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  1. Dark Lion

    Theories on Mystery Goo?

    You remember that pudding you made last Kalloween? It remembers you...
  2. Dark Lion

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    A song I find extremely appropriate to my unsuccessful attempts in KSP today:
  3. Dark Lion

    Post your LANDERS here!

    Ladies and derps, I present to you: "Crazy Eight." One of the most versatile landers I've made so far. Originally designed to hop around very comfortably (and scientifically) in Kerbin's SoI, I soon realized a great potential deltaV at LKO... Lifter modifications prove to allow this lander a much greater range of altitude and return. However, the lander is still undergoing rigorous testing. I've yet to fully test the design beyond Duna for 2 main reasons. One, there are only 2 Gigantor XL Solar Panels to power it and there is a great deal of EC-hungry scientific instruments aboard. And two, she's got a really fatS! It's fairly simple to plan a mission or two that totally decimates the in-flight biomes near and on Kerbin's SoI bodies. With an orbital tanker or two attached to the 2 mirrored 1.25m inline docking ports, the range is ultimately up to mission control. Once LKO is achieved, however, this lander can also be used as a return craft, provided you have planned in advance with your remaining deltaV, aided in descent by 4 airbrakes. Though it does sport a powerful high-gain antenna, one might as well bring your crew and science all home together, and not a single mod (or remembered ladder) used.
  4. Dark Lion

    Rephrase the scentence above!

    A jovial whiplash competition amongst like-minded, intense peers with high potential for hearing loss took place 18 years ago.
  5. Absolutely awesome idea! One might simply target, rendezvous and kill relative velocity to said LaGrange the same as any other rendezvous! However, I can see there may be some trouble making that intuitive to the player with no actual object there. New players, or players who are only just learning about orbital mechanics who might do their own research and find conflicting results, like Blasty alludes to here: After all, its a shared instability in gravitational forces which creates every celestial body, system and expanse in the cosmos and makes them so difficult to replicate in a lab... Also, I can't imagine how much trouble that programming language is/isn't, so I'll leave that argument to the pros. I have some idea, however, about just how heavy the game would be on my poor lil laptop with so many extra calculations that must take place at any given time. I did give a certain mod -sorry, I forget the name. I think "Prince" for some reason- a shot, which was supposed to give realistic orbital calculations in real time. My system couldn't hack it and sometimes others were losing whole moons and planets to the inherent instability in the Kerbol system (especially around Jool ) if the orbits aren't "on rails."
  6. Let me start by saying I've never made any 3d model personally, so I don't know what's hard/easy. I do consider myself a player who's prone to aesthetics over efficiency and will start from scratch if I can't make it work without a dash of sexyness. x] So naturally, I like to think I have an eye for detail. I prefer parts to match up colors for use together or separately. The dimensions would have to be practical as well. For instance: how practical is having 2 solar panels on that piece as opposed to 1 large one to span the same area? Adversely, you might add details in the space between those panels that make it clear why they are split. Circuitry, perhaps, or a snake(wire bundle) wrapping around. The model shown spawns a few questions right off the bat as well. First one was "where does this panel attach to the rest?" It's possible that it could be rolled steel, so there's missing rivets somewhere. It's possible that it could be welded in, so there's missing weld lines on the edges. Can't say which without the rest in front of me. Another Q was "are those panels animated at all and what is underneath if they do raise?" It would be epic if they deploy anywhere between 15 and 90 degrees, like louvers, or on arms that extend the panels out more to capture more of that magical mana we call EC. Perhaps both. That's all I've got for ya for now. Cheers!
  7. @Pointy End IDK about everyone else, but I've learned a great deal more about orbital mechanics playing KSP than my ego allowed me to believe I could. Especially terms and definitions of which I was previously ignorant, before picking it up. I understood most on an intuitive level, so I flew mainly by eye. I didn't even know what delta velocity represented until I began. I just knew "burn time" and "flameout." Resonance, orbital seeding and eccentricity? No clue until comms systems were introduced. As well, there were some concepts which I didn't understand without direct involvement/ tampering. The importance of your inclination in relation to plane change and interplanetary transfers. Intercept velocity calculations came to me through exigent research and were never required, but extremely useful to chart aerobraking maneuvers. The tyranny of the rocket equation! I could probably name more, but you get the idea. The point I'm (foolishly) trying to make is this: While the game is about aerospace and rocket science, players will learn some by doing and learn some more by asking. If there is too much information and you don't understand it, this should motivate the player to better understand what is happening and why. If that is not important to the player, that is their prerogative to skip. Otherwise, Squad has done all of us a great service in motivating us to learn anything at all. Most people pay through the nose to learn about this sort of thing professionally, or worked their BadS off to earn it. So, pick the game apart into pieces if you want and learn all your info-hungry brain desires! Even if its not necessary, you'll understand the game (and maybe even life outside the game) just a little bit better for it.
  8. Dark Lion

