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Hi all!

I have a little problem using these subassemblies. I'm playing on computer and I'm trying to build different things to send to my bases on different celestial bodies. One of them is a battery pack, as science costs a lot of electricity to be sent. This battery pack needs to be a rover, so I'm using a Probo QBE with some struts around and some docking prts and, well, here a  screenshot of it without the wheels yet and missing a few things, just dev time...



This will attach to the docking ports I have on my different bases. Well, as soon as they reach the planets that is... I just can't save that as a subassembly to add it to my launchers... Why? It keeps telling me: the selected part is not attachable

I did understand that it is actually the commandpart that is not attachable, but the entire thing is though. And to save the whole as an assembly, I need to drag it selecting the probo, but the probo has no attachement slot left, so, what, how do I do that???



Well, double post, I know... But I just found out that I should start building my subassemblies with an attachable part. So I restarted using the top docking port as first part, meaning the parent so I could drag the whole assembly by it..... Well, I guess this is learning uh....

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