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  1. The only reasons to scale parts is that TweakScale decreases crew capacity if the scale is too small,and part/asteroid recovery missions don't scale their respective cargo down(you could just hang the part in front of the craft using a grappling hook,but asteroids are just too big to get hanged and not impact the TWR greatly) If I could scale parts without greatly decreasing their node strength(actually the node strength isn't changing;its the weight thats increasing) then I could just scale up an mk1 ssta into a mk3 ssta with a crg100 cargo bay
  2. Yes,That's why I was not asking for LF tanks in the topic I figured it out myself Now I'm having a node issue:Tweakscaled parts would easily get node breaks if they are scaled up,even when autostrut is on
  3. I have TweakScale,which means that size doesn't matter to me,but DMR does. Which LFOX tank has the least DMR?
  4. wait youre the one who made the jool ssto minus magic wings?
  5. The SWERV engine has an ISP of 1450 in vacuum,and 300 in 1atm!In contrast,the Dart engine has also 300 ISP,but only 320 in vacuum.It also has a decent TWR.(when compared to NERV,the mass is multiplied by ~3,and thrust ~8)It can be used as an atmosphereical engine. also ksp2 has a lot of awsome 5 m parts such as CBL500 and CN500,and AEFF500 and ZX10k ALSO NUCLEAR REACTORS!!! AND ANOTHER REACTION WHEEL AND ANOTHER PARACHUTE KSP2 IS AWESOME IF THERE WEREN'T THAT MUCH KRAKENS
  6. 2.I don't.Thats what that pistons for. 3.Ok I'lll try adding roll thrusters 4.ok. 5.Oops!I meant that it went to the right. 6.Yes,I could land THESE,but not something that has 64 wings and 80000 tons of fuel 7.Nope.These are kerbin only.Just use retrothrusters in anywhere else.(maybe exempt laythe) 8.I don't mean that its not taking off.I mean that it would stall.
  8. https://kerbalx.com/jounce/nerv-only OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW MUCH DRAG THE ISRU MODULE IS GENERATING WHY???IT SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!IN A FAIRING!!! (other parts work fine,this is the biggest and one of the only two drag sources of the plane,the other being the props)
  9. 1.Oh.Okay,But that doesn't fix Poland getting to the left side!(i.e vicious cycles) 2.Yeah.Agree.But they didn't produce THAT much drag,right? 3.They didn't get floppy on my test 4.Oops!Probably forgot that. 1.Yes. 2.Maximize cargo space+batteries don't produce THAT much drag 3.On my test,this is just enough to liftoff.A little less and it will not takeoff on the runway. 4.Yeah I should have done that but forgot 5.forgive my bad plane landing skills(after all there will be an engineer to restore the parachutes) 6.I think that someone (@AeroGav?)said that quadcouplers produce 275% more drag but only 33% more engines 7.Nope!It wasn't for weight.It was just my habit(idk why either,but doing so seems right) 8.Yes it is!Some contracts want a lot of ore...(i have thinked about using only a 75 ore tank,not an 1500 one,but decided to make the contracts more diverse) 9.I dunno...I haven't used them much,so I think that we need a lot,enough to cover a delta wing. 10.Yeah.I think that thats one of the reasons that the parachutes exist. 11.Yeah.I would want to minimize the amount of them. 12.Nope!You need to use an 1.25m one.(i was too lazy to install any of them because the bulk of the drag was on the three fuselages)
  10. i have uploaded the craft,just see it for yourself
  11. Okay(how can i reduce fuselage drag from the non-working plane?)
  12. Woops!That was the default icon.Not my plane.Idk how to make photos of my plane.
  13. https://kerbalx.com/jounce/ssta-special-cargo-load the new ssta im working on https://kerbalx.com/jounce/sstaa-0 the old one that doesnt work(takeoff:yes,flying:yes,acceleration:yes,going supersonic:no) Flight profile for both:Level flight(you will get a negative aoa due to wing inclination untill 500m/s(somehow manage to do so)then climb at 10 degrees untill IA gets used up,then climb as aggressive as you can,but not as aggressive that drag would rip the plane or slow it down, untill apoapsis going to space
  14. Quitted not using closed cycle stuff.(used rapiers+nervs) In orbit 83x84 LF 4809 OX 103(just for rcs,we have nervas to use in space) N(erva)DV 2268(enough for minmus and back,and we could just refuel at minmus) (ima sleep,don't expect an instant reply) Is experiencing stability issues(Controllable,but not much.If it is transonic or supersonic and in the atmosphere,then <s>Poland is on the right side</s> a slight wobble(even shift+w) in pitch will make it pitch uncontrollably up or down and disintegrate from aero forces.(has installed rcs build aid,has checked centers)
  15. Edit: SSTOs are easy; SSTOs that go somewhere beyond Kerbin orbit are easy; SSTOs that carry mining equipment with them to go somewhere after they’ve gone somewhere beyond Kerbin orbit are easy.SSTOs that do not use closed cycle modes are hard;SSTOs that are slim(therefore not much engine attachment space) and use no closed cycle mode are hard³
  16. What? Me:SSTOs are easy; SSTOs that go somewhere beyond Kerbin orbit are easy; SSTOs that carry mining equipment with them to go somewhere after they’ve gone somewhere beyond Kerbin orbit are easy.SSTOs that do not use closed cycle modes are hard3 I did,and the three main fuselages were making huge red spikes.That's how I got the conclusion of otherwise I only have evidence of the twr being too low(but some people have managed to go to orbit at twr 0.006!)
  17. Oops!Sorry!This post should be in the questions tag instead of the newbie tag?How can I fix it?
  18. (btw nice mods!approved my post instantly )
  19. Hi!I'm a noob.I have learnt the way to make W-N(whiplash nerva) sstas that can carry payload less than a CRG-100(i can't carry a crg-100 payload and the required fuel tanks and the mining rig and the nervas with nervas that easily!) How do I do that? Right now,my spaceplane has a TWR of ~0.4 on both modes.But it cannot go to space because the drag is so heavy that it cannot get pass the sound barrier(at this point its twr is 0.41)The wing inclination is 5 degrees.
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