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Found 6 results

  1. This mod has been adopted by @JonnyOThan, see the new thread for the new version of this mod DE_IVAExtension v1.0.2, created by DemonEin July 25 2019 (last updated August 20 2019) Have you seen some of the amazing IVAs built by the community and wished that all the stock cockpits were that functional and good looking? DE_IVAExtension is a mod I put together to add advanced IVAs to every stock pod in the game. Features -All stock command pods have an advanced interactive IVA -All IVAs have a similar layout and (almost) identical features for ease of use -if using the mod ProbeControlRoom, there is a new mission control room in the same style as the other IVAs Dependencies ASET Props Pack v1.5.0 ModuleManager v4.0.2 ToolbarController v1.8.2 ClickThroughBlocker v0.1.7.2 For KSP 1.8.+: [1.8.x] - RasterPropMonitor (adopted) For KSP 1.7.3 and older: RasterPropMonitor v0.30.6 Supported Mods ProbeControlRoom v1.2.2.12 Special Thanks Thanks to @alexustas, creator of the amazing ASET Props Pack which this mod is based on, and of course his beautiful ALCOR capsule, from which much of the prop layout was shamelessly taken Thanks to @MOARdV, creator of RasterPropMonitor, which makes the IVAs interactive in the first place. A Word on RPM and MAS I am aware that RPM development has stopped and that MAS is the up to date method for interactive IVA. The goal of these cockpits is to be simple to use, which can be accomplished just fine with RPM. If there would be value in changing the IVAs to use MAS rather than RPM, let me know, and I will consider making the change. Additionally, if there are any problems with RPM itself when using this mod, let me know, and I'll see what I can do. Download GitHub: https://github.com/DemonEin/DE_IVAExtension/releases SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2193/DE_IVAExtension Also available on CKAN (thanks to@HebaruSan) License This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ This is the first mod I have made for KSP. Let me know what you think, and of any feedback you might have. There are some improvements that could be made, so if you have ideas for further development, definitely let me know!
  2. Rob & Simog Presents: Muun A stockalike replica of the Moon On the fithyth anniversary of mankind’s greatest endeavour, we’ll be waiting for you on Muun to celebrate the small big step of Apollo 11 mission We loved creating it, you’ll like exploring it like never before... it will be wonderful! Good speed, good play. This replace Mun so if you have vessel on his surface, before install it, dismiss them and recover crew. - Property: Radius : 347.620 m Semi Major Axis: 12.000.000 m Eccentricity : 0,05490 Inclination : 5,15° Custom Easter Eggs - Dependencies & Installation: Download and install these Mod following the respective instructions: - Kopernicus - Kerbal Konstruct - Module Manager - Community Terrain Texture Pack Then download Muun and extract from the zip archive the Muun folder and copy it into GameData folder. - Suggested Mods: - Bluedog Design Boreau - Astronomer's Visual Pack - Tundra Exploration - Real Plume - Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience DOWNLOAD (spacedock) - Special Thanks to @CobaltWolf for permission to use some models of his mod Bluedog Design Boreau. Gallery: Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  3. The new same-craft part interaction in 1.7.3 permits a while range of promising possibilities, one of which is battery-free movement using existing stock parts and combining them with a DLC "housing" that moves with the part. As an example of this, I created a narrow-band scanner "motor" that has no electricity need, and has a very considerable torque. Although I haven't tested it's full capacity yet, the design is easy to emulate, with two structural plates attached to an unmotorised servo clamping onto a scanner which has been offset into position. I'm hoping that creating this thread will provide a place for fellow travellers to join me in exploring this further and providing a place to investigate the possibility of harnessing other "electricity-free" moving parts, such as air brakes, landing legs and satellite dishes.
