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  1. Thank you, that helps. I'll go digging and see what I find.
  2. I remember the cross-over event between the two, it was loads of fun. I still have the screens that I made for Kuzzter's comics, and Kuzzter Instruments is a powerhouse in my mods that makes a bunch of computer gear...
  3. @ColdJ This is the back of my test sub: Those motors are from my Buffalo mod, but I plan to add a similar set of underwater engines after the first pre-release of SunkWorks.
  4. My small research sub doesn't compare: But I'm hoping in the next week or two to have a pre-release alpha for these parts: They work, but currently the sub is a bit difficult to control and I need to revise the control systems...
  5. I don't use TweakScale, nor do I have time to learn it. But if you create a patch and would like to share it then I can post a link to your patch.
  6. If you have pressure effects turned on, then the max depth you can attain is 400m with helmet on, and 50m without helmet. Most parts default to a max depth of 400m. That's on Kerbin though; the max pressure is 4000 kPA, so depth will vary depending upon what planet you're on.
  7. Thanks! Yup, I created all the Wild Blue mods. SunkWorks and Sandcastle are my latest projects.
  8. I have another part to make, but here's a teaser: @ColdJ You'll be able to sink to the bottom (kerbals poof after 400m) and walk on the ocean floor.
  9. Oh yes, definitely. Perhaps later this week, time permitting. I already have most of the plugin done (I wrote a submarine plugin into WildBlueTools a few years ago, but it needs to be adapted to kerbals).
  10. @ColdJ Working underwater is something I want to do as well, and have created SCUBA gear for.
  11. I made a wearable cargo part, and a plugin to handle positioning the 3D models: Next up is the plugin to control buoyancy and diving...
  12. They do, but the KOTS Review Board took the safer route by sticking with known technologies like Drax and Phoenix Aerospace. They're essentially commercialized versions of technology developed by the space agency while the Mk-33 is all new. But like Scott said, it isn't over yet...
  13. The Wild Blue Tools plugin has a dive computer for controlling a part’s buoyancy as its ballast resource is filled. Buffalo has ballast parts too but you would need to cull what you don’t want.
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