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  1. More experienced kerbals will run the resource converters faster, just like stock ISRU. But running faster also means consuming more resources.
  2. Your mileage may vary depending upon the skill of the kerbals aboard.
  3. Snacks grinder in the MPL uses 30 ec/sec. The recycler uses 3 ec/sec per kerbal.
  4. The problem is that there's no flow mode defined on some of the configurations. I've fixed that up and patched the plugin to default to STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW if the flow mode is undefined. Anyway, 1.22.2 fixes the issue.
  5. @Tw1 The lightning is a custom texture that I created and produced in game with the KSP particle emitter.
  6. Finally got the alien but made by kerbals look that I want:
  7. I made a lot of progress on the metallic look of my mothership: Finally it's looking like a 1960s flying saucer.
  8. It is possible that you have infinite electricity turned on.
  9. Thanks, I will take anlook later this week when I get more time.
  10. If you turn on resource recycling, you'll get a Soil waste product resource. You can also define your own resources if desired... Just check out the Snacks wiki from the github repo. You can also cause kerbals to faint from a lack of Snacks. Out of the box, Snacks is pretty simple but you can make it quite sophisticated if desired.
  11. I finished the paneling on my Excalibur mothership. Then I did some flight testing: With the panel lines drawn, I can start coloring in the saucer. That'll give me the baseline from which to make all the hull pieces.
  12. Thanks! For the Bison parts, just keep the Gondola folder and the plugins of course..