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  1. I believe 1.10 changed something to do with the kind of .dds textures required -most mods already used it but some didn't, hence the broken textures. I'm pretty sure whatever it is that needs to be done can be done by oneself, but I can't remember what said thing is.
  2. It should be fine, I've used it and not run into any problems.
  3. No, it's purely visual. I think adding BDA integration would be pretty nice though
  4. Kerbals tend to have their christmas dinners on the morning of Christmas Eve. After a big meal, all the leftovers are ground up and mashed together to form a kind of solid fuel. This is then put into a small rocket which is, the following evening, launched up through their houses' chimneys to send a flare into the sky, signalling to Santa Jeb where to deploy his gifts. Often, additional chemicals are added to the leftover-fuel to give the rocket's exhaust additional brightness or unique colours. In houses without chimneys they are often launched out of a window, a dangerous tradition but nevertheless one that persists. Recent legislation also had to forbid the launching of christmas flares on maritime vessels as too many emergency false alarms had been caused by misinterpretation of christmas flares as genuine distress signals.
  5. I do really like the idea of a pre-sputnik focused soviet rocket mod. Would be super cool!
  6. Yeah, it should work though you'd have to edit some configs I think as SMURFF by default rebalances all parts to fit RSS -very much a buff rather than a nerf. This should be changeable in the mod's configuration, though.
  7. As for other parts, Tantares for the russian parts, Boring Crew Services for the Starliner and presumably Tundra Exploration for Dragon 2. I think there's also quite a few Conformal Decals there, too. As for visual mods, I would suspect the usuals; EVE, Scatterer and TUFX, though I couldn't say what configs.
  8. What mod was this? Was the dead site *** malicious site we no longer use ***, by any chance?
  9. Pretty good looking, though if I remember correctly, Goddard I's engine was actually the top part of the rocket, rather than being on the bottom.
  10. Maybe a 1x1 version could be usable as an RCS thruster? Additionally, if you'd consider adding more parts to this then perhaps you try some resistojet thrusters?
  11. I believe that's from Knes, though it looks to have been Tweakscaled quite considerably as the origianl is only 1.25m.
  12. Will the oval-esque cross section of this plane be a fully fleshed-out size like some kind of Mk2 or Mk3 equivalent or is it going to just be the single part in a similar vein to the SXT plane mentioned earlier?
  13. The theoretical limit? (Not a submission, just what might be possible with enough careful flying and inclusion of rocket engines on a plane... 2 parts!)
  14. Behold! The Silly-O! A surprisingly capable airborne tomfoolery device that uses only 4 parts! http://kerbalx.com/DressianSploder/Silly-O-4-Part-Aerobatic-Aircraft| I'm yet to successfully fly to the island airfield and back without crashing, but I know it to be possible. This was the end of my attempt to do so. I made it to the airfield, and flew back, but got cocky and tried to land on the VAB helipad. This craft's achilles' heel? Its engine's very low crash tolerance. I will record another attempt of the flight soon.
  15. This was probably a joke but honestly a steam-powered prop that runs on Ore could be a really interesting engine concept! Similarly, an ore-based steam generator could be useful in some scenarios... Perhaps for another mod, steam powered traction engine wheels!
  16. Inside one of the folders, there should be a series of folders called things like 'Parts' and 'Spaces'. The folder that contains these folders is the one you need to put in GameData. I believe it's called APUS_Shuttle
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