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  1. A binary pulsar/nuetron star system would be stellar... but you didnt say "celestial body" so I'm just gonna leave this here and back away slowly. They're all satellites to me.
  2. KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    That's one. Maybe even just one of us. Wait, so I have negative 2 points for "Impossible Mode?" That's more than my first try!!! Can I go back to my first attempt, because this higher score is too hard to carry the responsibility.. It's so much pressure maintaining the discipline of a complete failure on both ends of the task!!! KRAKEN HELP ME! The Leathered Feather has failed to set the standard! WOE IS ME and stuff... cough-cough... "pretty good?" What? Did I win or are we all still very confused? Or am I still very confused? I'm so frackin confused right now... One day... I'll be less competitive. That day was not today... and tomorrow's forecast calls for flurries of probe cores on the VAB helipad and no where else. I'll call you when the kerbals fix the cameras to send you the footage... Not really, but how else would I beat my score?!
  3. KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    "If at first you don't succeed, rage-quit and crash into--" WHAT?! Okay, this one is for the record @JK_Kerbineer... How does I score this time? 420kg is pretty bangin', right?
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    It took just the right angle and a clipped structural fuselage for the smallest [stock] control surface to bare a corner in just the right place. Imagine a windshield wiper on the wrong side of the glass.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Reports indicate a strange wormhole has opened nearby the Kerbal Space Center. This strangely familiar looking droid has since been sighted sightseeing the sights when sighted! (We're assuming she's off duty and George actually paid her )
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    Tagged a big, square rock on Mun today. It had an awesome placard thingy, but the alien vehicle that landed on it was kinda weak... I left them a better one in case they were too shy to ask for a ride.
  7. Did you mean you haven't made working animatronics yet? That moment when you realize, you're not as good at KSP as you thought. THIS KERBAL^ WANTS A BLINDFOLD! Ultimately, I agree that your suggestion would make the game more interesting for some, but sadly it would be another part of the game that just never gets use for most players... You know... like that flag you never used... or Dres.
  8. Absolutely not. Ideally, the placement of both stock and custom flags should be readily available in a myriad of shapes and sizes (I respect having just four though. I can work with that no problem.) Thank you, but I've learned enough about the programming language to edit the part configs in the passed few hours to manage to get a few custom flags working as intended for one particular part size config. Is it your intention to send me a patch to copy over into each part config, or have you some other, more streamlined means of conforming flags? At this point, I'm more interested in learning how this all works together than having it done for me, but perhaps a fresh sample will sharpen my blunt tools therein... Perhaps Blackheart's folly may prove to be educational... At least for me.
  9. @blackheart612 No custom flags I drop into Gamedata>Squad>Flags are available for selection in either editor scene in 1.3.1. Some Squad flags are also unavailable for selection. I wish to add even more custom flags by your stickers method so I can conveniently place them wherever I'd like on my crafts, but I'm not interested in stock (or mod) flags-- only customs created by myself or other KSP players. I'm savvy with the templates for flags, so I'm sure the file format and sizes are appropriate. I use my own custom mission flag at every opportunity. I have one already saved to my updated version before the first time I open the game, for crying out loud. Reading back in this thread, I see a bunch of programming language I can't make sense of. I don't make mods, I make magic with them. Please fix this for us non-programmers please. You folks seemed to have it all worked out, but I still can't use this mod if you're speaking a language I shouldn't have to understand to use it.
  10. KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    Might I also suggest a points modifier for Eve-drops? Eve-landed = +2 Eve-splashed down = x1(no bonus) +1 for each difficulty level passed (up to 4) Well, there is a probe core... You can just barely see the gold of the HCES II that makes up the rear half of the rover. All those are control surfaces, locked in position, save the two small D-angle wings under the solar panels. I made an aerobrick with wheels. Gate-crasher?
  11. KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    EAT MY POTENTIAL FOR SCIENCE, LEADERBOARD! (I have no idea how to score this, but why not?) 10/10 potential for more profit. Needs no fairings on Kerbin, Duna or Laythe. Tried and tested; kerbal approved.
  12. The Best Player's Car Challenge

    Do you actually *have* an Imgur account? I now believe that was my problem. BBC embedded no problem after I made an account... Seems ridiculous, but it beats the hoop-hopping.
  13. The Best Player's Car Challenge

    I just happened upon your KerbalX cars and by the Kraken, that looks intimidating!!! I've a lot to learn about KSP parts configurations just by the look there, but here's a little appetizer of the WIP for you to sample the style anyway. Please note the beauty leaning by the doors... is not a car... but it literally flies LOL Edit: I think I've got uploads figured out at long last
  14. Suspiciously Affirm Your Status As A Human

    I/O Initializing... SUCCESS ANOMALY DEFENSE PROTOCOL ACTIVATED Sampling derivatives... SUCCESS Formulating response... 10/10 @SinBad is [ANOMALY DETECTED] I am fellow Human. What is your name? Oops! I/O has stopped working!
  15. Some call both Jool and Minmus planets. Others still define Jool as a planet and Minmus as a moon. I call them both "worlds." We're all right in my opinion, but you're a little vague, considering the circumstances. Translation: would this challenge amount to... 5 bases? One for each world orbiting Kerbol, not including Kerbin 6 bases? Including Kerbin. 9 bases? One for each world orbiting a world in orbit of Kerbol 14 bases? On every single world you can land on, not including Kerbin Or 15 bases? KERBALS LIKE COCKROACHES -- EVERYWHERE