Pea, Onion and Pomegranate pods overhaul

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I understand that these parts copy Vostok and Voskhod pods, but outside historical recreations they are very strange to play with. There is no reason why you would use Pea instead of mk1 capsule. Its decoupler and heatshield don't give any significant advantage over small and controllable mk1. Same with Onion compared to mk2. Pomegranate is quite light for 3-seat pod, so it is useful for 3-crew landers. It's decoupler and heatshield are useless for this application though.

My idea is to include ejection mechanism for Pea, just like Vostoks had. It will make the part more historical and at the same time more useful and interesting to play with. Other pods shouldn't feature this ejection mechanism, as their historical counterparts didn't. This will make Pea somewhat unique.

Onion should probably have more distinctive mounting for airlock module. It can also have solid motors for softer touchdown, which in reality were introduced on Voskhods for the first time.

While Voskhod 1 with 3-crew was a great achievement, I don't think that it is a very interesting mission to recreate. Thats why my idea is to completely redesign Pomegranate and make it resemble Soyuz pod instead. It will add more posibilities for historical mission recreations as well as alternate history N-1 moon landings and modern missions to ISS. With some lifting surface, solid motors for touchdown and iconic look in general, it will be a great pod to use.

All in all, I can see that many people ask for changes in these pods and their properties. Now it just looks like laziness, three different parts with almost the same look and the only difference is the amount of Kerbals inside. Come on, Squad, it was a paid DLC, while we bought it to support you in the first place, we expect some visible updates in it too.

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Would be REALLY cool IMO. That pods are pretty much useless right now, and players use fairings and part clipping to make Soyuz pods. And with your idea they can keep the old-shaped round pod (Pea) for Vostoks and Soyuz orbital modules. Ejection seats could also be added to Gemini pod, because a real Gemini had ones - and it will partly fix the problem with LES tower beeing too big for all the pods exept the MK1-3. In fact, maybe ejection seats are too new of a game mechanics, so maybe Squad can left Pea just with ablator and decoupler, re-making other pods as you said. For me personally your idea sounds so great, that i think there should be at least a mod to do this (just change models and add support for Landertrons and Ejection seats mods).

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I've been researching that idea for a past couple of days. 
1. Landertron mod is less used than Comfortable Landing mod, but anyway both is just a couple kb of code, so i think own code for SRB-assisted landing could be included - to have less dependencies and remain more stockalike.


2.  Pea could be slightly revamped to have a 1.25m mount on the top, decouler part should be changed to be 0.625m, and togglable 1.25m shroud should be added to the decoupler part. It would enable a couple of things:

A. Normal parachute usage - 1.25m one would fit perfectly, returning the capsule it's original round shape for Vostok replicas. 

B. Clamp-o-tron docking port would also fit - can your MK1 pod do this™? BTW, MK1 would still be useful because of being a lot more modular. 

C. In that form and with the dumped ablator it could be used as a Soyuz orbital module with Pomegranate. 

D. And also it woud enable usage of LES both as a separate pod and as a part of a Soyuz. 


3. Onion could be changed to resemble a LK lander cabin by adding a slight bulges on both sides - one for entry hatch and one for attaching an inflatable airlock. They should not be too large so Onion could still be used as a Vostok pod. Also decoupler bit at the bottom could be made more light (sorry for that phrasing - english is, obv, not my first language). I mean, all Squad landers have a crew of two, it's just logical to dedicate a two-kerbal pod to be a lander (i personally hate that, but it's just my personal opinion). 


4. Soyuz pod probably could be resized to a 1.85m bottom and 0.625 top dimensions - to both enable usage of Making History parts for Soyuz SM, making Zond-style crafts with Clamp-O-Tron Jr. on top (coz now it's not wery useful) and to continue MH theme with Clamp-O-Tron Jr. compartible pods (new adapter to MK1-3 for it, Gemini pod, LEM pod - it should've been called "Making uses for C-o-T Jr."). Also for gameplay balance reasons maybe it shoudn't have a hatch - that would prevent MK1-3 from being useless compared to a new lightweight 3-crew pod and also create a reason for Orbital Module to exist - i mean, kerbals don't suffer from lack of space in thir pods, so 1.25m Clamp-o-Tron adapter and airlock is a good reason for OM to exist. And you'll still be able to use Soyuz pod without OM in a Zond configuration, but also without ability to EVA (early career missions and stations resupply?). 


5. Retro-rockets probably should be added to all the pods, because they are useful. Perhaps they should be activated with staging (like normal SRBs), but could also have activation settings in right mouse button menu - like being fired "X seconds before touchdown" or "at Z altitude" (after staging, of course). I think altitude activation is better, because it's simpler of a game mechanic and does not need trajectory calculations, just altitude readings. With standart SRB thrust and fuel level settings it will allow full customisation of a landing assist burn, while remaining simple and user-friendly. Also it should have a "toggle instant fire" button (the name is self-explanatory) wich hides "fire altitude" bar, or instant fire should be set automatically when "fire altitude" bar is set to max. The bar probably should have a logarhytmic scale - like first santimeter of the bar is "0.1-1m", second - "1-10m", third - "10-100m", 4th - "100m-1km" and 5th sets "instant fire". Instant fire option is for use built-in motors as separatrons for Soyuz OM or as a 2nd stage kick-motors on a Onion lander. They would probably need to have a dV of ~5-10 m/s and atmo TWR of ~1.25 on Kerbin - to alow landing assist of a pod with extensions (players are creative), but not function as LES of some veird sort. 


As i understand, it's not too hard - to slightly change models in Blender and add .cfg's. However, my skills in both modeling and cfg-wrighting are non-existent. If someone with that skills would do that - it will be a great mod. In fact, i have a couple of ideas about revmping other Making History parts to make them both useful and cool-looking - idea of a shiny metal 1.875m Atlas/Titan tanks bothers me so much, also with new "remove from symmetry" feature togglable ladders on a landing legs could be added (even through they are not MH parts). As soon as i will have my computer in reach, i will try to do something with models (some time ago, btw, i could't pull out even a fuel tank, so idk...). Maybe we should turn that into some sort of community project like ReStock and stuff? Maybe first step could be changing thread's name to something like "ReMaking history: community MH parts revamp", lol. 



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I don't know about Pea and Onion, but I think that the Pomegranate could have a variant with a green texture.

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