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Found 8 results

  1. I'm trying to get informations about KSP 2, and I think that there are a few things that should be changed. For example I think that, since you KSP developers are adding colors and themes, the GUI should follow the vessel's theme, becoming custom and different for everyone, another thing about color is that the R.A.P.I.E.R.S engine is colored by both sides, but the Mk2 double engine mount is colored only in the upper side, and it makes everything lose a bit of his environment, so I think that some sort of auto-color changer should solve it, making a transition or something like it, wich makes it a bit more dynamic. Another interesting colour addition can be an advanced color option, wich enables the possibility to choose every color singularly, for exaple, you could color the bottom of a spaceplane black and the upper side white and blue, for an old-style aircraft. Talking about technical additions, I think that there are a bunch of useful additions and changes: for example you could make it that, when you save something, it adds a "version" of it, the one you just made, so that, if you regret your choise, you can get back to the better version. A last addition I think that could be very realistic and make everything better is to male it so you can control your probe from a spaceplane or a base, and it could be even better if there were different command levels, like: -Mk1 command pod or cockpit-> no drone control -Mk1 probe controller-> only action groups -Mk2 cockpit or size 2 command pod-> thrust and action groups -Mk2 or size 2 probe controller-> thrust, action groups and single part control -Mk3 cockpit or size 3 command pod-> thrust, action groups, single part control and SAS -Mk3 or size 3 probe controller-> thrust, action groups, single part control and SAS -Land base drone controller-> full control They could connect to the standard probes and function with extra crew, that controls rhe probe another if there is no connection between Kerbin and the vessel. I also think an important addition for spaceplane or airplane builders would be the possibility to regulate the landing gears from the VAB or even in-flight, so that it isn't necessary to make some strange things anymore. Eventually I think that it would be very interesting to make the new water launch site finally useful with some water parts for boats and submarines and physic corrections like control surfaces not affecting the vessel while in water and intakes functioning underwater.
  2. I'm happy to share with you the first public release of this mod. Most of the parts are done and ready to use and you can now properly replay the Mars colonization mission in KSP. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This mod is absolutely overpowered for the stock game. The engine performance and ship stats are as close to their real counterparts as I could make them, and as of now it works just fine in RSS with FAR and RealHeat installed. You don't need RO for this to work 'realistically' in terms of performance, except the fact that the fuel is not right (liquid fuel/oxidizer instead of liquid methane/oxygen) and engines don't suffer from ullage and other great features that RO brings. DeltaV stats, Isp, masses and all related parameters are nevertheless more or less correct. PARTS Crew Transport Ship with 4 crew and 100 passenger capacity. Tanker Ship for orbital refueling. Reusable Booster with attachable fins and gridfins. Built-in decoupler, probe core and antenna. Dedicated shielded side docking port. Matches stock senior docking port. Raptor engines for atmospheric and vacuum use. Ship landing legs Deployable Gridfins that act as control surfaces and airbrakes Booster fins Solar Panels, RCS etc. FEATURES Booster has a built-in decoupler for stage separation. Built-in docking ports can be activated in config files (as an alternative). Currently uses Liquid Fuel/Oxidizer mixture but with correct masses for the ship and booster Engine Isp and thrust are set to values given by Elon Musk in his presentation All sizes are as accurate as I could estimate Ship and booster masses are as specified by Elon Musk. Raptor engine mass is estimated based on Merlin mass Tested in KSP 1.2. Backwards compatibility for KSP 1.1.3 and some extra config files for RSS are available on GITHUB Landing legs are missing landing leg module. They are still animated and act as landing legs, and are by default activated by Gears action group. They cannot overstress. CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT Internals IRSU module RSS/RO configuration for proper fuel usage - partly done Configuration for stock KSP that is not game-breaking Split body flaps for the ship VIDEOS! A quick video I made how to assemble the ship: Kottabos review: DOWNLOADS: SPACEDOCK CURSE GITHUB - Backwards compatibility and extra configs are available here. DEVELOPMENT THREAD is where all the important updates and future features, as well as current issues (there are some) are discussed. I hope you will enjoy this mod! It took me a long time to (sort of) finish and I wasn't even sure if I could do it. Because of that, I'm even more excited to share it with you! A big THANK YOU to Marcus House for the support and testing, as well as config adjustments!
