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RTS real time strategy mod idea for ksp

rts real time stratagy ksp mod idea  

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  1. 1. ksp rts real time stratagey mod idea

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so the general idea requires 2 mods we all know and love 1 is bd armory the other is the unwieldy red headed step child extra-planetary launch pads:0.0:- thank god for the stock parts addon for this:cool: . iv seen sw denes add bd armory guns onto a single part model before so if and this is a big if you could take the craft file of the player made ship drone rover etc whatever your going to use to attack with and it takes the parts and aero data from it but turns it into a single part model for low parts count and adds in a bd ai then you should be on the right track for haveing a battle without murdering your frame rate:D the downside it's one part so it would have a hp bar so to speak rather than dynamic battle:/ like watching a plane go down when it loses a wing. the other piece is bases and iv been thinking kerbin side can add in structures anywhere so why not make a centerpiece like a town hall piece that can be placed off world a part that can be constructed using EPL or transported to another planet it clamps into the ground and the model is  replaced with a world part a persistent model like the VAB/SPH then you have a pop-up menu that let's you select the next persistent base model you would like to build and the base starts sucking up resources to build it once the tank stats are full for the building it saves ads the new part and either place's it in a predetermined spot or gives you a base module to place like you did the center piece so that every base can be individualized it would be posable to add in RTS elements other than battle like resource management by using something like the usi mods to manage the populace and usi has a nice warehouse system going for it that would work so that you don't have to directly link all your bases together to share resources i don't pretend to know how to even remotely start coding for this i can't even mod a texture with a tutorial thermal damage for the rts units would be a combined total of all the parts thermal resistance divided by the number of parts it has. example 2 parts thermal rateing is 1500 on one and 2400 on the other 3900 divided by 2 becomes 1950 total so i have no dought that getting this to work and getting the mods involved to work with kerbal multiplayer would be a nightmare but haveing this would bring so much more to the game it would make our dreams of carrier baced space battles real it would make building off-world more important to protect yourself from the rebel army's in the campaign as you head from planet to planet securing your bases against the attacking fleets the easy way to add in space battles with bots is to add scripted events into the game where they add ships in on a collision course when you pass altitude markers between planets they are advanced attackers so they can just warp in/spawn and encounters as for ground/air-based battles spawn in random script events a certain distance away from a planetary base that the player placed some random base's around other planets that the player can attack it adds substance into the sandbox and it makes advancing more rewarding when you actually land on a planet even if you take out the bd weapons pack it would make a nice base/resource management mod if not the best one. think of it like adding a mmo rts to ksp so advancing brings new benefits like money resources science maybe some kind of resource that the attackers drop to create your bases or units with it's just a thought but i think its a good one anyone is free to take my idea, in fact, i encourage it because I want to see this. ps upgrading to a newer cooler looking model would be just like creating a new base module so that we can go from like a first base made out of a shack and cardboard boxes to a thriving futuristic city it's almost a game in itself but maybe someone can run it by the devs and see if wee can't have it as some kind of DLC or something there's a pole as well for people who wish to vote and see what other people think is the best idea in all this I will most likely never look at this so don't expect updates its just an idea hopefully someone takes it and runs with it. so look for more on it if some one decides to pick it up

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@LLL is my hero - Welcome (back?) to the forums :)


Unfortunately there's no gentle way to put it: this is not a good suggestion, and you won't see anyone act on it. There are multiple reasons for this:

a.) It is not a good suggestion because it is a fundamental departure from KSP as a game. You're essentially saying "I don't want to play KSP, I want to play a different game that is a little bit like KSP in a few ways". Well, you know what would be much, much easier than changing KSP into something it is not? Finding a different game that is more like what you actually want to play. Children of a Dead Earth for example is much closer to what you are suggesting than KSP ever was, or ever will be.

b.) It is not a good suggestion because you ask for a mountainload of work and offer nothing. Mods are provided to us for free by their authors, some of which have invested over a thousand hours of their free time into their labor of love. So if you want to make a suggestion, it is polite to do so in a way that shows that you understand this. One way to do so is to explain what part of the work you're willing and able to do yourself, and what part is out of the scope of your abilities and requires someone else's help. But even without any of that - you can at least show that you thought things through, and have a basic understanding of what you're asking for. Your writeup doesn't lead me to believe you do.

c.) It is not a good suggestion because it is presented poorly. There is no shame in being young, or in not speaking English very well - but there is such a thing as putting effort into something. That blob of text you wrote is plain unreadable. I had to copy it into a text editor and manually separate and fix it for myself before I could begin to actually understand what you are trying to say. If you want to excite people for your idea, you need to make it look exciting. Your post above is the internet forum equivalent of showing up to a job interview in your pyjamas, without showering. You made no effort at all. As a result, people are not even going to look at your idea. They are just going to look at your post, and without reading anything, say "no way!" and leave. It gives the impression that you care so little about your own idea that you can't even find time to press the period key at the end of a sentence.


I don't mean to discourage you from participating in the community. In fact, I was tempted to do the same as everyone else, and simply say nothing at all when I had nothing nice to say. But I'm hoping to help you. If no one ever points out that something isn't okay, how can you improve? If you can learn to express yourself better, you will get many more responses (and more positive ones too). Remember, we cannot read your mind. We cannot even see the excitement in your eyes, or hear it in your voice. All we have to go on is emotionless plain text. The more you learn to use that limited tool to your advantage, the more successful you will be on the net. :)

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I wholeheartedly agree with @Streetwind

I don't see the point of it and even if there's an argument that would convince me hidden somewhere in there, I'll never get to see it because I get a headache trying to read walls of text with zero formatting. Put some effort into your presentation and I promise I'll hear you out.

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