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    Only 2 Junos here. No clipping. Level flight. 712 m/s! TBH I made this craft "SuperJuno" quite a long time ago in response to another challenge to use only 2 Junos to break the sound barrier. Seconded
  9. Dark Lion

    How to set up three relay sats.

    Your described method is nearly identical to mine, save one little difference. Of course its depending on which body you intend to establish a network, but with the relays equipped with a small amount of fuel and engine, it isn't necessary to repeatedly try to match your previous orbit as close as possible with the entire weight of your seeding craft plus the remaining satellites. Instead, you merely find your proper seeding period (2/3 or 4/3 resonance for 3-point net) and repeatedly deploy each satellite one orbit apart, using the satellite engines to circularize. Burn at AP for 2/3 resonance; burn at PE for 4/3. It's imperative that you do not miss an orbit unless you want to wait an entire cycle to deploy the next one, or you're good at thinking in reverse about things like this. I haven't bothered to do the math to find out which is more efficient, but there is of course, a handy caveat to having extra deltaV among your satellites in the event you miss the mark a bit for not wanting to bother with Mechjeb's alleged precision. A little station keeping never hurt anyone (unless they were really bad at it xD ) TL;DR: LosBol does it by the numbers too, but may or may not be as simple or efficient.
  10. Dark Lion

    [1.4.3] Dark Textures

    Nah, just a regular one. TBH I kinda hope that might be an option in the future as well... buuuuuuut I won't be mad if other parts are prioritzed
  11. Dark Lion

    A discord Server for KSP Players

    They're already out there! Do it up! {then invite me! }
  12. Dark Lion

    Sun System?

    Ah, I believe "barycenter" is the word you're searching for. Also, our home star has a name: Sol. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful than this. I've never seen a mod like that, as most of them are fixed on making the Kerbol System "more interesting" and adding new things to it or just changing things about it. I have seen mods with multiple star systems as wild as having a (relatively) nearby blackhole, but never a Sol System + stock Kerbol system. I do like that idea though. Perhaps you might catch the right mod devs' attention or maybe take a stab at it yourself, provided you have the required skillset... Speaking of skills... I did envision a way to pull that idea off in a cinematic epic though, should you be interested in making and sharing the mission. However, it could only be a cinematic view from time to time, so as not to prove nothing is happening when you escape Kerbol. Also worth noting you'll probably need a beefy PC for aesthetic mods and two different KSP game files to mod. One game should have all the beauty mods you wish to use, the other should have all the same beauties plus Real Solar System. See where I'm going with this? Interstellar space would only be represented by the changeover between games. ~Start up your screen capture software and blast your mission off such that you ultimately escape Kerbol first, take note of all relevant resources before you quit, then switch game files to the Sol system game and copy over your mission craft file(s.) ~Before you launch from Earth, DON'T. Instead, use your notes from where you left Kerbol to twin that status upon this new game's mission craft's resources. If you're still on the same page with me, you might already know you can continue back and forth between game saves like this for as long as you have the deltaV to continue your mission (or end it all. RIP...) Now you'll need ALT+F12 to get Set Orbit and probably infinite resources cheats. Set your orbit at Sol, to the maximum altitude and eccentricity possible, or use infinite fuel to adjust your orbit to your desired parabolic trajectory congruent to a viable interstellar fly-by should look like. ~Continue your mission as planned from there. The same way you got to Sol, return to Kerbol, if that is indeed your plan. Once your mission is complete, have a blast editing your compiled videos and share it out to the whole cosmos! ~Celebrate! Good luck and have fun!
  13. Dark Lion

