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  1. You should comment out the entire node, otherwise KSP will see it as a node with no name. Many editors will allow you to select the beginning of all those lines at once so that you can commend them all at the same time.
  2. All the original artists have left unfortunately, and I'm not much of an artist myself. So for now it's just maintenance.
  3. Yeah, it's a known issue. Unfortunately I don't have access to any of the original model sources so fixing it is going to be a ton of work (why I haven't gotten to it yet)
  4. @Stone Blue yeah, I figured there wasn’t a reason to hide them in the editor, it might even be easier to use for switchers with a lot of subtypes.
  5. Sure, save whatever custom data you want. But why try to save things that KSP is already saving for you? Whatever you do is likely to conflict with what KSP is doing at some point in time and cause issues.
  6. Wait, but why do you even need to do any custom loading/saving? KSP does that all automatically
  7. [WIP][1.3.1] Sigma Dimensions

    I'd hazard guess that KSP only allows one planet's terrain to be loaded at any given time.
  8. The UPGRADESAPPLIED node is KSP's way of keeping track of what part upgrades have been applied to the module. You shouldn't need to touch it yourself. I don't quite see why it would be a problem but maybe I'm not understanding what you're trying to do here...
  9. Already answered this via another channel but for others' sake - this is usually the result of referencing a tank type that doesn't exist. If that's the case there will also be a KeyNotFoundException higher up in the log. I've opened an issue to try and handle the errors more smoothly.
  10. Well, if it's caused by an interaction with another mod then I'm never going to be able to reproduce, but I might be able to see based on logs and config cache. Sure, they're both huge files but I know how to search through them.
  11. I can look into it. Can you file a bug report at Github so I don't forget? Be sure to include logs! A copy of GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache would also be helpful!
  12. B9PartSwitch v1.10.0 for KSP 1.3.1 is now available Add new GUI that allows selecting subtype from a list Allow switching in flight via switchInFlight parameter (uses new GUI) More details on switchInFlight - this is a parameter on ModuleB9PartSwitch which defaults to false but can be set to true for a particular module. If enabled, it will show the GUI button to select a new subtype (the slider is not visible in flight). If resources are present on the part that would be removed, it warns you first. I highly recommend that if you intend to use this, you create a unique set of subtypes for it. They should have zero mass and cost and have the tanks empty by default.
  13. It’s now integrated into the engine as a switchable option. I did intend to add it back as a separate part for other uses but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  14. The size of the airlocks and stock solar panels should give a clue...
  15. I'd actually say it's pretty rare for the authors of individual mods to write RO configs on their own - RO is quite a beast and takes some effort to understand, so typically RO support is added by the regular RO contributors who actually understand everything required.