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  1. Trying to get a release out this week, time permitting.
  2. Yup! It will be tethered to the ground like the stock ground anchor. Heh. Make a seed ship that warps around, drops off a gate, and moves onto the next world. Better yet, install Extraplanetary Launchpads and build a gate on the spot. And what happens if it falls over after being dropped?
  3. The platform is modeled but not textured. Two of these gates fit in the smallest mk3 cargo bay...
  4. Sorry, I should clarify by saying copy the wbiAstriaPorta.cfg file, giving name = wbiAstriaPorta a new name, and then editing the WBIGateAssembler as noted above. That will make your copied gate show up in the editor as a complete ring. Be sure to give it a new title and description.
  5. Hm, you could clone the Astria Porta, edit WBIGateAssembler, and set enabledMeshCount = 9 to complete the ring. Then you'd have a fully assembled ring to construct your stations with.
  6. I haven't run into those issues. What I do is this: // If the destination is in space then rendezvous with its orbit. Otherwise, land next to it. // We can use size here because, while inaccurate, it is overestimated, and we just want to get in the vicinity vesselToTeleport.UpdateVesselSize(); Vector3 size = vesselToTeleport.vesselSize; if (BlueshiftScenario.shared.IsInSpace(destinationVessel)) { Vector3 position = destinationVessel.transform.up.normalized * (rendezvousDistance + size.y); FlightGlobals.fetch.SetShipOrbitRendezvous(destinationVessel, position, Vector3d.zero); } // Land the vessel next to the jumpgate. else if (BlueshiftScenario.shared.IsLandedOrSplashed(destinationVessel)) { // Get destination's location. double inclination = destinationVessel.srfRelRotation.Pitch(); double heading = destinationVessel.srfRelRotation.Yaw(); Vector3d worldPos = destinationVessel.GetWorldPos3D(); // Now, calculate how far to offset the teleporting vessel relative to the destination Transform refTransform = destinationVessel.ReferenceTransform; double distance = Math.Round(Mathf.Max(size.x, size.y, size.z), 2) / 2 + 5.0; Vector3 translateVector = refTransform.up * (float)distance; Vector3d offsetPosition = worldPos + translateVector; // Get the offset latitude and longitute Vector2d latLong = destinationVessel.mainBody.GetLatitudeAndLongitude(offsetPosition); double latitude = latLong.x; double longitude = latLong.y; // Off we go FlightGlobals.fetch.SetVesselPosition(destinationVessel.mainBody.flightGlobalsIndex, latitude, longitude, distance, inclination, heading, true, true); FloatingOrigin.ResetTerrainShaderOffset(); } My code is all GPLV3, so take what you need.
  7. Thanks! Regarding the chevron material, since the chevrons are individual meshes, then you can definitely set their material's emissive. Are you going to make a DHD too? I could see individual buttons light up as you press them, and it sends the coordinates to the gate. You can monitor mouse clicks on the button's collider (in Unity, set isTrigger to true), so the DHD will know what button is pressed. Something like this to watch the click event, and then this to set up the button. Imagine that the stargate "vessel" has the gate part, a platform part, and a DHD. If the gate and DHD pair up, you could generate a random gate address and, to be nice, let the DHD list all the gate addresses. Then the player would just need to tap in the address...
  8. @Grimmas @Rakete much appreciated, thank you! This weekend I will grab that and incorporate it into Blueshift. I also need to finish up the miniature jumpgate texturing and make a platform for it. I will also make sure the destructive effects toggle is always available. The gate automatically shuts down after you travel through it. As for what happens on the other side, better wear a helmet, you are likely to go poof if you port into a vacuum. The gate doesn’t store Graviolium, hence the tanks mounted to the side. It is up to the player to find a refueling system- KAS pipes, docking ports on the vessel, and the stock grabbers come to mind. The cone-like bow wave warp effect moves as best it can to the front of the vessel. It isn’t perfect so it will need experimentation. @SkyFall2489 Done! Without Kerbal Flying Saucers it is just a decorative piece.
  9. @Blaarkies If you manually control when the chevrons move instead of using the stock animation part module, have you considered controlling the emissive texture on the chevron’s model as well? Something like: Transform target = this.part.FindModelTransform(textureTransformName); rendererMaterial = target.GetComponent<Renderer>(); rendererMaterial.material.SetColor("_EmissiveColor", new Color(1, 1, 1, 1)); I hope that helps.
  10. I hadn’t seen that until you mentioned it. It looks great and I like the sound effects. The mini jumpgate is something that I have wanted for Blueshift for about a year now, after I made its much larger cousin: At the time, I only had it working for in orbit to orbit transport, but last night I got ground transportation working too The plugin can do both ground and orbit transport or a combination of the two. The miniature jumpgate won’t connect with the larger jumpgate space anomaly/kerbal-made gate. It technically could, but I put it on a different gate network. It also has limited jump range compared to the larger gates and a maximum mass limit. On the plus side, it is easily transported- put a few on a warp ship and seed your galaxy with them.
  11. I got this working at last! This is for my Blueshift: Kerbal FTL mod. Kerbal Stargate Program
  12. ... And though it's still a work in progress, there's this: Kerbal Stargate Program
  13. The jumpgate travel is one way, meaning that you activate the gate on your end, jump through, and the remote gate is deactivated when you arrive. To go back, you just need to activate the local gate. The control segment of a jumpgate is a probe core, though depending upon the distance to the homeworld and your game settings, it might not have a connection. But I set up the jumpgates so they can be controlled by the active vessel-and that includes a kerbal on EVA. Meanwhile, I've finished the new warp tech parts and have a bug fix for the trigger-collider issue on the jumpgate control segment. I've also uncovered an issue with SpaceDust where it can't load the config of a part that has ModuleSpaceDustHarvester patched into the part via ModuleManager. I have a fix for that and should have a pull request for @Nertea later today.
  14. KFS 0.6.14 fixes that issue: - SpaceDust fine tuning - Fixed missing texture options on the AVR0 "Coanda" Hover Jet. - Fixed missing sample craft
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