    A mod for zooming in the VAB

    Use the "HOLD SHIFT" trick to move your perspective as close as possible in the VAB, sure, but not close enough? I highly recommend using the SPH for technicals and tinys because you can move your perspective wherever you like. Hold SHIFT, right-click and drag to the desired view. One less mod to install and you can just jump to the VAB to launch it if you want, since version 1.4. P.S. You can get the perspective too close and even go straight through your craft!
  14. Dark Lion

    Some opinions

    I refuse to vote on "something like" and similarly vague/loaded questions. Please be specific. That^ has nothing to do with a poll, so I'll be happy to oblige with a little bias. Also worth a mention that my opinion on this subject has changed since first playing with installed mods... ~Firstly, lets consider the name of the game: Kerbal Space Program. Space. It isn't a war program, so no, I don't feel like BDA is ever a part of that by default. Sure, I would agree it's fun to blow stuff up, but how does a little ol' missile you can pack on your wing not equate to a tiny little rocket you could've made yourself?? Cannons? PLEASE! Unless it's centered around interplanetary or at least intercontinental warfare AND comes with some antagonist(s) to defend/kill off, I'm not even interested. TBH, that deserves a game unto itself-- oh wait... there are loads of those. Maybe I'll just play them a while to get out the destructive feels so I can get back to work on the next venture of creativity. ~Secondly, consider the nature of the little green kerbals we know and love (in various ways.) The relative size difference between their head and the rest of their body should speak for itself here. Seriously... why are so many so enamored with aesthetics of a mess of planes and mostly phallic-looking contraptions? Oh, scale. xD Right. It not only has to be the biggest, but it also must be the prettiest! Suit yourselves. It's still not a necessity with a well-thought-out design. In the worst cases, is "work-around" a dirty word or something? ~Last, but certainly not least, the aircraft-specific parts mods. YES. Most definitely, I would agree that this is a part of interplanetary space travel and should be included. The Making History expansion gave no credit to the Wright brothers, Henri Giffard or DaVinci... nobody but CCCP and NASA. More friggin rockets, as if there weren't more rocket parts than I know what to do with already... I digress. The first powered flight was steam-driven, not a propeller, BUT! the vast majority of successful models through history have been/still are propeller-driven. I don't care nearly as much about using them at Kerbin as I do on Eve, Duna or Laythe, but that's on me. Especially with such awesome potential in hybrid electric or completely battery-operated propeller-driven planes as are on the real world market today. Even if some propellers getting in the part list is all I can agree with being stock from your short list there, there are a great number which you don't bother mentioning which I believe KSP should not be without. I will not bother listing those here though. Mainly because I'm of the mind that only some small part of the mod is truly necessary, or perhaps too niche to be considered. For instance, I've wished for better piloting GUI and more than 10 action groups since I began. Work around that..? Can't. How about some moving parts? Oh sure, you can work around some stock hinges and things, but good luck with your part counts on a craptop like mine... Sadly, the only response I'll likely get to that is not the stuff I need to streamline the game, but instead a list of minimum system requirements.
  15. Dark Lion

    Who's Your Favorite Doctor?

    There are many kinds of doctors. I'm that cat who never liked Doctor Who, but I will certainly name off a few honorable mentions. Here are my... Favorite fictional philanthropists physicians: Stephen Strange Henry Moreau Otto Octavius Historical Healers: Stephen Hawking Carl Sagan Carl Jung I'm pretty sure each one of these doctors would punish "THE" Doctor Who in one way or another. ...Well, tbh Doc Ock would probably have his BadS served to him via Dalek dome-plate and Dr. Moreau would get himself killed by his own Beast-Men, but the rest of my short list here would almost certainly out-think all of the Doctor Which!