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  1. Dark Lion

    Centering things

    I'd firstly suggest you familiarize yourself with the editors' hotkeys, but I'm happy to help you out with this one. Using the MOVE TOOL (hotkey 2) click the command seat in question. Before you move it though, ensure two things: 1. Turn on SNAP mode (hotkey C.) This will align moved parts to the part tree grid of the editor grid 2. Switch to ABSOLUTE motion (hotkey F.) This will align parts to the grid. Now you should be able to center that command seat, no problem! NOTE! Depending on where your command seat is attached, it may "skip" over the center grid point due to the translation interval, but don't fret! Simply toggle the smaller interval by holding down the SHIFT key as you click-drag the seat over the center of your craft.
  2. Dark Lion

    Interplanetary from Minmus

    I have this crazy way of doin thangs n stuff. Buuuut it requires some luck and some more patience. It only worked twice, so it must be useful (I just don't have the patience to time it right every time.) Landed and refueled on Minmus, I launched straight up from the trailing side of the equator +/- 6 degrees, right as Minmus crosses Mun's orbital plane. Burnin burnin burnin, I would've smacked into Kerbin, but instead, my ship came in right behind Mun. No more burn or we all gon' die! ♫Now I'm freeee~! Free-fallin!♫ Mun scoops me into its SoI and slings me on faster, thus safe from the boiling splat on Kerbin. Barely need a drop of go-juice for corrections (if any at all) and already headed for interplanetary space! Set that Kerbin Pe burn to your target world and enjoy your cost-effective and/or thrilling joy-ride! Afterword: don't come with me if you want to live. I don't math. I eyeball it all into submission with my wild-eyed stare and toothy, somewhat-disconcerting grin.
  3. Dark Lion

    You know you played KSP too long when...

    Right. None of the ones I can actually see.
  4. Okay, usually I'm griefing because I'm only seeing stuff from the art team BUT, I really like this one. I have a suggestion, from noting the top hatch: Can we get a hatch on the bottom just like it? Or at least when the top node is occupied?
  5. Good question. Even after reading the reply, it still seems even more like "Dressed for Success" wasn't fully dressed yet. Can we hear about some work that isn't from the art team, maybe? Would be nice to have a lil tease of some new feature instead of just "Enjoy your new burn time shinies," like 1.5.... Oh, and the audio levels fix (and additions?) that went completely unannounced.
  6. Make her say yes in 5 (sort of) easy steps! ~Build a craft which spells out your big question for your sweetheart and name it something stealthy like "Q4U," "Project Unity," or something clever...-er. ~Attached, below, should be 2 platforms your sweetheart can land (or coughcoughcrashcough) on. One spells "YES" above, the other spells "NO." ~!!MISSION CRITICAL!!: Make the "NO" platform tilt the landing craft over to the "YES" platform, regardless of a perfect (/crash) landing on "NO." ~Send craft to Duna, by any means possible. I highly recommend sending a kerbal with your name, and asking her to rescue you. You could always play it off before your sweetheart's mission, like you decided to give the game a rest after stranding your kerbal there. ~Enjoy your holiday!
  7. Dark Lion

    Drop an item from 500m

    Glad to help!
  8. Dark Lion

    Drop an item from 500m

    I don't remember if it holds true for elevation movement speed, but TAB will enable you to move very quickly or very slowly (4 speeds.) It might only apply to lateral movement though.
  9. *Makes rust-angels, uses rock to carve "Lion left some fertilizer," dump waste tanks and bail back to Earth* No words needed.
  10. Dark Lion

    Drop an item from 500m

    I would just fix some boosters to the item with structural pylons and let 'er rip... or RIP. SHIFT and CTRL raise and lower craft respectively.
  11. Dark Lion

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    OH! I really needed to know this. It explains so much about the priorities and timelines for patch/update releases. Many thanks.
  12. Dark Lion

    KSP Weekly Challenge Suggestions

    Well there's a good news/bad news answer, if I've ever heard one... So the good news is that it's still going. The bad news is that there aren't interesting enough challenges around to spur it on... I didn't find some of the KSP weekly challenges interesting, but their entries certainly were, even when I couldn't be bothered to participate. I learned new ways to build or accomplish things I otherwise struggled with. And even when it wasn't all that challenging, I still enjoyed participating, if only to show off a bit. I'm lookin' at you KSPooky! What is "interesting?" Also: this is a challenge suggestion. Thinking of challenges, my brain goes straight to racing -GOTTA GO FAST!- from launch to target. There's 15 races from launch to landing, just generalizing a race to each body that can be landed on, starting from Kerbin. Why not run a gauntlet of races like that? You get 2 weeks per race, then there's almost 8 solid months of interesting rapid-transit craft popping up on the launchpad. Give more time per race and there's over a year's worth of it! That, IMHO, would also make an epic collection of badges to collect. This is also the simplest and longest-running challenge series I could imagine without invoking many mods. Buuuut.... if "interesting" means the challenge has never been issued/done before, I give the floor to the KSP community, who I'm confident will be ready to prove Murphy's Law. Honestly, I'd struggle to come up with something like that, so I really don't expect you to. Then again, I never would've thought of KSPooky...
  13. Dark Lion

    KSP Weekly Challenge Suggestions

    @Darth Badie are we even doing these KSP weekly challenges still? Either they're buried under other threads and I haven't seen them for months... Or they aren't a thing anymore.
  14. Is this the reason I don't have the new FL-T100 or its variants? Are you going to fix the 1.5 release in the KSP Store or do I have to fix the files myself so that parts are properly ordered in the directories?
  15. That's no hallucination! The old one gets specular bump though.... and the new one doesn't get the mentioned rotation...