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  1. If only SpaceX had a giant ocean platform they could use as a launch complex.
  2. WE HAVE PAGES INCOMING! WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! What is this "cheating" of which you speak, @Mister Dilsby? I believe what you mean to say is that Bill will be putting his save-file editing skills to liberal use and that everyone should stay very still.
  3. I love it how most of the most fanatical die-hard Kerbfleet fans are now moderators or KSP staff.
  4. Welcome back Kuzzter @Mister Dilsby! I've been waiting for this moment for... pushing 7 years?
  5. Go to necromancer school. Should I change my name to Thomas Andrews and move to Belfast?
  6. Rock-paper-scissors-shoot, anything you want to do!
  7. Thou clickest in vain. Ye olde thread remaindst lockethed.
  8. >10 PRINT "Don't click" >20 GOTO 10 >RUN
  9. Nobody. It's been locked for over a decade
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