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[WIP]Krakatoa's Eruptive Propulsion

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As my introductory foray into 3D modelling after following the tutorial on the Modelling and Textures subforum, I decided to make a pack based on volcanic propulsion. I present to you the finished textured model of the first attempt, the Magma Chamber fuel tank. The current plan is to add at least an engine and a command pod of some sort. At this point, I haven't processed the part through Unity, through I think I have set up the collider correctly in Wings3D. Any advice on where to go from here, even as far as the shape of the collider I should use or anything else would be greatly appreciated!



I'd like to add glowing emissives to the lower areas of the mesh, as though the inside were glowing, and will have similar effects on the engine.


Thank you to @JadeOfMaar for his great suggestions and being interested in what I'm doing, and to @blowfish for helping me get sorted with FX transforms!

LINK FOR DOWNLOAD: [MAJOR WIP, BE CAUTIOUS] Krakatoa's Eruptive Propulsion on GitHub


GPU GNL-3.0 License

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Update on what has been accomplished:

- I've basically completed work on the engine, as far as getting the stock plume sorted and a basic pass at leveling it and the tank.

- The Magma Chamber now holds Ore instead of LF/O and the engine runs on Ore and EC.

Current set of plans:

- Hoping to learn how and sort out an emissive for the actual outlet for the engine and other lava areas

- Learn how and sort out a normal map for both completed parts and all future parts

- Add RCS capabilities to the small side vents on the engine, though not sure if it can serve both purposes

- Add industrial Command Pod

- Add SAS wheel

- Add ore-EC fuel cell in a style consistent with the industrial parts of this pack

- (Possible) create a Magma resource for the engine itself to run on, with hidden converters to keep it topped off with any sort of surface-mined resource on the craft

    - If I do this, I'd like to potentially change the Magma Chamber to hold and generate the Magma while smaller attachable parts hold the ore or other material (Like CRP's Rock)

- (Possible) a good idea from @JadeOfMaar to include interaction with NFE to have the Volcano Drive be a nuclear reactor, with maintenance aspects from that amazing pack.

- (Possible) Add a landing leg that is tall enough to land a basic KEP craft nose-up and attach to a sphere

- (Possible) Create a sort of drill to serve the same purpose


Note: I will be updating the OP with a link to the Git download. Keep in mind that it's still majorly under progress, and if I do anything that changes how the engine and tank works, it could easily kill the function of a craft. I wouldn't suggest using this in a career save or long-running expedition just yet.


Here's the first couple parts in game!

Side View

View down the pit of the Volcano Drive

(Note: Doesn't have the power to get off the ground at sea level on Kerbin with a full load of Ore.)

Hacked gravity so I could see the smoke in action. Disappears out of the atmosphere.

In Space!

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