Is adding wing incidence an advanced technique ?

Would you recommend beginners add wing incidence to their aircraft ?  

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  1. 1. Is adding wing incidence an advanced tecnhique ?

    • Yes - can get people into trouble, or make them just switch off
    • No - there's nothing to it, or the problems caused by flat wings are harder to overcome

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@AeroGav thanks! :D I could most definitely benefit from Correct CoL... especially for my more, erm... artistic design.

2 minutes ago, AeroGav said:

The worst aerodynamic problem with making a 100% faithful replica, is that centre of lift is waay to the back.       Sure, you can make the CG go back as well, but how you gonna control pitch without massive canards ?  Trailing edge elevons will be v close to CoM,  almost no lever arm to work with. 

This is why I only have one legit replica. I don't really count the Batwing as such. But my K2H Banshee is nearly identical to its real life counterpart (F2H,) and flies like an under-powered brick compared to the legit fighter plane.


8 minutes ago, AeroGav said:

That's called "Anhedral"

Of course... I just had to over-think it LOL

I've gotten you a bit off-topic and apologize... so allow me to offer my vote.
Yes, I vote that wing incidence may in fact be too much to take in with an *initiative* SSTO tutorial and freak out any would-be SSTO engineers. 

If you go all out, your tutelage will be lost to the impatient (I've tried and failed miserably upon request.)

If you go with the basics first, however, it will be much simpler to guide the wayward as they try and fail, simply because there are less variables to consider (like the Batwing came outta left field here takes more time and scrutiny than a simpler theory-in-practice should.) You can't expect to learn much from beneath a mountain of information, but rock by rock you can still map every nook and cranny to inevitably find yourself showing others the path you took to reach the top.

1 hour ago, AeroGav said:

Edit - I don't mean to be rude, but have you considered a nose job ?

Once, yes... it was after I had it broken in an intense debate with a kerbonaut I met on a forum who said my Batwing SSTO was draggy. :P

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@Dark LionOK  I'm done with Batwing -  I'll put it in the SSTO thread of Spacecraft exchange because that's the place for this kind of thing

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