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History and Parts Pack and the Free Update for KSP Enhanced Edition get a new release date!

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Hahaha I had installed the dlc and thought I was playing the updated version and suddenly it tells me that it has just been installed LOL. I and I was saying how much better it was and stuff and it had not yet been installed yet LOL, there u see people. Tricks the mind plays on one self lel

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Hey guys, if you want to talk about the release date of this update, that's great, keep on it, but for any other discussion related to the Console update, let's head over to the Discussion thread.   If we have multiple conversations going in multiple threads, it will just fracture those conversations, and confuse people.   Including me.


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Since we continued to post off topic stuff not relating to the new release date of the Console Update, and insisted on continuing to fracture the discussion about the console update, I have pruned any OT posts not relating to release date specifically, and merged them with the general discussion thread.   This is to benefit ALL users, as they now won't have to hunt all over the forums looking for info.

If you have come here looking for an ongoing discussion, it can be found over here now:


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