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  1. Not really, no. I raised this as a feedback item back when commnet was first introduced with (I think it was ) version 1.3. And I've brought it back up two or three times since then. I've gotten no reaction at all to my inquiries. Basically: it makes no sense, and it is here to stay until the end of time
  2. By default, it shows Kerbin-relative TWR. There is a dropdown menu where you can choose other celestial bodies. If you want to figure out if it can land on Gilly, you must select Gilly. Spoiler alert: you can land there on ion drives, even
  3. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com is the official way. Unfortunately, too many people post random requests for tech support or feature suggestions in new threads there, which really clogs up the place. Please do your part to keep the bugtracker clean, and search for existing issues on that topic first, which you can upvote and reply to in order to add extra info if you have any. If no existing issue exists, please post a qualified bug report, which includes things like screenshots, logs and save files attached, a detailed description of what happened in which order, reliable reproductio
  4. If you use the maneuver node UI element at the bottom left to set up the node instead of dragging on the handles in the middle of the screen, does it work? If not: if you press Alt+F12, go to input locks, and press the clear button, does that help?
  5. Can have many different reasons. The most likely one is that you're stalling. That is, you are going so slow, or the air is so thin, or your angle of attack (how far away you are from your prograde marker on the navball) is so high, that your wings lose lift. Then your plane will start falling out of the sky, tumbling and turning uncontrollably. Solutions: 1.) Go faster; 2.) Fly lower down where the air is thicker; 3.) Bring more wing area and control surfaces; 4.) Steer less abruptly; 5.) Bring thrust vectoring engines. But as mentioned, there are other possible reasons as wel
  6. @MrWookie2U If you're fine with having a traditional launcher to place the thing into orbit, ion drive spacecraft are not that hard; the only part that requires real design thought is the power delivery. It basically goes like this: Build the science probe you want to use: probe core, antenna, instruments, batteries. It should be in the 0.625m form factor. Larger ion probes are perfectly possible, but let's keep it simple for now. Make sure you have control authority (the OKTO-2 for example doesn't have reaction wheels). Attach a single inline xenon tank and a single 'Dawn' ion eng
  7. Are you in timewarp? You cannot stage in on-rails timewarp. (You can stage in physics timewarp, which is the 2x, 3x, 4x mode you get inside an atmosphere.) Does pressing Alt+L change the staging light color/behavior, or is really nothing happening at all? Do you have an input lock? Press Alt+F12 to open the debug menu, go to input locks, and press the clear button. See if anything changes after that. Do you actually still have a stage remaining that could trigger? You may want your spacecraft to separate, but if you didn't correctly configure it in the editor... Does an
  8. In addition to what everyone else has said: Your boosters are going to be flexing, because they have huge weight, and huge thrust, and the steering input from the gimbals, but are only attached by a single decoupler each. When the boosters flex, they no longer point perfectly backwards. That contributes to making your rocket veer off course. Solutions? Well, the meme goes that there are only two solutions in KSP: moar boosters, and moar struts. I'll leave it to you to figure out the answer
  9. The limits for handling parts under gravity is (I think!) 60 kg under 1g. So even if a part that is heavier than that is tagged as usable for EVA construction as @Mythos describes, it doesn't mean the Kerbal can actually use it if the local gravity is too high. In lower gravity, they can obviously handle more. On Eve's surface, they probably can't handle any but the very lightest of parts. Another limitation of Construction Mode compared to the editor is that you cannot re-root vessels. The functionality is flat-out not provided. That said, there is probably no real use case for wanting t
  10. A Kerbal has only two inventory slots, yes. But some parts are stackable inside the same slot. That's why repair kits have this vertical bar once they are inside an inventory. It shows how many are stacked. So you probably only need one of the two inventory slots the Kerbal has to transport four repair kits. I don't know the stack limit off the top of my head, but it's likely larger than 3.
  11. The main issue is that you must do a Duna-Kerbin transfer, and that will come in towards Kerbin from a specific direction, and Minmus is unlikely to be in the place you need it to be based on that direction. Expect to spend either significant extra time or significant extra dV once in Kerbin's SoI to make a Minmus encounter happen. You can probably do a direct Duna-Minmus transfer, but the amount of dV that costs compared to aerobraking at Kerbin is likely prohibitive. It's also going to be very fiddly and trial-and-error.
  12. I've never seen this happen. But, try using a different part as the root. Something non-interactive, like a fuel tank. KSP has issues with certain parts, like fairing bases, being the root. Perhaps it doesn't like docking ports either.
  13. You need to exit Construction Mode first, most likely. Surface-deployable equipment predates the development of Construction Mode, and has its own mechanic, via the little white deploy arrow you mention. I've not tried it myself, but it is entirely possible that having Construction Mode active interferes with it. As for the items you can no longer pick up now - perhaps you dropped them out of your inventory instead of deploying them. In that case, you can try picking them back up again in Construction Mode, or dragging them into a nearby storage unit.
  14. Welcome to the forums Could you make a screenshot of the Kerbal in question with its rightclick menu open and post it here, please? (You can use imgur.com and link to it)
  15. An easy way to test involves using the "display aero info in part action windows" option in the "physics" section in the debug menu. Then you can rightclick the engine in flight and see exactly how much drag it generates.
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