  3. are there good base mods other than mks hope to colonize every body
  4. Welcome! This is the tale of a Mun base, an Eve mission, and the politics that link them. There are twists, deals, and weird kerbal things to come, (Old Intro paragraph): For now, I have just a little teaser/intro for you, so let's get started! * * * Chapter One: That's a No Go KSC. (This will be how I set the location for each bit of story. Maybe not all the time.) Gene Kerman stood by the window, watching as the Mission Control building dangled in mid air. Any other day, he'd down there supervising the renovations, but today he was expecting an important call. Building relocations proceeded without him. The call would be any minute now.... *brbring bbrbrring* He picked up the phone: Kerbal on phone: "May I please speak to mission planner Gene Kerman?" Gene (answering): "Hello Dad. What was the ruling? Are the United Nations of Kerbin willing to let the mission proceed?" Gene's Dad: "Unfortunately, I have bad news. Not enough of the other members were convinced sending someone to Eve was at all a good idea. I did my best. A ruling was made that no one shall leave Kerbin for a landing on Eve. The dangers at the surface were ruled too great." Gene let out an audible sigh. Sending someone to Eve on a long term exploration mission had long been a dream of his. Yet going against a direct ruling of the UN could have some messy legal consequences... Gene's Dad: "Son, I'm going to say that once again, so listen carefully: No one shall leave Kerbin for a landing on Eve." ... "So how's that Mun Base coming along?" * * * Chapter archive thingie! (Archives are the best chives.) Chapter One: That's a No Go Part 1(You're looking at it.) Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Chapter Two: Cloudy, with a chance of boiling to death! and Operation Craters. Part1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Chapter Three: Storm - The rise of the Mun The story so far: If you just wish to get onto the story, I'm putting less essential mission moments in spoiler tags. Please note you may miss out some details if you skip those though.
  5. So i started a new KSP-save and want to focus on colonisation and base-building like many here as it seems. I want a sustainable Base which can construct Rockets completly by its own (without those DIY container being sent from Kerbin). Pretty much like the old "extralanetary launchpad". With the mods i have i thought this should be possible. I researched "advanced construction" which is supposed to give me stuff like a extractor, kerbal-habbitation-support and ore/metal/rocketpart-tanks etc. All the parts from the "advanced construction" research regarding the Mods arent showing up when i want to construct a lander/rocket with them on Kerbin. This makes the start of the base pretty much impossible. Maybe you have some ideas how to fix it or what i have wrong... or maybe a mods-pack to be able to do what i want? So the Mods i have installed are: ModuleManager CommunityCat.Kit CommunityRes.Pack AT_Utils USITools Firespitter GroundConstruction KAS / KIS NearFuture Solar/Electrical Edit: +UmbraSpaceIndustries +DynamicBatteryStorage
  6. So, i love kerbal, its my most played game in the last year by miles! and a while back i was launching a rocket and was destroyed while getting to orbit be some debri, i have only launched 8 or 9 ships, so the odds of being smacked by a jettisoned stage was astronomical (pun just a happy accident). just foward a few weeks later, a fresh install, new mods, and AGAIN orbital rocket violation of my spacecraft.... Now i barely believe this happened, and i saw it! So as is the modern rule, if its not on tape it never happened... Bandicam gets bought and installed (if its good enough for Scott Manly) and i start recording, then i get an idea for a series, and thats where this starts.... Now i start at episode 5 because thats where i actually bought a headset instead of using the built in laptop mic. So enjoy! Im not great at anything but i do have a laugh with this.
  7. Currently in my sandbox playthrough I'm colonising Laythe. I use extra-planetary launchpads and a plethora of other mods. At what point do you think I should allow myself to spawn in a kerbal konstructs launch site? I was origionally thinking after I surpass 200 on-world residents. But I figure I need more requirements as that seems a little too easy. I need more input. Like, maybe how many drilling facilities should be required? Or how many trucks/transport vehicles should I have?
  8. Hey folks, As per Nibb31's request, I've started a new thread for discussing Martian colonisation, agriculture, living-off-the-land etc. A couple of observations to start. Perchlorates aren't neccesarily bad and could be quite useful provided they can be extracted and processed safely. Perchlorate candles, for example, are a well known emergency oxygen supply. Plus you get sodium chloride as a reaction product, so you get some lovely Martian salt to go on those Martian potatoes. Also Martian regolith wouldn't make a bad starter for making soil. It'll need a load of water and organic material for sure but it's got plenty of vital minerals.
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