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  1. There wasn't really anything in 1.3.1 that affected AJE
  2. I'm not opposed to it, but I also don't have the time to go through and make sure all the engines are actually playing nice with Tweakscale. If someone wants to make any necessary fixes and submit a pull request, I will include it.
  3. ModuleEngine

    Fuel flow is calculated from initial thrust and Isp, then modified by all the flow modifying curves I mentioned. atmCurve modifies flow at constant Isp, so thrust and flow will both change proportionally. This is the case for all the flow-modifying curves I mentioned above. For the Isp-modifying curves, it will modify the Isp at constant fuel flow, so the thrust will also change.
  4. "No fuel" is not a stock message - do you have AJE installed? If so, the engine configuration is completely different. There's also a problem with how you're defining the curves - if you use %key multiple times, it will see that there's already a key there and only modify the first one. For those things, better to just remove the curve entirely (if it already exists) and then recreate it. A great way to debug what's going on is to find the part configuration in ModuleManager.ConfigCache. That will tell you what it looks like after all the patches have been applied.
  5. ModuleEngine

    Okay, as far as I can see here's what's what: atmosphereCurve - Isp vs static pressure (atmospheres). Always used. atmCurve - flow multiplier vs atmosphere density (normalized, i.e. 0-1). Used if atmChangeFlow = true and useAtmCurve = true atmCurveISP - Isp multiplier vs atmosphere density (normalized, i.e. 0-1). Used if useAtmCurveIsp = true velCurve - flow multiplier vs mach number. Used if useVelCurve = true velCurveIsp - Isp multiplier vs mach number. Used if useVelCurveIsp = true thrustCurve - flow multiplier vs amount of propellant left (normalized, i.e. 0-1). Used if useThrustCurve = true. Ignores any propellants with ignoreForThrustCurve = true throttleIspCurve - Isp multiplier vs throttle (normalized, i.e. 0-1). Used if useThrottleIspCurve = true throttleIspCurveAtmStrength - Modifier for how much throttleIspCurve actually affects Isp vs static pressure (atmospheres). 0 means that throttleIspCurve doesn't affect Isp at all, 1 means that throttleIspCurve has the full effect. Used if useThrottleIspCurve = true
  6. @Toonu the crash is because it's case sensitive, you want velCurve not VelCurve. I will attempt to give an explanation of what is what in your other thread.
  7. Just set it to run near the end, e.g. :FOR[zzz_MyMod] - this is pretty common in existing mods
  8. If you're willing to run with 3.0.1 again, you could post KSP's log here and we can inspect it to see which mods have this issue. 3.0 and 3.0.1 do improve the speed of applying patches, and code changes in them pave the way for future improvements.
  9. Yes, sorry about that. I had hoped that posting a rerelease version well in advance would give mods time to adjust, but evidently that wasn't exactly the case. Do you have a list of mods you're having issues with? We've been trying to clean them up after the fact either by notifying the authors or by submitting fixes directly.
  10. Each version of KJR is really only designed for one KSP version. If you want to use previous KSP versions, you will need a previous KJR. All the old versions are available on Github.
  11. Thanks for finding that! Would you mind reporting on Github so I remember to fix it?
  12. You can put more than one mod in a NEEDS block, separated by & or , (meaning and), or | (or), e.g. :NEEDS[mod1,mod2]
  13. Correct, any combination of more than one :FOR, :BEFORE, :AFTER, :FIRST, :FINAL is not allowed. But again, it wasn't really meaningful even in previous versions of MM, it would always use the first one and ignore any others.
  14. Thanks! I see errors from RealPlume-StockConfigs and SETI. The RealPlume-Stock errors have been fixed in 1.0.1, so be sure to update. I've reported the SETI error in the thread but no response from the author yet (and can't make sense of which Github repositories correspond to what so I can't submit a fix myself). :FOR[GPOSpeedFuelPump]:FINAL, :FOR[GPOSpeedFuelPump]:FINAL, :AFTER[zzz_CryoTanks]:FINAL are all specifying two passes. ModuleManager has only ever applied the patch in one pass, so it was previously meaningless (and now an error) to provide more than one.
  15. @PART[*] works fine, because each PART node will always have a name value (or KSP will not compile the part). However, @PART:HAS[...] will work fine, you only need the ,* on subnodes, since by default it will only apply to the first one. The problem we found here was with EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION, since those don't have a name value.