this technique because you can slide them fore/aft to balance the full/empty CoM. I shift-gizmo'ed them nearly flush with the fuselage so that you could conveniently click them to refuel as long as you knew they were there. My quip at th
  3. Eisenhower Astronautics This mod aims to add the Angara launch vehicle and it associated upper stages to the game. It will eventually include more modern Russian and Ukrainian rockets that are not already in Tantares. This mod will be built to mesh well with Tantares and other stockalike mods. I am always looking for advice as this is my first parts mod that I have actually made a forum post for. Angara 1.2: URM-1: URM-2: RD-191: RD-0124: Angara Development Plans: Angara 3, Angara 5, Angara 7, URM-2V, RD-0150, RD-
  4. Overview: Kerpton (kerp-tawn) Future Media was a software development company which created the popular singing synthesizer program "Kertsune (kert-soo-neh) Miku", which many Kerbals had used to make their own songs. But lately, its founder, Hiroyuki Kerman, had considered starting a space program after playing a realistic space simulator for several months. Using the wealth he had acquired from selling so many copies of music software, he started a new organization called the Kerpton Aero-Space Development Agency, and hired several young aerospace engineers. This thread will document the
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