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  1. Mars Colonization Discussion Thread

    Looks like this might be relevant here. An interview with John Amabile, who wrote a book detailing how to terraform and colonize Mars and Venus within a human's lifetime. Now, I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on whether or not that's a reasonable estimate (I certainly do have one), but discussing that essentially boils down to crystal ball reading, and so is fairly pointless. Maybe a more interesting topic is the details of how exactly this person thinks it could be achieved. To start with, he outlines that the following should happen: - The USA exits the Outer Space Treaty, thereby becoming able to declare themselves owner of property in space - The USA invites its numerous allies to also exit the OST, and instead join them in their efforts, so that a new power block is formed that can hold its own against the UN and the rest of the world - In return, each country joining would receive a guarantee along the lines of "own 1% of the solar system" (exact details up for negotiation) - The various countries would then sell or lease parts of their stakes to private companies for money, or form state owned companies dedicated to resource exploitation - Space exploration would be driven primarily by market forces - in other words, if there's money to be made, people will be all over it - The USA uses its vast amounts of existing military technologies to enable rapid resoruce exploitation and planetary colonization by asteroid bombardment - Asteroid mining, orbital fuel depots and space tugs feature heavily in this vision, as does nuclear thermal propulsion The author posits that all of this is possible now, using existing technologies. The main thing holding it back is that "nobody cares". As in, the general public neither knows nor cares that this might be possible. He gives the comparison that if the government decided to declare airplanes illegal in 1900, nobody would have cared either, even if today it would be unthinkable. Perhaps space exploration could become as much a thing that everyone cares about as airplanes are today. It certainly would have to in order to make this plan work. Overall, it's a pretty radical approach IMHO. What do you guys think - would it work? if not, could it be modified to make it work? (At the end of the interview you can find the author's website and his youtube channel where he goes more in depth about some of his ideas.)
  2. I haven't checked in a long while, but I think applying a MM patch will affect all instances of a part, even those already in flight. However, Ec ratios in the config are not equal to Ec usage ingame. You're not going to get a 30-fold Ec usage increase (that would be ridiculous). In practical application, it goes from 8.74 to 14.99. So you'll be able to run the engine at 60% throttle still. (It's not going to give you much thrust, but it should get you home eventually.) Alternatively, wait with installing NF Propulsion until that probe has done its job. ...Or press Alt+F12
  3. I considered mentioning this, but he writes that he doesn't have the save file of his old career anymore. Therefore, the only way he can copy over the progress would be to first create a save that has this progress. And the moment he does that, he doesn't have to copy over anything anymore.
  4. 1.) Not possible outright. Workaround is possible with a mod (Kopernicus) by editing the location multiplier for Kerbin's surface. Setting it to 0 will make any and all experiments performed while landed or splashed down yield zero science, even though they are not marked as completed. 2.) You can do this in the difficulty options when starting the game. 3.) Not possible. You'll need to force-complete them via the debug menu once they appear. And yes, that will pay out the rewards, no way around that. If that is not enough for you, you literally and manually need to recreate your progress up to where you stopped last time, I'm afraid.
  5. simple mod request

    Does this actually need a plugin? It sounds like it can be done totally stock. (Well, via Module Manager patching of stock parts, anyway.) You'll need to write several configs: 1.) define the resource you want to generate 2.) patch all crewed parts to include storage of this resource, starting empty 3.) patch all crewed parts to include a resource generator that produces your resource out of electric charge. If life support costing EC is not desired, the EC cost can be made absurdly small so it won't ever register. The GUI button for this generator should be labeled "start life support". You now have what you're looking for, without the need for any plugin coding. The caveats of doing it this way: - You need to manually start the generator in each crewed part before launch - The generator will produce at a fixed rate, probably tuned for the part's maximum crew capacity, regardless of how many Kerbals are actually inside - If you ever run out of EC, production will be suspended If those are a dealbreaker, it can at least serve as a proof of concept to test if it actually ends up playing like you think it would. Not all good ideas translate into good gameplay.
  6. Instant Transmission

    This depends entirely on whether the MPL uses the transmission speed of the antenna on the craft (which can be editet) or whether its transmission function is hardcoded in the partmodule. I guess the only thing you can do is patch yourself an antenna with a really high transmission rate and try it ingame.
  7. So teach me how to calculate Delta-V in KSP

