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  1. Angel-125

    [1.4.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    More progress on the Buffalo Bulldozer: Also, it looks like I ran into the issue with converters not showing up for templates. I'll be looking at that issue this week as well...
  2. Yes it's in the Settings window. Check the KSPedia for details.
  3. Angel-125

    [1.4.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    You need to use the IronWorks. It's one of the Hacienda templates. Step one of making the bulldozer work: done! Thanks for making an easy to use API, @Ger_space! That's obviously not a regolith mound, it's one of the platform prototype statics that I made awhile ago. But my KerbalKonstructs bridge is now working, which means I can flesh out the rest of the part module this week.
  4. Angel-125

    Forgotten Space Program

    Courtesy of Wild Blue Industries, makers of such things as lit docking ports, flying saucers, and subnautical rocket sharks. We hope the new Copper doesn't get "borrowed" by some unauthorized space crew...
  5. Go to the 000WildBlueTools/Templates folder and delete ClassicStock.cfg. Be sure that you're in CRP play mode before doing that. Meanwhile, after a lot of prototyping, it's clear to me that making SeaQuest as a lego-like parts mod isn't going to work. So I did some more research and have come up with something more workable:
  6. Angel-125

    [1.4.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Now that I've got the latest round of bug fixes done, this week I'll be revisiting Pathfinder's Project Sandcastle once more. It's a very slow but ongoing project... Anyway, you might have noticed the Buffalo Bulldozer part hanging out in the last few updates. It looks like this: It hasn't done anything other than animate, but thanks to @Ger_space's latest update to Kerbal Konstructs, I now have the ability add functionality to that bulldozer part! If you're tired of building on a hillside like I am (and watching bases explode even on flat terrain), then the Buffalo Bulldozer is for you! Send a bulldozer ahead to prepare scrape and shape the local regolith into a regolith mound, and you'll have a nice flat surface upon which to build your next base. It takes time to make the platform, so patience is a virtue. But engineers can help shorten that time. Once enough time has passed, you'll use Kerbal Konstructs' new static placement window to place the new regolith mound. Once I have the Pathfinder side of the equation done, it will be one of the cornerstones of the new Sandcastle 3D printer part. It will be able to make konkrete platforms like this one: It will require konkrete but you can build it quicker (if you have a ready supply of konkrete...) And thanks to Extraplanetary Launchpads, the 3D printer will also let you build bases without the need for kerbals on site! It will take a lot longer, but you won't have to have as many resources to haul around. NASA has a 3D printed habitat challenge doing something similar (LavaHive is my favorite), and I've wanted something similar for KSP for awhile now. There's a lot in the way between where Pathfinder is now and where I want it to be, but the Kerbal Konstructs- powered bulldozer is the first step.
  7. Angel-125

    [1.4.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Heisenberg 2.12.7 is now available: - Bug fixes for experiments and OmniConverters
  8. Buffalo 2.6.1 is now available: - Reshaped and resized the WB-24 "EbbTide" radial aquatic engine. - The WB-24 "EbbTide" and WB-25 "NeapTide" aquatic engines now have thrust reversers. - The Guppy cab's dive computer now provides improvements to structural integrity, enabling your boats to dive up to 600 meters below the surface of Kerbin's oceans. Diving depth varies with planet.
  9. And here is DSEV 3.1.7: - Bug fixes for experiments.
  10. KFS 0.3.3 is now available: - Added experiment lab to MPL and experiment container to the Science Box. - Bug fixes for experiments.
  11. Angel-125

    [1.4.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    MOLE 1.15.7 is now available: - Bug fixes for science experiments
  12. Angel-125

    [1.4.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    @Duhya Are you using Pristine play mode? Pathfinder 1.26.7 is now available: - Buffalo update - Bug fixes for OmniConverters and experiments
  13. Angel-125

    Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    I got a notification that there was a new post, welcome back! Sad to see that the series is coming to an end, it's been fun watching what you come up with. If you end up making a new series, I look forward to seeing what you create.
  14. Yes it’s in the settings window. Check the KSPedia if you need help with settings
  15. Aquatic engines now have thrust reverse: The missing ResearchKits is fixed in the next update.