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  1. AFAIK no, all root nodes are treated equally. If the one you want to target has some unique feature, you can target only it with :HAS conditions
  2. blowfish

    [1.6.1] B9PartSwitch v2.6.0 (January 13)

    Can you post your log? Most likely a dependency for one of your installed mods is missing or something.
  3. I too would appreciate this discussion being moved to a different thread
  4. It was distributed with the Unity scene, it’s not that much work to get the emissives functioning and re-export. Especially since they don’t require an animation anymore. I got it working for one engine a while back but got bored and didn’t do the rest.
  5. My recollection is that they came with emissives but they weren’t used
  6. It's from Porkjet's overhaul pack mostly
  7. blowfish

    [1.6.1] B9PartSwitch v2.6.0 (January 13)

    No, just loading new data into existing modules.
  8. It's easy for posts to get lost, and the forum doesn't really have a way to take you to the oldest unread post in a thread. I miss things all the time, especially if there's a new page of posts since the last time I visited. Feel free to ask again if you don't get an answer in a timely manner.
  9. blowfish

    [1.6.1] B9PartSwitch v2.6.0 (January 13)

    No ... in general things inside of module can't be changed ... yet. Might be some work on that in the near future.
  10. This should all be happening after KSP is done loading the plugins, so I think that part is fine at least. And that should be only reading too - having two things read the file at the same time should be fine, this exception should only happen if something has a write lock.
  11. Not sure what could be causing that, but it seems to be handled properly (the SHA for that DLL isn't generated but it's just for display purposes anyway). Also weird that it's just those two DLLs. Is there a chance something else is holding a lock on those files?
  12. There are 3 warnings from BDB and one from Engine Lighting. The BDB ones are harmless and have already been fixed, I think you just need to update it. The engine lighting one is this: [WRN 2019-41-29 16:41:29.267] unrecognized tag: 'smallRadialEngineFOR' on: EngineLight/engine-configs/@PART[liquidEngineMini]:smallRadialEngineFOR[EngineLight] Which does indeed look badly formatted. It looks like someone has already proposed a fix for it: but it has not been merged. The consequence of this I think is that the Spark and Twitch engines won't have quite the desired lighting settings.
  13. They're all in the log. It can be a bit daunting to sort through, I can help with that though if you post it.
  14. It was always happening. Config changes (and model/texture changes) wouldn't be reflected in the parts until they are recompiled.