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Strategic Bomber Procurement (Reboot!)

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42 minutes ago, Kernel Kraken said:

To be 100 percent perfectly honest, I am much too lazy to keep up with a challenge. I probably won't do much with it in the future, unless someone else wants to do it. Then the only thing will be entering it. Sorry, y'all.


Well, never let it be said that you aren't honest.

No worries, I find a lot of these challenges slowly turn into "like minded craft sharing" threads eventually (If they go on long enough.) At this point, I don't think anyone actually cares about the leader board. You should be proud it's got this many responses!

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Introducing the Skyspear Short Takeoff, Vertical* Landing, Orbital Bombardment Craft. Do not attempt vertical landing while fully laden; maintain forward airspeed. https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Sky-Spear-1




2emHskN.png (44 minutes around the world and back in time for dinner!)

Math Is Not Fun: +100pts for not making me do the math.

More BOOM: +14pts per every ton of payload stored internally, +6pts per ton stored externally. 15 tons of external payload plus 3.5 tons of internal payload, more or less. 49 + 90 payload points = 139. (239)

One hundred convincing arguments: +20pts extra for carrying at least 100 bombs (this time, the x6 required bombs are included in the count). Can't do this while configured for SSTO.

Swift payback: +2 pts per m/s top speed at an altitude of 3 km (for instance, if aforementioned KB-68 Vanquisher top speed at 3 km is 200 m/s, total points for this: 400 pts). The speed test is to be performed with the full payload and fuel, so perform it as soon after takeoff as possible. Giving myself 2000 points here, more speed is possible but tends to destroy the craft. 2339 current.

Engine maintenance: -1pts per Juno, -2pts per Wheasley, -3pts per Panther/Goliath, -4pts per Whiplash, -10pts per RAPIER engine. Rockets carry no penalty but, remember, they may not be used for takeoff and certainly are a bad idea. 4 Juno (-4), 2 Wheasly (-4), six Whiplash (-24), four Rapiers (-40). -72 total, 2267 current.

Nuclear maintenance: -20pts per LV-N (nuclear) rocket engine (relevant for some of the challenges listed below) N/A

Part maintenance: -0.02pts per part (bombs included) (calculate at end of construction for simplicity, example bomber has 400 parts which thus equals -8pts). Roughly 200 parts, -4, 2263 current.

Airshow maneuverability: +10pts if the Bomber can execute a horizontal turn, with or without payload, with a peak force of 10Gs or more at an altitude between 100-300m. Might try this one later.

Gentle giant: +20pts if the Bomber with full payload, at cruising speed and an altitude of 3 km, can maintain a prograde velocity vector within 5° of its level indicator. +20, 2283 current

Flashy technology: +30pts if the Bomber has VTOL capability, with payload. -- Short takeoff, with vertical engines takeoff speed is 80 m/s.

You feeling lucky, VAB?/Dynamic Demonstration of Force: +10pts if the Bomber can successfully destroy the VAB, using a part or the entirety of its payload (but not by crashing into it). For this subchallenge only, the bomber may use another loadout than Small Holding Tanks. I recommend the side-mounted Thumpers. Note that using the Thumpers to destroy the VAB will prevent you from using them to enter orbit on that run. 2293.

Where Eagles Dare: +30pts if the Bomber can land on top of the VAB. Do not attempt under full load. 2323.

Career switch: +20pts if the Bomber can be used to launch a simple one-Kerbal crewed SSTO from underneath one or both of its wings (akin to the use of the B-52 for the X-15), no payload except the SSTO(s) is necessary. +40pts If the SSTO is in an internal cargo hold. Can deploy manned orbital death laser -- I mean research satellite -- in place of bomb load. 2343

Worldwide coverage +20pts if the Bomber can perform a full circumnavigation around Kerbin's equator, without refueling, full payload required (for the whole trip). The circumnavigation must be performed at an altitude of no more than 25km. I don't think so but I haven't actually tried this at 25km or less.

SPACE bomber: +20pts if the Bomber itself functions as an SSTO, with payload. Sunspear is SSTO. 2363.

That's no moon... Not anymore: +80pts if the Bomber can enter and survive the battlefield of the Space Age and deliver the minimum x6 Small Holding Tanks onto the surface of the Mun. Refueling in Kerbin orbit is allowed. The bombs must be dropped from an altitude no lower than 10km (so achieving orbit is not necessary). Bomber has all the delta V. Refueling may be required in orbit. 2443.

