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  1. Hey guys, surprised to see anyone posting here! I've sort of semi-abandoned my mods while I wait for KSP2, but they shouldn't need much updating to stay compatible. (Or so I assume? I haven't even tried loading them up in the latest version to be honest.) If you guys find a fix for the offset cockpit internal, I'll be happy to update the mod to include it for everyone.
  2. I'll give you the same answer I did on the Steam forums, I rotate it in the VAB before I save it! LIKE ANY SANE PERSON WOULD DO! (It's Chibbity btw lol.)
  3. Your frame of reference is based on what you're orbiting at the moment, so that's all that's changing. It just looks weird because you are viewing the orbit from two very different frames of reference when you are orbiting the Mun vs. Kerbin. Notice how everything "jumps" when you reach your encounter? That's your reference point changing.
  4. As far as I can tell, I'm the only one who mentioned 80 m/s, but it was in relation to how much impact the structural pieces you'd make your roll cage out of can survive. I don't think anyone suggested actually driving at those speeds, I certainly didn't lol. Yes though, I agree that the m/s readout is misleading to a lot of people and causes much of the frustration with rovers.
  5. Umm..you can't because that's not even remotely true. It's a game about space after all.
  6. Hmm... conversation? Answers? Good company? Friendship? Camaraderie? Ideas? Information? Suggestions? Challenges? Arguments? That's all I can think of off the top of my head lol.
  7. Could work, but once again; time warp will break it, he'll just phase through the "walls." Also, that would prolly weigh more than one ladder.
  8. He should hang on for the most part, barring any sudden jolts, or high G's. Just don't time warp, or he'll definitely let go of it. Absolutely save first.
  9. Why would you need a service bay at all though? The Kerbal takes the data back to the Command Pod, you de-orbit with nothing but the Command Pod and a Parachute.
  10. Didn't you ever play with Legos as a kid? Who cares what it's "supposed" to be, use your imagination and creativity to bend it to your will and use it as you see fit. Also, I was half joking lol.
  11. Have your Kerbal EVA, gather the data from the Science Jr (right click it when near), and take it back to the Command pod. Ditch everything but the Command pod and the parachute, you won't even need a heatshield for a standard re-entry from anywhere in Kerbin's SOI. If you're playing Career, you'll have to unlock EVA in space first though. (If you don't have that, throw a heat shield on the bottom of the Science Jr. and remove all the ablator to save weight, once again; you won't need it for a Mun or Minmus return.
  12. Horizontal, holds 4 Kerbals, stock. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/MK2_Crew_Cabin
  13. The latest and greatest, always. (Although I usually back up my older version before changing over, in case of some horrible bug lol.)
  14. Well, my approach typically is just to wrap the whole thing in 80m/s resistant structural pieces to form a roll cage. Who cares if it rolls or launches into the air if it's indestructible? Exploiting the COM of any jet engine works as mentioned above to push COM lower, even below the ground if you like. Many of my rovers include this to some degree. Another interesting concept is "pseudo hover crafts" with wheels set to zero friction. Can turn at high speeds, and navigate a lot of uneven terrain, but prone to random unpredictable accidents/explosions. One more interesting design to give you some ideas, this one was an attempt to passively mitigate harsh rolling hills and inclines.
  15. GPU and RAM mean little to KSP. (Aside from over all RAM limiting how many mods with assets you can install.) CPU, specifically single core performance is the limiting factor due to all the physics calculations. Considering that this is the opposite of how 99% of games work, it's not likely to be improved, quite the contrary; newer cpu's are going the way of more and more cores, further diluting single core performance. (Currently KSP can use multiple cores if there are multiple vessels on screen, one per. You can't split a single physics object up between cores though.) Barring some huge advance in multi-threading physics calculations on a single object (no small task mind you), it just is what it is. Why is "multi core'ing" a single physics object difficult? Well, to use a very simplified example; imagine you have one dish to wash in the sink, with one tap, one dish rag, and I give you one helper. Do you take turns scrubbing? Wasting time passing the dish back and forth? Do we break the dish in half, each wash his piece, then re-assemble them at the end? Do you hold the dish and operate the tap while he scrubs? Do any of these sound faster or neater than just washing the dish by yourself? Now imagine I give you 7 helpers! 8 people in total...how will you utilize them to wash that single dish without having them get in each others way or just complicate the process? Kind of sounds like the fastest, easiest way is still to have 1 person just wash the dish while the other 7 watch right? Now imagine that for every helper I give you, I make you all younger, thus making all of you less proficient at dish washing; who can wash a single dish faster? A lone 40 year old, or 10 4 year old's? (One powerful processor vs. several weaker ones.)
  16. Yeah, would make a nice focus for a free patch update, not quite meaty enough for a DLC, but it's a relatively easy to implement idea and most likely would be received well.
  17. Lot's of ways! Here's some examples: Inside a bay: (Be forewarned, this can be a bit awkward to unload and may cause your rover to spaz out. The rover itself will have to be very small of course.) On the back: (You will need to balance the center of mass with other parts, or bring a lot of reaction wheels to offset the torque.) Slung underneath: (This is an unmanned rover, but you get the idea.) Underneath again: (Because it's the simplest way! All you need is some longer landing legs for clearance.)
  18. Good on you for providing an answer, but I think he may have figured it out in the 3 years since he posted.
  19. Thanks! Either/or. Depends on what you have unlocked/what you can fit on the design. Stacking more of the same dish will increase the power (check the specific antenna to make sure it says "combinable"), but there are diminishing returns. (Ie. every additional dish helps less.) As a rule of thumb, it takes 4 more of the same antenna to double the power of the first. Here's some screenshots of an example; the child sats are carried by the mother sat into position first, then the mother sat moves to high polar orbit.
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