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  1. Well I can try to investigate, but I'm seeing a lot of incomplete and/or conflicting information here. If you could post the log, ModuleManager.ConfigCache, and exact versions of KSP, RF, and TAC in each case, and reiterate exactly what you expected the behavior to be and what it actually was, that would be helpful.
  2. Wait, but in your previous post you said that RF v12.2.4 worked correctly
  3. RealFuels v12.3.1 for KSP 1.3 Actually fix the bug with tanks not getting their contents correctly (not fixed in v12.3.0) DO NOT INSTALL THIS VERSION IF YOU ARE RUNNING KSP 1.2.2. IT WILL NOT WORK
  4. Ugh, OK, definitely reproduced the issue with the solids. Turns out I didn't actually revert those commits on the 1.3 branch. This is why I really hate having two branches right now. Will have a fix shortly. As for the issue with command pods not being able to accept RCS fuel, I think that TAC and RF Stockalike aren't cooperating - they are getting the LifeSupportAll tank type but should be getting ServiceModule. Not sure which side the fix needs to go on but it isn't a pure RF issue per se.
  5. @Canis Dirus Leidy @Gordon Dry Well, I just tried with v12.3.0 and the latest TAC LS and the resources are doing what they're supposed to (i.e. command pods pre-populate with life support resources). So not sure what to say...
  6. So I was developing an alternative GUI for switching in flight and it occurred to me that it might be helpful in the editor too. Thoughts? It would be activated by clicking a button in the part action window. I have no plans to get rid of the existing GUI, this would be in addition to it.
  7. @toric5 That's because all the values are processed before all the nodes, so you're trying to access the LH2 resource when it's still LiquidFuel. There's nothing ModuleManager can do about this, it's a consequence of how KSP stores the nodes. Split the bottom bit into its own patch and it should work.
  8. Are you talking about the patches that come with RF Stockalike or some custom ones? If it's custom, could you check whether the default ones in RF Stockalike are working as expected with no custom stuff? I'm at work right now and can't look myself.
  9. The transforms can come from any model, but they're the name of transforms within the model, not the name of the model itself. I'd recommend Sarbian's DebugStuff plugin for inspecting the hierarchy in-game. But there's also a trick you can use. If you have say MODEL { model = Path/To/Model }, when KSP instantiates it it ends up with a name of Path/To/Model(Clone) in the hierarchy so to make it switchable you would have transform = Path/To/Model(Clone)have Oh, and welcome to the forums!
  10. B9 Part Switch can't currently interact with other modules (e.g. engines), so that option is out for the foreseeable future.
  11. Am I interpreting correctly that you want to have nukes on vessels already in flight use LF, but have newly launched ones use LH2? I think this could be done via a part upgrade.
  12. RealFuels v12.2.4 and v12.3.0 are released which should fix the resource bug Please make sure you have the correct version of RealFuels for your version of KSP. They are not cross-compatible v12.2.4 is for KSP 1.2.2 only and can be downloaded here v12.3.0 is for KSP 1.3 only and can be downloaded here Sorry about having multiple versions out at the same time, having to keep supporting 1.2.2 while 1.3 is out is proving to be rather complicated
  13. Yes, they called it RealFuels
  14. Sadly, there are not HX crew parts. It would be cool though.
  15. @Gordon Dry I think that belongs in RF stockalike, not the base RF. Remember that RF is used by Realism Overhaul too, and auto-balancing doesn't really make sense there. Also I think RF stockalike already has life support patches, but with tank autofill broken they aren't doing their job.