Service ceiling: +15pts if the Bomber can sustain level flight at an altitude of 12 km. 2458

Field refueling: +10pts if the Bomber can be refueled on the runway. Internal docking port in cargo bay allows refueling but only prior to munitions loadout. 2468

Field rearming: +20pts if the Bomber can be rearmed (only the required six bombs have to be successfully rearmable for this objective to be fulfilled) on the runway. Grapple bombs recommended for rearm. 2488

Operational ability: +5pts for completing both 'Field refueling' and 'Field rearming'. 2493

Battleduck: +20pts if the Bomber can safely land on and take off from water, with full payload - Not recommended for water takeoff or landings.

Such stealth, very sneak: +2pts if it can be argued that the shape of the aircraft resembles that of a flying wing. 2495

Inspired shape: +2pts if the Bomber has a swept wing layout, similar to that of the B-52.

Plane 'The Rock' Johnson: +30pts if it can still fly after being served a taste of its own medicine. The Sunspear's biplane layout ensures it is quite stable even after the loss of an entire pylon assembly. 2525

Total score: 2525. Not the highest score on the board but a very respectable heavy SSTO.

Takeoff instructions:

1) Ensure vertical engine bays are open.

2) Engage all engines including vertical engines. Liftoff at 80 m/s and raise gear.

3) At 120 m/s toggle vertical engines (action group 1) and close engine bay doors (action group 3).

4) Climb to 14 km and 1000 m/s and engage Thumpers for orbital insertion.

5) Engage engine wet mode (action group lights).

6) Enter orbit and await refuel. (Docking collar sold separately)

7) Go anywhere. Optionally rearm additional thumpers for external payload.


Landing instructions:

1) Use airbrakes to drop below mach 1, preferably 200 meters per second or less.

2) Open vertical engine bays and engage vertical engines.

3) Engage parachutes.

4) If fully laden, maintain forward speed while landing. Vertical speed should be no more than 10 meters per second.

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22 hours ago, Rocket In My Pocket said:


Well, never let it be said that you aren't honest.

No worries, I find a lot of these challenges slowly turn into "like minded craft sharing" threads eventually (If they go on long enough.) At this point, I don't think anyone actually cares about the leader board. You should be proud it's got this many responses!

Like an r/choosingbehhars thing: Help! I need a bomber for free and it has to have 6 bombs and whatever and junk.


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Sounds like this isn't being updated anymore, but here's my entry anyway!

I am using FAR fyi.



Medium Class (37.75 tons)

Mission Time: 00:34:20

100    Math Is Not Fun
252    More Boom
1150    Swift Payback
-6    Engine Maintenance
-1.96    Part Mainenance
20    Gentle Giant
10    You Feeling Lucky, VAB?
15    Service Ceiling
2    Such Stealth, Very Sneak

1541    TOTAL

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On 10/19/2018 at 2:14 PM, sturmhauke said:

I've found that for blowing up the KSC, a few large bombs works better than a similar mass of numerous, small bombs. High speed (e.g. missiles, or a crashing aircraft) is even better. Has something to do with how the physics is calculated I suppose.

I have no clue how it is calculated, but I was after hours of trial and error able to create a small missile that can destroy the VAB. By small I mean just under 1 ton. it is guided, and can face any direction before firing then engines (at which point it stays pointed pretty much strait), that way you can aim, fire, and forget. I was even able to fit a lot of them under the wings of a medium/small attack aircraft. The only problem is that I can't get them to work on the tiny water tanks or the admin building.

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On 12/21/2018 at 6:37 AM, Kebab Kerman said:

What if we make a plane with a smaller plane on top, with the larger one being the bomb itself, and the smaller one being the real bomber? Hmmm...


That wouldn't be awfully hard...

I'm going to start building this.

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On 12/22/2018 at 5:08 PM, Kernel Kraken said:


That wouldn't be awfully hard...

I'm going to start building this.

Ok, so now I'm picturing an ultralight on top of a B-52, with the ultralight carrying the entire weight of the plane with no effort whatsoever.

(The following is otherwise unrelated.)
Y'know that image of a cat with it's mouth open and wide eyes with expanded pupils, with the hand trying to pet it, with the caption "he begged "no more" but the holy hand ignored his plea"? The cat represents the kerbals. The hand is me. I think this perfectly represents Danny2462 as well.

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