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  1. Whenever your trajectory looks buggy, and you have HyperEdit installed, remove HyperEdit and check again before doing anything else.
  2. @AmpCat Any engine will run as long as it has a propellant. Any propellant will do, even electricCharge. However, electricCharge is a massless resource. Because of this, it will not produce thrust when consumed by an engine. It will simply do nothing. In order to get thrust, you need the engine to consume a resource with mass. Additionally, heat production scales proportionally with thrust production, so an engine producing no thrust also will not produce heat. All of this is stock KSP behavior, so essentially "working as intended". It would indeed make sense to clamp the engine to a minimum hydrogen consumption value so that players don't run into this edge case. The reason it isn't yet is probably the giant "Work In Progress" tag stamped onto the mod
  3. If you follow the download links in the first post to either SpaceDock or CurseForge, you can elect to download 1.3.x compatible versions there. Or even older ones. The archives go quite a ways back. As for whether downloads tagged as one version will work on another version? The answer is "feel free to try". However we do not offer support for any issues encountered along the way.
  4. Well, both Venn and Nertea presumably aimed for a "stockalike" style, largely inspired by what stock parts already exist. And if you want to make a part that looks like a square beam made out of grey girders, there's only so many possible ways to go about that. Can't very well go and make it round and hot pink instead.
  5. Communication Relay Satellite

    Welcome to the forums, @Fadly In addition to what @bewing said: commsats in Kerbin orbit can make sense if you have "Extra Ground Stations" turned off in the difficulty settings, so that KSC is the only ground antenna available. But by default, the additional ground stations are active and give Kerbin global coverage, and the ground stations are always better than spacecraft based antennas unless you add in mods or stack ridiculous numbers of stock antennas. I recommend you also consult - specifically the section on "Range Calculation". The equations there look huge and scary, but that's an illusion. You'll discover that, once you actually start filling in the numbers you want to calculate with, they very quickly simplify into one or two straightforward multiplications.
  6. Source for that? Last I heard, Vulcan was still in parallel development for both engine options. Development gets signed off quarter by quarter, so perhaps they decided to cancel the kerolox varaint recently... but that would probably have made, and I read that religiously.
  7. Strictly speaking they have not yet agreed to buy BE-4's. They've merely stated that it is the forerunner right now, with Aerojet Rocketdyne being more than a year behind in development progress.
  8. ...And you honestly believe that throwing a tantrum over it will change anything? Or are you just looking for a way to vent your frustration by ranting at no one in particular? Because, even if you may not want to hear it, I can come up with at least eight separate rational reasons off the top of my head why game developers don't reply much to forum posts, and especially not to posts like this one.
  9. Dissapearing debris?

    Define "disappears". It's possible that you simply cannot see it because it is filtered out from your view. In map mode or tracking station, move the mouse to the top of the screen and make sure the debris filter icon is selected.
  10. @enewmen Dynamic Battery Storage is included in the downloadable archive, just like all other dependencies and extras. I just checked and verified that it is indeed present in 0.10.0. CKAN support is not maintained by Nertea or myself, and is not officially supported or recommended for any of Nertea's mods. If something fails to install correctly via CKAN, you'll have to find the person who voluntarily maintains the CKAN entries. Or, if you know how to, contribute a fix of your own.
  11. But did the Apollo missions have to work with the same constraints that you're working with, i.e. insufficient heat shields? I don't play Realism Overhaul myself, but this post is by far not the first I see along the lines of "my heatshield isn't saving my hide even though it seems like it should". It's one of the most common RO questions that I see, period. So maybe there's actually something wrong there, and you should technically be able to reenter from your free return trajectory with a lunar rated heatshield regardless of direction. As a stopgap measure, though: why does it need to be a set-and-forget trajectory? A small mid-flight course correction in the right place should easily let you swap reentry direction even if the initial trajectory didn't give you what you wanted.
  12. @Mokmo Can't say I remember any other reports of this. Reproduction steps in a fresh install would help.
  13. Stupid Comnet

    The small pod-integrated antenna is perfectly capable of probe control, but it is (intentionally) unable to transmit science.
  14. Trying to reach Mun, any advice?

    Yeah, What @Zeiss Ikon said Weird, did the forum really glitch the name mention up into that sentence? On my end it looks like this.
  15. Stupid Comnet

    That is very odd indeed. Two standard questions, just to get them out of the way: - Using any mods? - You did remember to deploy the antennas, right...? Some of the antennas are fixed, but some start folded up and will not work unless you press the button to deploy them. Every pod and probe core comes with a default 5K antenna that will cover very short distances, so it sounds a lot like what's happening to you is your craft drifting out of range of their built-in antenna with the main dish still offline.