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My farewell to Kerbal Space Program


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KSP is truly one of a kind - a creative flight sim where you build all kinds of crazy stuff, manage funds (or not), collect science (or not), explore (or spend all your time designing walking mechs at KSC) and mod to your heart's content. It certainly took a lot of work to end up that way and I appreciate all the hard work you've put in over the years to ensure it.

Best of luck on wherever life takes you next!

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Hey Felipe! Wow, thank you for everything you and the KSP team have done.
This game truly changed me, finally I can play for hours and hours without being bored, finally I can understand a little more about rocket science, and of course, this game made me interested in space exploration as I never been before!

As you said, game development is REALLY hard, and we know that even little changes can have an effect in all the game. I'm so happy with the direction this game, and its community is moving to.
I only wish good luck in your future, and of course I'll continue to support KSP and any future project, as always :D

"Desde já, um muito obrigado pelo seu trabalho, e o de todo o pessoal da Squad! ^__^ Boa sorte!"

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You made an exceptional game, I still playing every day after 3 years... But a person like you, with your education, knowing at least 3 languages... To be fixed to only one project...

I think that you want to grow more, so...

Muchas gracias por todo, y que tengas suerte en tus futuros proyectos.  

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Well now, there's something I didn't expect to see, though I suppose I can't really say I'm surprised, you've been doing this for a long time after all! And man, what a time that's been! I've been with KSP since 0.13.3, and bought into it a few months later in 0.16, so I've not been around for quite as long as some of the others here. However, much like everyone else here, I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. KSP has been one of the most incredible things I've seen and played, even from that humble beginning back in 0.13.3; I don't think I've poured as many hours into any other game as I have this one! I already loved space, but this game has truly made me love and understand all the little complexities of spaceflight itself.

Whatever you go on to do next, I'm sure it'll be just as cool, but for now, thanks for the past few years, Felipe!

All the best from another avid fan :)

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The out-pour of sincere support and best wishes to you from everyone in this community absolutely speaks for itself, and goes to show just what has been built here. This community is exactly what caused me to start the OzzyInSpace stream, and the entire reason I obtained any interest in spaceflight at all. For all of that, and more (much more), I thank you!


I know I speak for many when I say that we can all hardly wait to see what the future holds for you.


Thanks for everything!!


- OzzyInSpace

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Felipe, I am very sorry to see you go and I wish you the best. I would like to say that KSP is the only video game I play - simply because it's so great. Thank you for developing such a wonderful game.

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