  4. Disclaimer: Hey devs, don't take this as criticism. I know how regular people usually are clueless about how complex things are beyond the surface of a development process... This is just for fun, peace ✌️ Hello folks! I work as a full-time UI/UX designer, and something that grinds my gears is how a super complex game as Kerbal Space Program lacks a good interaction design foundation in some parts. I'm always worried about how hard is the learning curve for newbies... To understand how basic things work. So, I decided to give a little bit of love back to the community by doing some design experiments. I hope this gets people inspired somehow. --- Experiment on a possible Tweakables Redesign 1. Analysis Ok, so this tweakable popover looks too complex for a basic part. I start by analyzing the content, trying to understand the patterns behind. I added a color-coded interpretation on how most of the content relationship, so I could compare with other screens. Using Advanced Tweakables sounds unfair, so let's get it going without it. I will miss you Autostrut. The screens stills look complex, with a loose relationship between the content. The main thing that draws my attention are: Lack of order and relationship Inconsistent readouts Different kind of controls look like the same button Parameters (input) and Resources (output) looks too similar "#" have a loose mapping to the Parameters input "Crew report" generates science, but it doesn't stand out from secondary stuff. This is a "cold" analysis that I'm doing without a proper user research process. To do it for real, the right way would be doing some usability tests and card sorting with real people. If you are short on time, the best way to start studying a user interface is by these two points of views: 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics/ Understanding mental and conceptual models in product design https://uxdesign.cc/understanding-mental-and-conceptual-models-in-product-design-7d69de3cae26 Alright, let's see what else I can collect... Comparing some basic tweakables side-by-side opened my mind that the "real" problem in the pods is how they fail to communicate the different modules bundled in a single part. Most of the smaller tweakables are pretty straightforward to understand, even with some features that feels they slipped through Advanced Tweakables and ended in the stock mode. This a non-extensive list of the inputs/outputs, so I can have a clear picture of the main UI patterns. 2. Process I decided to use the Mk1-3 Command Pod as a reference. It's fairly complex and it covers a god range input/outputs. I start from a basic wireframe (to focus on the content) and then move my way up adding more structure... In the end, I decided to not use the "collapsible category" idea because of the amount of visual noise it introduced and rollbacked some of the ideas because the original ones seem better. 3. Result This looks like the first steps of a draft for a UI library. It was way harder than I expected to give proper feedback/affordability to the buttons. The main idea is that the user can figure it out what kind of button it is before clicking it. What do you think? My favorite parts are the science indicator and divisors Source file: https://www.figma.com/file/09xWDTa5XQJy140q7sCyPX/Kerbak-–-Tweakables-Redesign?node-id=0%3A1
  5. A replica that I've been working on for over 3 years now, the title and images pretty much explain themselves. 3 years of working on this project on and off due to frustrations with the craft and a little thing called "life", it is ready to be released, and at an appropriate time, too. Since I'm sure no one wants to hear me ramble on, lets get to it. Features Historic Paint Scheme done by fuel cells (don't want to talk about it) Accurate stages (S-IC, S-II, S-IVB) Realistic Lunar Module and Command Module Action Groups AG 1. LES Jettison AG 2. Toggle CSM fuel cells AG 3. Toggle CSM high-gain antenna Flight Manual Before heading to the launchpad, ensure that there are 3 kerbals in the first three Mk1 Command Pods by checking the crew tab At launchpad, click "control from here" on the docking port of the CM (best done by aiming camera on the fairing base and zooming in, then resetting camera) Launch! The first stage will get you to a velocity of ~1,100 m/s before cutoff, so start your gravity turn at about 90 m/s and continue to turn (DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE PITCH/YAW/ROLL, or risk the Saturn V blowing up, but you shouldn't need to do that many attitude adjustments after launching After staging the first stage (don't panic if there are explosions near the engine base, just fuel cells overheating) and allowing for them to distance themselves, stage the second stage engines and go pro-grade, then stage the interstage (make sure to do this or the rocket may explode) I recommend that you enable unbreakable joints and allow part-clipping in the cheat menu, but this may be unnecessary, test at your own discretion. Press AG 1 to discard the LES Use the second stage to finish your orbit insertion (between 80km and 110km is good) and stage to the third stage Stage the S-IVB ullage motors, Use this stage for the munar injection, you should have plenty of fuel and room for error Stage fairings and look over your staging menu (do this often) and make sure that everything is in check before decoupling the CSM from the LM and S-IVB, turn around and dock just as the Apollo missions did. Decouple the LM and CSM from the S-IVB and enter munar orbit with CSM engine, press AG 2 to toggle the CSM fuel cells to "on" and AG 3 for the high-gain antenna (You must enter an orbit of <15km or the descent stage will not have enough fuel to land) Transfer 2 crew from the CM to the LM, undock, and land on the surface; pretty straightforward (click "control from here" on the LM's docking port for landing and takeoff) Munar operations: decouple the "science" package from the descent stage and use "infinite electricity" to flip the package over to expose the solar panels Takeoff from the surface: I recommend that you enable "ignore max temperature" before staging to the ascent stage engine to lower the chance of the descent stage from exploding/jellifying. Rendezvous with the CM in orbit, transfer the crew and discard the ascent stage, use the CSM engine for earth injection burn Stage the CSM at 150km from Kerbin and face retrograde, reenter Stage the docking mechanism at around 300 m/s, stage parachutes at 1,500 m Images Launch Transmunar Injection Operations Munar Operations Mission Recovery DOWNLOAD KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/MunbroKerman/Saturn-V-Apollo-11
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