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  1. blowfish

    [1.5.1] Advanced Jet Engine v2.12.1 (Nov 11)

    That might help, thanks! It could take some time to get workable information out of it though. And now it occurs to me, probably a lot of the assumptions made about intakes are no longer valid in a scramjet.
  2. blowfish

    [1.5.1] Advanced Jet Engine v2.12.1 (Nov 11)

    @lk00david AJE has no scramjet support. Supersonic combustion behaves very different than subsonic, and I have not found any paper properly describing it. If you know of such a source, please let me know, but it needs to go into the detailed thermodynamics.
  3. blowfish

    [1.5.1] Advanced Jet Engine v2.12.1 (Nov 11)

    Area - area of engine at the intake, in m^3 - affects overall thrust scaling of the engine and determines how much intake you need Mdes - design mach number, i.e. the point at which the compressor pressure ratio (CPR) is specified Tdes - as above but ambient air temperature at that flight condition (in kelvins) eta_n - efficiency of the nozzle FHV - heat energy extracted by burning fuel, in joules per kilogram
  4. That would really be more of a question to ask on the RO side, since that's where such patches typically live.
  5. You're missing the final : on your regex replacements ... it's :pattern:replacement:
  6. blowfish

    [1.5.1] B9PartSwitch v2.5.1 (December 1)

    Yeah, which is part of the reason that it will still complain to the user so that the mod author will be encouraged to fix it.
  7. blowfish

    [1.5.1] B9PartSwitch v2.5.1 (December 1)

    B9 resource switching will yield to whatever other module is on the part. Other switching functions will still work.
  8. blowfish

    [1.5.1] B9PartSwitch v2.5.1 (December 1)

    B9PartSwitch v2.5.1 for KSP 1.5.1 Moved stack nodes now respect scale, rescaleFactor, and TweakScale Moved surface attach node now respects scale and rescaleFactor When only one subtype is present, disable switching GUI and display subtype title as non-interactable string Downgrade incompatible resource switching module to a warning and disable B9 resource switching in that case French localization
  9. @Gordon Dry well I'm still sort of wondering what you were seeing. May need more info to investigate but if it is a possible bug then it might be worth looking into. Unrelated, but in your new patch you should be able to do @OUTPUT_RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],*
  10. @Gordon Dry so what isn't it applying to that you would expect it to apply to?
  11. blowfish

    [1.5.1] B9PartSwitch v2.5.1 (December 1)

    I don't know the details but both MFT and B9 resource switching have been added to the part (and they can't both manage resources). Might be worth pinging the mod's author. I've been seeing this a lot lately though and I might downgrade this to a warning (complains but doesn't force you to quit). Really there's no general patch that could fix every case (the module should be completely removed in some cases and just disabled in others) but if B9 fuel switching disables itself and warns then at least it's probably working and the mod author has some time to fix it.
  12. blowfish

    [1.5.1] B9PartSwitch v2.5.1 (December 1)

    As the exception would suggest, it does not work. The new delta-v simulation stuff (related to the burn time indicator) made some significant changes in KSP with respect to how resources are handled and that forced an incompatible change in B9PartSwitch. In general, no support will be provided for using an incompatible version even if it works in some cases. The release titles and .version file all say which version of KSP they're for, if you're using a different version you're on your own.