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  1. I guess I never really gave KSP2 a chance but thanks for everything
  2. I like your mind. Don't know how you made that blueprint but it looks good. I'm even a bit jealous. And great engineering. Let's see what you can do with 100% stock.
  3. I haven't checked the excel sheet but this is my unfinished fully stock (no DLC) Apache. On KerbalX, read the text from each image. Maybe the physics have improved over time, I could revisit the design. https://kerbalx.com/Azimech/77I--AH-64-Apache-Beta-0962 Oh and the car at the bottom of the first two pictures is my 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback.
  4. Once the SPH existed, I've built everything in there. The controls are from my point of view superior. Faster building and modifying. Saying irrelevant is an insult. You don't know my contributions to KSP1.
  5. If you buy a new car, you don't expect the gas pedal to be on the left, the brake on the right and the clutch in the middle. Yes, one can adjust. But for me, after building 500+ contraptions, it feels like sitting in a wheelchair. And I haven't touched KSP2 in almost a month. Less and less inclined to do so. My advice: make it optional, the new vs the old.
  6. Easy to hear how Alice Cooper is the bridge between Frank Zappa on the one side and Marilyn Manson & Type O Negative on the other side. Nice choice!
  7. Unless you like progressive rock from the early seventies, you're not going to play this one. But it's a blast if you do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGOD1-NtxH8
  8. Thanks, don't know if I deserve it. I' ve been a cranky old b*#%_÷&# for days now.
  9. And why is there no SPH? I build everything in the SPH. Much better camera control. Also, the control in the editor should be a carbon copy of the original.
  10. Also ... did anyone find the part files? Could be just me but browsing the folders I couldn't find any script files. Looks to me modding for the hoi polloi is out of the question.
  11. For me it doesn't work that way. First I want my money back. If they decrease the price with 35 then I'll reconsider.
  12. My emotion: it's like a relationship that fails but you try to salvage it. So you have patience while the both of you go to do other things. And then when you try again ... it fails again. I didn't like the direction KSP was going after version 1.3 and Take Two and I certainly don't like KSP2. I guess my gaming days are over. I'm almost 46, too old for this kind of crap.
  13. I've asked Steam for a refund. Sorry, I'm not going to explain right now. I'm too emotional.
  14. I've asked for a refund. The first time it wouldn't save my design ... okay, my C: drive was suddenly full. Freed up space. Next time I launched the game it ignored my settings and I couldn't change my settings. And not able to start the game beyond the menu anymore. Guys, these are pre-alpha problems. I'll be back in 5 years. Maybe then you'll have a decent product. Three years of waiting. Down the drain. I'm too old to be an alpha-tester.
  15. Probably like on Ilus. Neurotoxic slugs that paralyze you in seconds and floaters that make you go blind. Have a torch and cancer meds ready.
  16. I guess you're ten years too late. The amount of parts made available has made this game iconic as it is. Reducing the amount of parts? Might help some people who don't have enough memory in their pc but would enrage thousands of players who depend on them. It is never going to happen. But you're free to delete part files from the install folder.
  17. So basically you've tried to create a Citroën Xantia Activa. Nice work.
  18. Everything you see is without DLC's nor mods. I don't remember how to insert a GIF here. Able to lift 65 tons. The heaviest stock heli's ever, the length of a 747-100. https://gfycat.com/contentanchoreddogwoodclubgall Flies great. https://gfycat.com/cloudydelightfulfrenchbulldog Airplane with real control surfaces instead of the magically operated standard ones. These require resources and with increased speed becomes harder to fly, just like in real life. https://gfycat.com/shamefulskinnyincatern My most popular helicopter. Even Scott Manley featured it in one of his video's. https://gfycat.com/kindsadbufeo The first ever stock turboprop. At some point you see an engine failure and the thing starts to wobble. Development was quick and a real race between users to develop the fastest turboprops. I held the record for two years until people started building UFO's and there was no fun into doing it anymore. https://gfycat.com/considerateexaltedfoxhound
  19. I'll continue with creating stuff like helicopters, cars etc. Because I've discovered space is amazingly boring. At least in KSP1. The editor is the major selling point of KSP1. The whole space stuff ... nah. KSP2 devs: think of another product parallel to this one. Look at how Automation is connected with Beam NG: Drive. I'll be using multiplayer to race cars, helicopters and airplanes with the people who want to. https://gfycat.com/kindsadbufeo-helicopter-chopper-kerbal-space-program https://gfycat.com/skinnyknobbyhart
  20. Jet engine smoke. Unless above 7.5 clicks.
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