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Howdy everyone! I'm not the greatest when it comes computers (I'd consider myself a little more advanced than your average Joe-Shmo) and I've been trying to do some .cfg file editing on jet engines. My goal is relatively simple (I think). I want to turn most of the jet engines I have in various mods and in the Squad folder itself into rocket engines (Have them be closed cycle Lf-Ox engines instead of air-breathing combustion engines). I first experimented with the stock J-404 "Panther" with no success. I was wondering if someone could give me a little assistance on how I would do something like that. I'd preferably like to be able to keep the "afterburner" effect on engines with an afterburner too by hopefully just turning it into a dual-mode rocket engine (which I know is quite possible). Thanks in advance for any assistance!




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Best thing you can do is look at both the jet engine and a rocket engine with comparable specs. You'd need to change a lot but most of all: ISP, engine type, resource requirements.

		name = ModuleEnginesFX
		engineID = Wet
		thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform
		exhaustDamage = True
		ignitionThreshold = 0.1
		minThrust = 0
		maxThrust = 130
		heatProduction = 75
		useEngineResponseTime = True // change to False
		engineAccelerationSpeed = 0.8
		engineDecelerationSpeed = 0.8
		useVelocityCurve = False
		flameoutEffectName = flameout
		//powerEffectName = running_wet
		runningEffectName = power_wet
		engageEffectName = engage
		disengageEffectName = disengage
		spoolEffectName = running_wet
		engineSpoolIdle = 0.05
		engineSpoolTime = 2.0
		EngineType = Turbine // change to LiquidFuel
		exhaustDamageMultiplier = 20
		clampPropReceived = True
			name = IntakeAir // change to Oxidizer
			ignoreForIsp = True // unknown, test. Otherwise disable using double slash in front of it (module will use default setting).
			ratio = 12 // change to 1.1
			name = LiquidFuel
			resourceFlowMode = STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE
			ratio = 1 // change to 0.9
			DrawGauge = True
		atmosphereCurve // copied directly from the LV-T45
			key = 0 320
			key = 1 250
			key = 6 0.001

This should work.

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Yes, if you look at the Panther config file, you see two entries for ModuleEnginesFX. Just change the other entry too (the one I edited in this example was the afterburner entry (wet).

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3 hours ago, AWESOMEPIEMAN said:

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On the cheek, please.

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