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  1. I'm excited for my new radiator* when iam start ksp2 New UI excting new edgecase bugs/bugfixes new IVAs new planet surfaces landing predictions and the way the inspire us to explore/discover a whole new star system with easter eggs! *laptop
  2. It would be cool if duststorms could delete footprints or add some event in case of lifesupport mod is installed. Great work BTW
  3. Hey Zero 2 suggestions 1st the dynamite part looks a bit outdated,and i belive ucould ask for the( explosives) part in the kis video,i belive its open licenced. dont found it right now maybe IGOR now more,i will look later again. 2nd i tought yesterday on the mod the make explosions bigger on parts that filled with fuel ,than a empty tank,maybe can think about intergrate it. sry for grammatik yust wake up the music 4 ya mod:) btw ifound a mod thats like yours.
  4. a storabe part would be cool like the old one in this KIS video.(with actiongroup or staging would be funtastic) no more kessler syndrom debris, or the opposite thanks
  5. In KSP settings ,under graphics tab ,Rendering- Terrain shader quality.
  6. The Martian VR Experience https://fortune.com/2016/03/13/matt-damon-in-virtual-reality/ revese searched by Google images
  7. @Angel-125made one not so long ago, dont now if its actual working but your chance stand good,he is nomaly update hes mods regular.so here it is. https://github.com/Angel-125/KerbalActuators/releases good luck,and please let us now if it work
  8. alexustas made this prop needs RPM and MAS to work AFAIK maybe u can adapt it for your needs
  9. https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=starship&type=things&sort=relevant Thinieverse is a good place 4 models any kind, 4 free of course. or https://www.matterhackers.com/articles/print-your-ships-from-kerbal-space-program Ibought a flashforge finder(not this lite* ver) for 180 Euros(sec hand) 3 years ago and Iam still happy with it.out of a heated bed the have all i need(not laud,easy to make a closed chamber out of it,adisplay where u see the models,buildvolume 14cm x3 ,directextruder(its good for harder print materials like TPU and carbon fiber filled PLAs),easy to fix clogged nozzels,super easy software to use,removeable two sided bed one with glass an one with this blue cover dosnt know the name right now,WIFI i dont use,USB port,A.S.O, After 3 years and 1000 models only haved 7 clogged nozzels and this with special materials like aluminium PLA, and first time TPU(TPU needs slower printspeed and no retraction on FFF)on 0.4mm brazzed nozzle. link to actuall price on amzn:*https://www.amazon.com/Flashforge-Printers-Removable-Platform-Enclosed/dp/B07SNSQZBD happy printing
  10. Didnt read exactly. Iam really, sorry. BTW PS4 is quite old,found a thread 5years ago talk about mods on PS4 tip:check ya a PC with dedicated min 2gb GPU RAM KSP is so different with mods its like a different game REALLY good luck with your large electric submarine BK
  11. Is it Destroyable like the old one? iam normaly not so destructive, but would be good to now @KSPStar
  12. D.A.R.T - Double Asteroid Redirection Test
  13. in GameData u need: Kopernicus Parallax Parallax_StockTextures and of course the latest version of all paralax 1.2.3, ksp 1.11.2 p.s if its not working a fresh install to test is best
  14. What a game ,ahh simulation,ah education programm,forget it ,it make so much fun to be creative and build our skills in so much directions no name needed just WOW. big thanks
  15. and nice animation change from lasersinting to steelwelding you never fail to impress and surprise, well done
  16. did it long time ago with the battery part 3 things needed:the model ,ends with .mu,the config, ends with cfg. and the texture file, mostly a .dds or .png this three files in a folder,important in the .cfg must include the right path to the model and texture MODEL { model = GameData/Squad/Parts/Pods/1-3Pods } for the texture u must google it looks same but with TEXTURE didnt find it right now maybe later, good luck
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