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  1. Not currently possible. But you can use the fact that x > y is equivalent to x - y > 0 (store the difference in another variable and check whether it's greater than zero)
  2. B9PartSwitch v2.3.2 for KSP 1.4.4 Recompile against KSP 1.4.4
  3. HAS[@MODULE[ModuleGimbal,ModuleEngines]] is the bad part, it doesn't work that way. You need HAS[@MODULE[ModuleGimbal],@MODULE[ModuleEngines]]. It's looking for a module with name = ModuleGimbal,ModuleEngines which does not exist on any part. If you search the log for this patch, you might have noticed that it was not being applied to any part. That would have been the first clue as to what was wrong.
  4. @PART:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*],~name[RSB*]]:FINAL contrary to what @Gordon Dry said, :NEEDS is not correct here, since that will turn the patch on or off for everything based on the presence of a mod.
  5. There's a maxEngineTemp field on the module you can set. It defaults to 4000 K
  6. There is no such thing as ModuleEnginesAJEscramjet, and no scramjet model in AJE. Not enough data on scramjet performance has been published to implement one.
  7. B9 itself should. For the dependencies though you should check if there's a version for 1.4.1 - for instance, for B9PartSwitch I know for a fact that it now uses code that's only in 1.4.2, but you should be able to find a 1.4.1/1.4.0 version that will work.
  8. Might want to let @Bamse know that. It's not my install, I'm just reading the logs.
  9. Thanks for the log, was able to see what's going on Kerbalism and SSPXR's MKS patches do not play well together it seems. Kerbalism removes ModuleDeployableHabitat, but the SSPXR MKS patches expect it to be there. I don't know which side the fix would be on though. Kerbalism patch: SSPXR MKS patch:
  10. Right, because errors would prevent it from generating. It looks like the patch is in fact coming from Ven's - GameData/VenStockRevamp/Patches/SoftTanksLH2.cfg is badly broken. I noticed that GameData/VenStockRevamp/Patches isn't included in the main download - is it even supported?
  11. Hmm, based on a look at the configs involved and other reports, I think this is actually caused by having an empty CryoTanks folder in GameData. Near Future should be able to function without CryoTanks but the empty folder makes ModuleManager think it's installed when it isn't.
  12. Good evening, I have a few things to say about the B9 Aerospace HX set, first of all it's an incredible set for giant ships. Come on, okay, but I miss some things in particular, like 1 - Landing legs varied, Landing legs, since the two models H50-A and H50-B limit the possibilities of massive constructions, because the ones that come with the set are good, but they do not work for more creative constructions, forcing the search for other mods. 2 - Why is not there a massive cockipit on set HX? Okay, the M27 is cool, but it's small, if it was a massive ship you'd expect something big, equivalent to the size of HX parts, the idea was to be big enough to serve as a bridge of command. 3 - docking ports, there is only one model the CDP, Shielding docking port, ok it is well built and functional, yet again it is small for massive ships if there was a massive part large enough to serve as an anchorage bay for other ships smaller, several CDP units could be used. 4 - Cargo parts, in really large ships this is one of the fundamental items, there are only two models, the HX1-UH and the HX2-UH that can be used as such, because they are hollow, but there is no cargo elevator that may favor this use, it is necessary to build with the help of other mods, and in most cases it is not so good because there is a good interaction between robotic pieces and the HX set, there is also no load ramp for the HX set or nothing similar, the HL charge part is not very functional when we talk about connection with the HX set.

    The HX set is beautiful, but for a massive shipwreck lover like me, it's missing these things.

    Infinity Battleship by ~Casper87 on deviantART

    #2 - Massive Cockpit for HX like that

    Untitled #spaceship â

    Maybe I'm looking beyond what is possible, or demanding too much, yet I love your work and what you've been able to build with the HX set, I know the work that's working out each piece, and articulate each animation to make a set possible, it takes time and time is money, I do not want this message to be a message of collection, but I hope that this message is so you never give up, and that although it does not seem, there are many people like me who really admire your work, and that will do everything possible to improve and suggest improvements to what is already great and working. Keep doing an amazing job, and if you could get here. I want you to know that you can go further and make the B9 Massive Star Ships set possible.

    1. blowfish



      Unfortunately all the artists who worked on B9 have since moved on to other things.  I didn't make any of it, and I'm not really much of an artist myself, so my work on B9 is mostly limited to maintenance and improving the functionality of existing parts where possible.  I appreciate your interest though.

    2. Catatau_27



      Can you tell me where I can find any of these people who have access to the creation / editing of the B9 set? '-'

    3. blowfish


      The original authors were @bac9, @Taverius, and @K3-Chris.  I haven't seen any of them on this forum in years though.

      It's not really a question of having access to anything, it's a question of having the skills and experience required to make high quality new parts.