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  1. Best Player's Car Best Looking Car Poll

    Try landing Essar Bean from orbit. Or leaping off a mountain safely. Let's see those other cars try it and still look so beautiful! They really are beautiful though. Like "Lemme park that for ya"
  2. TBH I'm just as interested in grabbing the patch But keep it up! Sounds like you're on the right track.
  3. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    I'm not! I'd give you mine... I hardly use them anyway! Since I've seen you say you're out of likes more than once by now: how many do you get? AND WHY IS THERE A DAILY LIMIT?!
  4. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    @Darth Badie has officially gate-crashed this challenge to the top of the leaderboard.... No need to compete, people. She might use the force!
  5. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    I do sincerely believe it's indestructable, that crawlerway... Even immune to my "playing hard ball" on it... Please do be sure to inform me if I'm wrong and my ground-game needs to intensify...
  6. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    Has anyone taken the time to go through and tally up all the possible points yet? I'll be on that momentarily To be concise: how many of them count for destruction points? Technically, a flag is not a building, but it explodes well enough... Also, the R&D facility is more than one structure to be destroyed. Is all of the runway 50 points? or (50 per section) 250? Does taking out one section count, or do I need to destroy all?
  7. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    Play hard ball. This one only cost 300k+
  8. Here are some tips and tricks I'd put to a new player in no specific order. ~ Be patient. This game may have quite the long learning curve without some sort of understanding of physics, particularly orbital mechanics and aerodynamics. Familiarize yourself with the terminology so that asking for help isn't quite so confusing. The masters often forget how to teach the basics first, but don't be shy or feel stupid if you need help. Come here; ask away. Most of the KSP community is willing to lend a word of wisdom when they know your questions' answers. If you want to learn, you will. ~ If you don't like a slower game or expect lots of action-intense gameplay, you might have chosen "call of doodie" instead. ~ Learn what draws "the Kraken." It IS NOT a joke experienced KSP'ers tease newbies with... The Kraken is very real. ~ Check your staging. (Button-mashing won't help you in KSP) ~ "Asparagus" staging is over-rated. ~ Use a checklist and quit forgetting important things you need on your vessels. Revert, ladders; revert, 'chutes; revert, INTAKE... ∞ ~ Do you even deltaV? That takes a minute... math = hard. Nope. I made it far enough to blow up though! Learn the "rocket equation!" ~ Single-most helpful mod: Kerbal Engineer Redux, you life-saver you! @cybutek is BadS for creating this should-be-a-stock-game-option mod, IDC what anybody says. This excellent mod is an overlay providing you with customizable displays of imperative real-time flight information. Not only that, but it also makes building and balancing in the editor modes a breeze with still more customizable displays which you can even specify by mission parameters, target world flight characteristic and so very much more than I care to rattle on about. Believe you, me: it's worth every second you spend learning how to set it up just the way you like it. I'd recommend Kerbal Engineer to every single KSP player, new or masterful. It saves you time by doing the math for you and can even save your kerbals... Yes, it does have some potentially mission-critical flaws as well, so learn how to anticipate these miscalculations by actually paying attention to the readouts. ~ Mechjeb is sorely over-rated. Especially if you already figure out KER first... Good luck, Flight. Your kerbals are now in the hands of a cold, calculating machine... As a side note, Mechjeb is a fine way to learn some of the game's mechanics, but I wouldn't recommend it to a new player, no matter how much others may suggest it to you. Learn all you can by taking hold of the flame, so to speak. Your kerbals won't judge you. (The Mystery Goo might though. ) ~ Water (or whatever it is you find below ASL) doesn't like you playing in it. Go home while you still can. Things may happen there you only wish you could explain. ~ Check your staging. No, I'm serious, you changed the root part, remember? You confused yourself (and the part tree of your vessel,) therefore the previous staging settings have rebelled against your alleged "thoroughness." ~ While editing: Hold ALT and click any part other than your root part. Copy and paste, made simple. You're welcome. ~ While editing: Ctrl+Z = UNDO LAST (at least most of the time) ~ While editing: Hold SHIFT while using the Move Tool in any editor. This should allow you to move any attached part anywhere you please. There's no stopping your imagination now! Go crazy! Just keep in mind: your frames-per-second drops, the higher your part-count gets. ~ Your wheels my betray you in certain circumstances. Don't forget to click RMB to see more info about any and all parts you're using ion the parts and in their respective parts-tab. ~ Never walk away from time-warp unless you've already done the math or have some kind of alarm set (the Kerbal Alarm Clock mod might suit you, but I use my phone reminder, so I can literally leave the house if I want. Yeah, it's rare, but sometimes it does take that long... it depends on what you're up to. ∞MINING... ~ I'd only help someone find one Easter Egg. The rest of them are waiting.... EVERYWHERE. Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel and you're not going to need my help... it's a big solar system, but don't let that intimidate you... It's barely even a whole 1:6 scale to our solar system. ~ Pilots are over-rated. Engineers and Scientists are the only kerbals you should ever need, once enough of the tech tree is unlocked for probe cores. ~ Scientist are obsolete the moment your tech tree is complete. Engineers 4 lyfe! They improve efficiency of some parts, repair others AND repack 'chutes. That's all I've got for now. Hopefully someone had a "eureka!" moment, but honestly sometimes I need help too. Other times, I just have to learn the hard way. I've only been playing since version 1.0.5 and I may never quit playing this game if I don't land a base on every world possible, and return at least one kerbal back to Kerbin from each world possible. (I hate you too Eve... *cough cough* Tylo... *cough*) ...Even then I might not stop.
  9. How to make Screenshots

