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Ultimate Steve

Imgur issues on Edge

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Note, this only seems to effect Microsoft Edge, I guess I'll have to switch to Chrome for writing now.

So... when I write mission report chapters I usually do them on the forum itself, which involves going to an album on imgur, right clicking an image, pressing copy, and ctrl-v ing it into the forum.

Except it's not working right now. I've copied an image, and it should show up here:



It just says "pasted as rich text, place as plain text instead?" and doesn't show up. There is a faint grey outline clipping into everything else on which I cannot select


EDIT: What the what? After I post it it shows up, but not while posting. Hmm. Still an issue, and it's too small.


I can copy the link, and it will show up like this:


BUT it's width limited, I cannot make it any wider, and on my monitor it's only half to 2/3 the width of the screen, so it makes it weird trying to read my own stories when the text goes beyond the image.

I found a way to make them bigger by going into google drawings and repasting the picture here, and I can make them big, but on small monitors they distort because the height and width are no longer linked.


So is there anything doable about this problem?


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How are you resizing the pictures?  Are you just dragging the little boxes on the edge?

You should be able to edit the pictures' properties by either double clicking the image, or holding ctrl and right clicking on the image.  This lets you set a w/h pixel value as well as decide whether it forces aspect ratio or not.


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