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Dres Awareness, Show Your Support! (still not-dead :))

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All right, time to add to the numerous new challenges popping up.

The premise of the challenge is simple. Show your support for our loneliest planet, Dres!This is a challenge to perform a megamission to make Dres feel happy, so be creative on how you want to do it! I myself will be doing a circumnavigation of Dres by land later, so yeah. If your mission uses Dresteroids, the mission must directly relate to Dres in one way/shape/form. If this is a bit vague, notify me, and I'll put in some baseline examples.

We at DresAwarenessLTD are here to emphasize large-scale missions to our lonely friend, Dres! A simple Land-Return mission is not enough to us, go further, and beyond!  Not just Dres now, no. While Dres forever remains our Number 1, I have decided to include Eeloo and Moho on our planetary awareness list! That's about it. Carry on.

Suggestions, which by no means you need to follow to complete this:


Not just one satalite, have a full NETWORK

Have a space-station, big enough to be classified as BIG (unless you have a bad laptop like me)


Rover? No, MANY rovers

Lander? Ok, lot's O' Kerbals!

Mining ops? Ok, LOT's!

Base? Ok, make it BIG!



-Please, no f12 or Hyperedit

-Wheaton's Law :D

-Try keeping it stock, tell me about a fun mod that doesn't ruin the challenge, and I will look into it 

Rules Regarding Proof:

-Mission Report threads are fine, I encourage this too!

-Screenshots, if used, should document at minimum, all iportant burns, manuevers, etc.

-Videos are welcome!

- Screenshots must show UI at all important events, beauty shots are exempt however. Please be sure to keep the UI visible if it is not a beauty shot


Mods Allowed:

 Mods will now be handled on a case by case basis. To be blunt, all legitimate mods are allowed. That means, this is essentially a rule saying "Do not cheat by proxy of a mod"  

Ask for mods you find that are "on the fence"

Completion badge made by an awesome friend, UkFbV35.png?2




Dres Supporters! Successful entries will be mentioned here:

-RocketPropelledGiraffe, One mission, and we see a craft of pure love :D Album: http://imgur.com/a/nUikV

-Claw, the first to circumnavigate (by rover) Dres! 'Gratz, I'll be doing that later as part of a secret megamission!

-627, for giving Dres a classroom of friends (literally)

-5thHorseman, for turning one of the Dresteroids into an honest to goodness rover, driving a whopping 900 metres! 

- Goijra1000, for a GIGANTIC mobile orbital colony with 24/7 party dedicated to Dres

-Jakalth, with three orbital tugs and an extreme Sat network, ending in with a major blow to the save, courtesy the Kraken

-DoctorDavinci, for two seperate satalite networks, 80 kerbals landed, two motherships, over 40 probe landers, and a flag in each crater

- DMSP, for sending a nuclear powered orbiter then tumbling it down the Dres Canyon.

-Nightingale, for modding in the name of Dres!


-Calivingamr, for sending a literal heart of love to Dres!

-George van Doorn for completing the Dres Awareness challenge by sending the most overkill rocket I have ever seen for what seems to be the tiniest interplanetary tranfser to Dres ever.

-Magzimum, for circumnavigating Dres, sending a magnificent station to Dres and pulling  7481.8 science points from our lonely friend. (Update, 6th of September: As well as spending upwards of 2.5 million funds to send a VTOL-spaceliner full of kerbals to Dres, with a harrowing refuel to return home safely!)

-bigcalm, for an absolutely stunning textbook mission, fulfilling EACH AND EVERY one of the suggestion criteria!

-zeta function, for a simple and sweet 12 probe network in orbit of Dres!

-Geonovast, for an 8 satellite network and permanent base on Dres. Part 2: for forcing Kerbin to give Dres a big ol' hug! (And Duna!)

-Cpt Kerbalkrunch, for sending a heartfelt and expensive love-steroid to Dres!

-Zherdev, for a nicely sized space station to high Dres orbit in a single launch!

-GRS, for a comprehensive 21 satellite network, and two HUNDRED Kerbals brought to and from Dres. Later goes on to perform a double round trip between Dres and Kerbin in a separate mission! Further mission to collect 30k science points from Dres! Furthermore creating a new moon named Spade for Dres!

-Torn4dO, for turning Dres into a second bastion of Kerbalkind with multiple orbital vessals, a science station, asteroid miner, multiple relays, and on the surface; 13 different rovers, a science outpost, 3 separate landers, and a freaking HOTEL, with the mission comprising a total of TWO-HUNDRED FIFTY KERBALS!

-dvader, for sending a science carnival to and back from Dres. It was just so colourful!

-Xenocatz(Sorry for improper caps here bud), for a wonderfully executed blanket of satellites for Dres!

-Eriksonn, for setting up semi-permanent mining ops and a badass looking mothership station on/around Dres! Later gives Dres a new friend named Rega and a beautiful set of rings!

-Spacenerd Kerman, for literally giving Dres, Love, a new moon!

-SecondChance, for a classic large scale lander-station mission with a total of 7 seats, and a 12 satellite relay network!

-Robonoise, for completing the Dres Awareness challenge with a residential outpost of decent size, on Dres!

-Gordon Fecyk, for a detailed and pleasing-to-follow exploration of Dres(JNSQ mod edition)!

-Nantares, for lighting up Dres with deep-space relay comms, turning it into the comm hub of Kerbol!


These special mentions are for those who become the caretaker of all the lonely ones, Dres, Moho, and Eeloo:
- 5thHorseman





Also, let me know of anything! I'm open to any fun-increasing ideas!


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No, you may have used hyperedit ;)

I would to get there when I make another trip. First one always has to be legit and then I cheat if I don't feel like sitting through 5 massively laggy burns at 700 parts:/(The ship refuels itself so it doesn't do any long term damage)

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I'd like to think my constant yelling about Dres awareness had some effect on the creation of this challenge.


Probably :D

- - - Updated - - -

I would to get there when I make another trip. First one always has to be legit and then I cheat if I don't feel like sitting through 5 massively laggy burns at 700 parts:/(The ship refuels itself so it doesn't do any long term damage)

And even though I'd give you a pardon, I feel like you have used Hyperedit. Just tell me, did you perform the same launch for all sats? And what about all of the varied inclinations?

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It's one mothership, the sats are moved about using a tug and can be recovered when she leaves SOI.

Alright, beam me up some proof of your travels, and you'll be welcomed onto the supporter list :D

- - - Updated - - -

Dres? What's Dres? Is that Italian?

Dres kis a highly unappreciated planet. We are here to give it love, no hate allowed :D

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Can I go on the supporter list for being annoying enough for this challenge to be created?

Or do I have to do the Dres mission?

(I think it's the second one)

Meh, of course! Hand proof of a glorious Dres mission, and I'll mention in the OP how annoying you were :D

I never realized how bad I was at making interplanetary missions...

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