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  1. And lastly for tonight, I've started in on the Mk2 warp engine parts:
  2. Last of the S-3 parts are done: With @cineboxandrew's help, I've finally matched the Restock specularity. Much appreciated, thank you! Anyway, here is Blueshift 0.3: New Parts S-3 FTL Propellant Tank* Mk3-S3 Adapter Tank S-2 Warp Coil* * Has part variants Changes - Warp coils are now rated for tonnage efficiency, much like warp engines. This allows smaller warp coils to power smaller vessels faster than light, but when used with larger vessels, it will take more of the coils to match the capabilities of larger coils. It also lets you mix and match warp co
  3. I'm hoping to have the next batch of parts done in the next week or two, but in the meantime, this is the finished S-2 Warp Coil: It has 4 different mesh configuration options- 3 are shown here. 10 of these equates to the S-3 Warp Engine's ring-shaped warp coil.
  4. @TheDog The WBI PlayMode was always designed to allow modular functionality, and let players choose their own play styles. While support CRP in addition to Classic Stock Resources became too much of a chore, I'm delighted to see someone like you take up the torch and build configs that suit your needs- and share them! You're quite right, my mods rely heavily on KIS/KAS, and presently don't support stock inventory system. I've debated how to handle that, including perhaps making something new- my art skills have improved considerably since Pathfinder was released in 2015. But I think addi
  5. Hi HebaruSan: Thanks for your diligence in solving the issue with integrating my WBI mods with CKAN. I think the changes you made will work out well and are worth the minor inconvenience. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks folks, that helped! I was able to reproduce Sky's issue. It's a result of how the game does things, but I know the workaround. Anyway, here is 0.2.1. It includes the new S-2 Warp Coil but it isn't done yet...
  7. Ok, can you go to the s3WarpEngine.cfg, find the MODULE named WBIWarpEngine, and uncomment the like that says "// debugMode = true" ? I'll need to see a screenshot of the part action window and see what the debug information is saying.
  8. Can you try using the part menu to deactivate and reactivate the warp engine? See if that helps any.
  9. That is part of my BARIS mod, it's not part of Blueshift. Don't worry, BARIS won't ship with Blueshift.
  10. Great mission report! I enjoyed reading about the first crewed landing on Laythe, and how it developed over the years. Are you planning a mission to Grannus?
  11. Happy New Year! Hopefully 2021 will be less brutal than 2020... Anyway, here is Blueshift version 0.2! This release tweaks the warp effects to be based on current velocity instead of throttle setting, and adds an auditory indicator for when you break light speed. It also cleans up the debug fields in the Part Action Window. Finally, I've added new parts: S-3 Warp Sustainer - This is designed to increase the vessel mass for efficient travel and/or help ships go faster. S-3 Warp Core - This part is a warp engine- but without the ringed warp coil. Right now it's of limi
  12. Sadly I won't have this done tonight but I got pretty far today: And the fusion reactor is also sold separately:
  13. Looks great, I like the design! Thanks for the screenshots! I'm currently only supporting github during development, but it'll be available on CKAN once finished. Thanks for the feedback and the screenshots. The current release has debug information turned on. If you go into the config file, find WBIWarpEngine, and set debugMode = false, it will clean up the menu. You can also adjust the safety distance- set minPlanetaryRadius to something other than 3.0 and you'll be good to go. Meanwhile, I've been working on the next update. This go around, I've got the warp effects co
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