    Welcome to the forums, @mcastaneda While you are learning about dV, why not take it a step further and start working with mass fractions?
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Nobody's arguing "possible". Mount an aerodynamic nose on a Falcon 9 first stage and it can SSTO by itself, with just kerolox fuel. Doubt it's the first ever vehicle capable of this either. The thing that's worth discussing is "useful", and perhaps also "cost-effective"
  9. It won't involve "Planet Nine". At least, I would be highly surprised if it did. ESO is the "European Southern Observatory", and planet nine is supposed to be currently visible in the northern hemisphere (if it exists at all). Things I consider possible, considering the things that ESO has focused on in the past: - New insights about Sagittarius A*, our local supermassive black hole - Never-before performed measurements on exoplanets and/or their atmospheres - Cosmology-related stuff, like Big Bang and/or the nature of our universe and its expansion - Something Something Dark Matter Finding exoplanets would be an example for a precedented discovery. Exoplanets have been found in the past, therefore precedent exists; but finding a new one is still a "discovery".
  10. What @RaiderMan is asking is if a future 1.3.1 release will be backwards compatible with 1.3.0. The answer to that is, I'm afraid, "no support for past versions". It may work, but it's not guaranteed.
  11. Well, I'm not sure how KSP looks on mac and Linux, never tried it. Since those are primary OpenGL platforms, the game might be tweaked for them. But on Windows, compared to DirectX, the lighting and shadows are significantly decreased in quality (to the point of missing outright in some cases). Textures also don't look as good, but you mostly notice that with mods, not with the stock textures.
  12. Not sure. I have 16 GB RAM and have yet to pick a selection of mods that fills it up. I also don't like the reduction in visual fidelity, so I've never run OpenGL.
  13. Both SpaceDock and CurseForge allow you to download past versions. What he meant is, you can modify your saved crafts ingame while you have the old parts installed, and bring existing craft home. Without teling us what the problem is, I'm afraid we can't help you resolve it. All the NF packs are perfectly functional on my end, so long as you intall them correctly (instructions are included in the download). A question easily answered by looking at the thread title.
  14. Some parts in some NF packs were deprecated. Some other parts in some NF packs were renamed internally for consistency. You're running afoul of one of these two, probably the latter. @steve_v has the right idea. "Work with" as in "can install without breaking something"? Probably. I can see only a single issue: namely, I have no idea how RO handles resources. Near Future does not ship its own resources, but rather pulls them from Community Resource Pack. If a RO install does not contain CRP, then NF parts need to be patched to work with RO resources, or the game will crash on startup trying to load parts with a nonexistant resource. "Work with" as in "is supported by RO components like RealFuels"? I have no idea. "Work with" as in "is properly balanced for use next to other RO parts"? Absolutely not. Even the few patches for NF engines that RO ships are - last I checked - poorly made, years out of date, and in many cases wholly nonfunctional due to plugin changes. I offered to fix this last year but requested help with figuring out how things would need to be statted, and was completely ignored by the whole RO thread, so yeah. You're on your own here.
  15. It's been a good long while since I last played with the stock tech tree. It's just too small for me. I get that there are players for whom the game really starts after unlocking the tree fully, and Squad needs to strike a balnce between different playstyles. But I personally prefer a continued tech progression throughout my playthrough, so I use mods to make it so. It's gotten to the point where I write Module Manager patches to tweak celestial body science multipliers to my liking even in already modded solar systems, and change the cost of R&D nodes even on already modded tech trees. Part of those patches is also setting Kerbin's surface to zero science yield, inspired by how it used to be in BTSM. My rationale is that Kerbals don't need rockets to know about the material composition of the dirt on their doorsteps. As a direct result of this, I don't farm science around KSC, because there is simply none to be had. (When I did still play stock KSP, I never farmed science around KSC either, simply because it's plain unnecessary for progression. Reaching the Mun in stock KSP is so easy once you unlock just two or three nodes. It feels like a waste of time for me to roll around in an unimmersive, mechanics-abusing contraption picking at inconsequential scraps when I could spend that time raking in big yields in a low space Mun flyby.)