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MKS-parts dont show in the construction?

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So i started a new KSP-save and want to focus on colonisation and base-building like many here as it seems. I want a sustainable Base which can construct Rockets completly by its own (without those DIY container being sent from Kerbin). Pretty much like the old "extralanetary launchpad". With the mods i have i thought this should be possible. I researched "advanced construction" which is supposed to give me stuff like a extractor, kerbal-habbitation-support and ore/metal/rocketpart-tanks etc. All the parts from the "advanced construction" research regarding the Mods arent showing up when i want to construct a lander/rocket with them on Kerbin. This makes the start of the base pretty much impossible. 

Maybe you have some ideas how to fix it or what i have wrong... or maybe a mods-pack to be able to do what i want? 

So the Mods i have installed are:
NearFuture Solar/Electrical

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Welcome to the forums! :) 

Just to clarify your issue: in the tech tree you see the parts inside the tech node you researched, but when you go to the editor (VAB/SPH) you cannot find them in the parts list?

First thing to check, then, is whether the part search function at the very top of the parts list can find them for you. Type in "USI", because all of the MKS etc. parts are tagged that. It is possible that for some reason the custom part categories that USI uses aren't showing up, meaning you won't be able to access the parts normally. But even in that case, the part search should find them.

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The MKS EL parts aren’t going to show up unless you have EL installed.

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