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  1. Dark Lion

    Antenna Direction

    Well just be sure to land on Mun's surface where it's facing Kerbin!
  2. Dark Lion

    Antenna Direction

    Depending on which probe core you choose, you might slightly amplify the signal or enable multi-hop relaying. No, the direction your antennae are facing does not matter, as you could deploy them inside a cargo bay and they would still work. Also of note: the distance between your relays is greater than the distance to the nearest ground station... If you intend to use this network to stay in contact with other worldly exploration, I highly recommend beefing up the entire relay system. Either use more of the same, or redesign them with greater ranges in mind than you need. You'll want to go farther out later on, right? No harm in preparing for that now and save yourself a few launches.
  3. I'm eyeing details from the preview pic and feeling a bit burned. I've been sick lately, so pardon my lack of attention previously, but now that those details do have my attention... I want to wail about those short-comings of having 2 engine bells with the exact same control authority as a single-engine design. What? Why is this a good idea? I understand it's a marvel of engineering and all that, but this is rocket science we're talking about here! (Please see @sh1pman's shared pic on page 2.) Now, I'm not one of those KSP'ers that have to have it all as realistic as possible, but I really feel like this engine could be a lot more useful if it were made similar to the "Twin Boar," or others that have multiple engines which gimbal independently of one another when exercising rotational control authority. One could imagine the feasibility of navigating the cosmos (or landing, of course) without the need of other reaction control systems. But to put it even more simply: why, in the name of the Kraken, would you use a single-engine hydraulic gimbal on a multi-engine system? That's really messing with my head right now. @SQUAD @RoverDude https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20150008246.pdf There's a .pdf loaded with relevant RL-10 info. I hope the team will consider it at least. There's even gimbal joint and hydraulic hinge placement diagrams. You already gave the whole engine mount a gimbal, so you really only need one more actuator to induce rotational control authority. Bill found a use for it. Y'all like flight sims, right?
  4. What about gimballing? With 2 engine bells, there's now rotational control, right?
  5. Dark Lion

    Suggestion: "Parked" mode

    Not sure how "simple" that would be to implement, but I like the idea. This might add some issues with roving structures, but perhaps it could invoke a "parking brake" system for rovers as well... It's not just bases that fling themselves skyward when unpacked.
  6. Helpful notes: You should probably have bumped the body count to at least 5 for the conic patch draw if you wanna rope the Joolian system like an AT-AT.
  7. Definitely need to tuck that lip. Up-aesthetic @SQUAD... Yeah, the new textures are alright, but that lip is still gonna be so bothersome, I just won't use the part. Got to hand it to the fellow forum-goers on this thread: the cry for an adapter fuel tank must be heard! Give use to the adapter (more than just size change) and you give us more use for it. To tell it true though, I still couldn't stand using it as an adapter fuel tank with that ugly lip poking out... Please fix that before you repaint it or you'll just have to paint it all over again
  8. Dark Lion

    Centering things

    I'd firstly suggest you familiarize yourself with the editors' hotkeys, but I'm happy to help you out with this one. Using the MOVE TOOL (hotkey 2) click the command seat in question. Before you move it though, ensure two things: 1. Turn on SNAP mode (hotkey C.) This will align moved parts to the part tree grid of the editor grid 2. Switch to ABSOLUTE motion (hotkey F.) This will align parts to the grid. Now you should be able to center that command seat, no problem! NOTE! Depending on where your command seat is attached, it may "skip" over the center grid point due to the translation interval, but don't fret! Simply toggle the smaller interval by holding down the SHIFT key as you click-drag the seat over the center of your craft.
  9. Dark Lion

    Interplanetary from Minmus

    I have this crazy way of doin thangs n stuff. Buuuut it requires some luck and some more patience. It only worked twice, so it must be useful (I just don't have the patience to time it right every time.) Landed and refueled on Minmus, I launched straight up from the trailing side of the equator +/- 6 degrees, right as Minmus crosses Mun's orbital plane. Burnin burnin burnin, I would've smacked into Kerbin, but instead, my ship came in right behind Mun. No more burn or we all gon' die! ♫Now I'm freeee~! Free-fallin!♫ Mun scoops me into its SoI and slings me on faster, thus safe from the boiling splat on Kerbin. Barely need a drop of go-juice for corrections (if any at all) and already headed for interplanetary space! Set that Kerbin Pe burn to your target world and enjoy your cost-effective and/or thrilling joy-ride! Afterword: don't come with me if you want to live. I don't math. I eyeball it all into submission with my wild-eyed stare and toothy, somewhat-disconcerting grin.
  10. Dark Lion

    You know you played KSP too long when...

    Right. None of the ones I can actually see.
  11. Okay, usually I'm griefing because I'm only seeing stuff from the art team BUT, I really like this one. I have a suggestion, from noting the top hatch: Can we get a hatch on the bottom just like it? Or at least when the top node is occupied?
  12. Good question. Even after reading the reply, it still seems even more like "Dressed for Success" wasn't fully dressed yet. Can we hear about some work that isn't from the art team, maybe? Would be nice to have a lil tease of some new feature instead of just "Enjoy your new burn time shinies," like 1.5.... Oh, and the audio levels fix (and additions?) that went completely unannounced.
  13. Make her say yes in 5 (sort of) easy steps! ~Build a craft which spells out your big question for your sweetheart and name it something stealthy like "Q4U," "Project Unity," or something clever...-er. ~Attached, below, should be 2 platforms your sweetheart can land (or coughcoughcrashcough) on. One spells "YES" above, the other spells "NO." ~!!MISSION CRITICAL!!: Make the "NO" platform tilt the landing craft over to the "YES" platform, regardless of a perfect (/crash) landing on "NO." ~Send craft to Duna, by any means possible. I highly recommend sending a kerbal with your name, and asking her to rescue you. You could always play it off before your sweetheart's mission, like you decided to give the game a rest after stranding your kerbal there. ~Enjoy your holiday!
  14. Dark Lion

    Drop an item from 500m

    Glad to help!