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After seeing how the ISS was built and is now maintained, I really think a robotic arm would be a great addition to KSP. Robotic arms were very well used in the shuttle missions and could be good for servicing missions, space station construction, EVAs, debris cleanup, berthing, etc. Right now, if you want to build a complex space station you have to either equip every module with RCS (which dramatically increases part count) or use an RCS tug which can be incredibly tedious and annoying.

My suggestion would be just add a single long part with articulations and a grapple end on one side similar to how the claw currently works. I think a part like this could open up many more interesting station designs and make space-station and base construction easier for new players. I could also see this as a good DLC part for addition to a space-station or modern parts DLC.

I've looked at robotic arm mods that do this but they are all either outdated or incredibly glitchy. The Canadarm2 mod has very unreliable gripping and isn't compatible with docking craft together, and there used to be a very good robotic arm mod with the buran pack but that went extinct a while ago. 

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