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Your craft nomenclature?

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Nothing fancy. My current "stable" of regularly used ships has Tourbitor 2 Guided (a Mk1 Crew Cabin, OCTO, heat shield, and enough 'chutes to land, with a lifter capable of 100km orbit), Tourbitor 4 Hitch (a single hitchhiker, heatshield, OCTO, chutes, and lifter package for 100km orbit), Tourbitor 8 (2 Hitchhikers, etc). I also have an "IntraKerbinSattCore" a basic unmanned satellite core package with about a total 7k dV that I can strap whatever the contract needs, and then rename it to "[Contractor][OrbitType][SciPackage]", no spaces, camelcase. 

When I name a specialty ship (landing somewhere, or heading outside Kerbin SOI), it invariably gets some name that is exactly what it does. MunMannedLander. MinmusSciStation. DunaOrbiter[Relay or Sci package loaded]. That kind of thing.

If I have a major revision to a make, like going from OX-STAT panels to OX-4L or SP-L, or going from OCTO to HECS, it gets a Mk(x), with the original having an inherent MkI. Minor changes, I don't bother with altering the name.

It can get ugly at times, but it (usually) works for me.

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I'm very inconsistent on this one. E.g. I have the Peter The Rocket rocket family, which has 3 members by now: 


Peter The Rocket

Peter The Advanced Rocket

Peter 3


Do you see a problem with that?

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I don't have real rules for the name of my ships.

But I have a a little rule for my present career for bases and space station, I name them after science fiction artists I like.

For example my base on Mun is Moebius base, the base on Minmus is the HR Giger, my space station is the Manchu. My future mobile base on Duna will be the Chris Foss.

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I use the launch vehicle, a vertical bar, (|) and then the payload.  I name the rocket based on what real world rocket it most resembles, followed by the number of engines, followed by 5b(5 boosters) or 5l(5 liquid rocket boosters) or 5a(5 asparagus liquid boosters)

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I'm not horribly consistent for most things.  I usually use a prefix for the range (LKO, HKO, Local, IP), then the purpose.  Crew Shuttles get a notation x[X] for crew capacity (x8, for example), and if there are DERP pods attached to the outside, A "Rescue x[X]".  Then there's Probe, Lander, CommSat, Lander or CommSat which can get suffixed by "x[X] Bus" if it's carrying more than one lander/commsat.

Stations/motherships and craft assigned to them don't follow these conventions.  Stationary stations tend to get named after SF Authors, first mobile station gets named Wanderer, and I have yet to have a second.   Tourism Plus Hotels/Casinos get named "Hotel $$$" or "Casino $$$".

Craft that exist solely to fulfill a contract are named "Contract Work [X]" starting at 1 and going up.

When launching craft, I'll usually replace the range designation with the destination, so "Mun Crew Shuttle" for example.

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I use general USA/DoD aircraft designations (A for attack, B for bomber, and so on) but I always call my fighters "Fighter Mk X." My ships have a loose hull designation. "Battleships" are ships that are mainly gun-based, with no missiles. "Cruisers" are ships that carry long-range over-the-horizon missiles, and "destroyers" are pretty much everything else. Most of them are visual-range/close-range missile-based.

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I'm a bit cliche and use vessel classes with names from Norse mythology, and add a number to show the generation and one or more letters to show it's purpose or special features. N for nuclear engines (except for Freya and Sleipnir class), C for crew transport ships, L for logistics, S if it's equipped with science equipment, and H (as in Heavy) if it's an extra large variant of the ship class.

Freya: Extra large interplanetary ships with one or more hangar bays and more exotic propulsion systems.

Sleipnir: This is the second biggest class of ships used for interplanetary journeys, they always have nuclear powered engines.

Hugin: Smaller short range crafts used either for trips within Kerbin SOI or as a landing craft for Sleipnir or Freya class ships.

Munin: This class consists of wheeled rovers or small hovercrafts used for shorter surface trips or biome hopping.

Gullfax: Basically space trucks, used for mining or hauling resources, crew or equipment on the surface.

Heimdall: This class consists of small to medium sized ships used for orbital logistics, such as moving crew, fuel or equipment to and from ships in orbit.

Fenrir: SSTO's/spaceplanes.

Kvasir: Probes and comm. relays.

Valhalla: Large space stations, usually with one or more fuel depots.

Yggdrasil: Space stations dedicated to science.

Thor: This class consists of experimental super heavy boosters.

Sometimes I think I put too much thought into things in this game, but hey, that's half the fun, right?


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I typically just do <craft purpose> Mk<model number>, so Orbiter Mk1 or Crew Ferry Mk1.  I've been trying to branch out a little, so my Kerbin orbital station is Kyson Station (named after Neil deGrasse Tyson) and my upcoming Moho mission is using Egyptian mythology, so the orbital station is Osiris Station and the lander is the Horus Mk1.

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Well, not whole spacecraft, but I started extensively using subassemblies for building and using the same launch vehicles in my 3,2x resized GPP carreer. And since I'm not the most imaginative guy when it comes to names, I started using the names of creatures from Heroes of might and magic III - anyone remembers tha one? :)

For 1.25+m LVs - the Necropolis creatures (Wight, Wright, Wampire, Lich...)

For 2,5+m LVs - the Rampart creatures (Centaur, Paegas, Elf...)

More probably coming later in the carreer, time will tell.....

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I love using "ContractBuild" for stuff that has to be tested in an escape trajectory from Kerbin. I build them in a funny way so I can laugh when I switch to them to find out what exactly I was paid to do.

I also stick a big antenna on most. The companies pay for my relays!

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