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  1. Have any of you seen my Duckie? Been really worried about her, since spotting this critter at the desert airfield. Not sure what it is, but it seemed peaceful enough. We let it go (about 6m/s after a 3min build-up. )
  2. Krakken forbid they should kolonize Kerbin! LOL nice
  3. Duckie! https://kerbalx.com/DarkLion/Duckie Be the Duckie! Fly the Duckie! Duckie the insurance clauses! *Ahem*
  4. Wish granted! There are clouds of smoke, vapor and dust already in the game! (See my profile pic for a plasma cloud.) And those can be a strain on performance already... So just be happy this is as colorful as my reply can get.
  5. Personally, I think BDArmory would take care of everything but the rail guns, but it's a big family of mods, BDA (and I've only used the original.) You might want to try several of them out and see what you find most fitting to the style in question. If it doesn't have to look exactly like in The Expanse, you'll probably be fine with the current BDAc: "PDCs" could be replicated with any pop-out turrets with half-spherical coverage or better turret traverse. Missiles and torpedoes might require a custom firing tube to suit the ship, but might not behave as well as you'd expect when fired in space. The railguns are beyond me; I've never seen or sought them out. I'd settle for some high-powered cannonry attached to the hull. Technically, it's still a kinetic impactor... it just wouldn't have comparable velocity to a rail gun. High-explosives might help equate to the damage done by a rail gun, however, only a much lesser penetrative force against targets. I finished season 3 of the show just moments ago and I'm inspired to build ships of similar style as well. Please do post some pics later of your work and @me. I'd love to see what you come up with!
  6. That is mind-numbingly beautiful! *Begins sculpting Devils Tower out of mashed potatoes*
  7. I'm interested to see if it's possible.
  8. These criteria are hard to be fair about. Being completely biased myself, I dove straight in with building airplanes... and I feel my prowess in that field is beyond a great deal of other players who don't really bother with anything below the vacuum of space... yet those same folks who couldn't circumnav Kerbin could probably outshine me in some other field of engineering, such as it is. Like trying to place myself in this ranking, I should be at "Super Mad Lad" status because I've had a few successes in interplanetary SSTOs, yet I've never returned from Eve or a successful Jool-5. Because I haven't yet tried them doesn't mean one of those SSTOs couldn't accomplish it. Basically what I'm getting at: I'd score folks quite a bit differently. Not based on mission parameters nearly as much. Pardon me humor here: -What's a KSP? - Yeah, you asked it once, but you couldn't pass up the game when you finally checked it out. -Builder Bob - Please stop launching your crafts with kerbals in them!!! -Pensive Pauser - I'm too busy thinking about what to do next, but if you're patient, you'll see something that works. -OP is me - We've all got that friend that knows squat about efficiency. (Or you're just as guilty as I am LOL) But definitely pumping out those high-performance vessels. -Extra Extra - Is there a limit to one's stupidity? No... No, it's GENIIUUSS!!! Must go FASTER!!! -Extra-Efficient Entrepenuer - Just keep to your hushed expression and watch as the magic unfolds before your eyes into a thing you still can't understand after the feat is explained to you in dummy terms... There's only one place to go after that...: Infamy.
  9. snoitcerid gnidnatsrednu rof dennab
  10. Yeah, I dropped my KerbalX link for ya. Also worth mentioning that all the crafts on my KerbalX were built on a lower-quality laptop, so they're all low part counts (as I could possibly make them.) I did just get a much better system though, so I'm more inclined to work with you on weapon placement and/or testing, but I'm not inclined to upload those iterations to KerbalX. You're free to use whatever you find fitting and modify them to your preference.
  11. *Knocks thread's title off edge of table; stares blankly @Triop *
  12. I would like to see more half-sphere node caps like the 1.25m. A variant for each form-factor would be fantastic, because fairings aren't great for making a neat half sphere. Not sure, but I don't think fairings would they be as cost-effective or efficient as nose cones like these...