    Another way to screenshot from Windows: ALT+PrtSc will save a screenshot to the clipboard. This can be especially handy when you want to go straight to editing said screenshots or simply a quick share, without actually saving the file in your screenshots folder.
  10. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    I'm so very curious what the badge will look like
  11. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    ~At Mission Control, Orbital Detection Systems are blaring alarms.~ !!!WARNING!!! ICBM DEPLOYMENT DETECTED! Potential destructive force: Excessive "Please proceed calmly to bunkers in an orderly fashion!" ~I radio the KSC from LKO: "Uh, Gene... that's not an ICBM..."~ ~At Mission Control, Orbital Detection Systems are blaring all alarms.~ !!!WARNING!!! DARK LION DETECTED! Potential destructive force: TOTAL ANNIHILATION "Please, no. Please! NO! PRAY TO THE KRAKEN! Kerbal-kind needs you now more than ever! WHY FORUMS?! WHHHHHYYYYYY~???!!!!" See my profile pic. I'm so good at blowing shtuff up, I don't even have to try to. Cool challenge. This challenge is actually only hard to do on purpose in a stock game... jus' sayin'. That said, I'll never come close to a spot on the leaderboard spending >3mil LOL How very fine of you! I'm curious though, so I tend to read on anyway. Still, very handy and helpful, provided you can keep up with the questions.
  12. Would you mind showing your work? I'm savvy enough to remove all Squad and Agencies flags and/or replace them successfully, but precious details are omitted from this quote. I have high hopes I will one day just drop my artsy files in the right folder and they appear for selection in the editor... No cfg manipulation necessary. As it stands, this mod takes me something like 10min to set up due to having almost 50 flags to choose from now... and I have to change cfgs every single time a new flag(s) is added. Again, would love a demo. Does this effectively eliminate flags you selected from selection in the editor or delete them entirely? Something else? I'd also be grateful to learn how you're planning to manipulate the file paths as such that making changes are much easier. The importance of the folder structure and the lines which call on them is still just beyond my understanding. Very basic. Feel free to message me instead if this post is considered derailment and you're kind enough to teach.
  13. Did anybody else immediate visualize the elephant-on-a-barrel trick from the circus? LOL I wouldn't win this potential challenge by points though. My laptop would melt attempting to launch it away from Kerbol... I digress. It would still be fun trying to do the OP's mission. I'd literally combine a few of these suggestions myself, starting with draining the mass first. Next, attaching gear mechs equipped with multiple RCS and RW blocks to orient the asteroid precisely. Attach them low with another rover (doesn't matter what rover, as long as it's good enough to carry your gear mechs,) such that the closed XL3s lie flat against Kerbin, but will hoist the rock. I would recommend checking the mass tolerance to find out just how many landing gears you need first (I have yet to need them or to know their tolerance.) From here, it's just a matter of math before I'd be equipping it with suitable TWR and pushing away. I really have no idea if this would really work, but yeah. That would be my under-educated guess Just shed the attachments when finished and recover whatever is left. If this mission were to become a challenge, I would suggest it be called "The Roller-'Roid Challenge!" I almost suggested "The 'Roid Removal Challenge" but that seemed a little too ambiguous.
  14. SSTO Tylo No Refueling Or Docking

    That's beautiful! It's like Star Trek or something, but only just after warp tech developed
  15. [1.3.1] [TRR] Diverse Kerbal Heads v1.1 (11/05/2017)

    ASSumptions much? For all you know, I don't use any mods at all. Or maybe I totally quit playing KSP and just want to draw pretty kerbals. @klgraham1013 don't worry, I'm hardheaded. I'll find it. @Aerospacer A Scott Manley head pack? That's a legit thing...? Darn it I thought that was a joke... LOL