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  1. And got the cameras working: The cockpit is essentially done. Time to make a couple more parts and fix some bugs!
  2. Woot! I'll have to figure out the shaders later.. I'd like to have night vision cameras for when it gets dark..
  3. Actually, I have that covered: It has some bugs but it does work.The @Kuzzter Industries K2 "Kray Kray" supercomputer has to be run next to a crashed flying saucer. It gives science like any other experiment in the game. It also has a small chance to unlock experimental versions of saucer parts before you unlock the node. It works like the stock game's part testing contracts, where you have to test something like a rocket engine or lab or something, but you haven't unlocked the node that the part is in yet. With enough effort you might unlock the 4 nodes before you get through the tech tree... Trivia: In the lore of my mods, Kuzzter Industries is an electronics powerhouse. They make everything from the kPad (there is a part in game called the kPad if you have KIS installed) to DSEV's Kuzzter Industries' Three Thousand, Emergency Multipurpose Hologram, Mobile Emitter, to the flatscreen monitors. The company is named in after one of my favorite KSP fan fiction authors.
  4. Last image for tonight: Thanks for the suggestion @MOARdV! Tomorrow I'll tackle the side-view cameras.
  5. Groom Lake Parking pass... love it! Thanks for the info on the camera.
  6. Not just kerbals, humans too. I've made wiki pages and KSPedia pages for my mods but people don't read them and then come complain that they can't figure things out.
  7. Awesome, looking forward to using that. Also, do you have any examples of a MASCamera configuration? How should a camera transform be oriented? Which axis does the lens use? Thanks again, the cockpit is nearly done.
  8. Angel-125

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Team Jeb (Bill, Bob, and Jeb) and Team Valentina (Val, Bobus, and Payin) launched into orbit with their new Estonian Duna lander- you might recognize it as a kerbalized Mars Excursion Module. After docking with DSEV-2 Protector, the crew moved in, activated one of the S.A.F.E.R nuclear reactors, turned on the recyclers, began basic research experiments, and activated the greenhouses. They are currently waiting for the Duna transfer window to open. The Estonian's transfer stage has some extra Snacks aboard, so it won't be jettisoned and de-orbited until a few hours before initiating the Trans Dunar Injection burn.
  9. Let there be instrument lights! Thanks to @MOARdV and @G'th, the instruments are up and running. MAS = awesome. If MAS gets a HUD, even more so. While I do like the MFDs, they are temporary until I can make the SpaceX-styled touchscreens for a more Star Trek-ish look. My goal is to have onscreen buttons for things like action groups. @MOARdV put a lot of work into MAS, and the lua scripting really opens up a lot of doors. So, once I add a few more props and beat my head on the desk trying to get the side-view cameras to work (I have to RTFM for that), the cockpit will be done. You'll need ASET Props, ASET Avionics, RPM, and MAS to make it all work. Once the cockpit is done, I have a couple of parts to make and some bugs to stomp, but I'm back on track for an alpha release by end of next week.
  10. @MOARdV @G'th Screens, glorious screens! Thanks guys, they're working!
  11. Ok, I fixed the RPM errors thanks to @G'th: Unfortunately the MAS_ASET_MFD2 monitors are still dead. Full logs here. I'm sure I'm missing something, I'm just not sure what.
  12. Last images of the night: Oh the irony...
  13. How do you get pages to display in the MFD? I am using the MAS_ASET_MFD2, but it doesn't appear to show anything. Here's a copy of my logs: And the config I'm using for my cockpit: Clearly I'm missing something but I'm not sure what. I'm using MAS 0.14.0. Any ideas? Thanks!