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Found 16 results

  1. SilverWolf Aerospace is reopening its doors! After mulling it over for some time, I have decided to re-release this project. So, what is it? It is a humble collection of things I have wanted over the years. A more attractive, familiar cockpit for airliners and small freighters. Something a little more iconic when economy gives way for haste, and something completely new for exceeding the boundaries of sanity and atmosphere. I've also paid attention to the back of the plane, too, adding tail connectors I have longed for. Auxilliary power units included. Finally, I have a bad habit for mounting my wings low; so wing boxes of varying lengths with various cockpit and tail adapters have been thrown it; because an aircraft just looks better when it's streamlined. What's next, I have no idea. Download: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/silverwolf-aerospace As a friendly reminder, All Rights Reserved.
  2. I'm having a weird bug with drag being produced by parts that are stowed inside a cargo bay. The weird thing about it is how inconsistent it is. I designed my plane in the SPH, when I launch it it takes off, accelerates, goes supersonic and to orbit, no problem. If I revert to launch and try again though, this time the parts inside the cargo bay are producing excessive drag and this time my plane won't even pass the speed of sound. I had the bug once during testing, I sort of dismissed it, put a short fairing on one of the things inside the cargo bay just in case, and proceeded to send that spaceplane to another planet where it is now. Problem is, now the aero engine is freaking out again and I'm kind of stuck there moving at very low speeds. I tried quicksaving and reloading, as well as opening and closing the cargo bay, hoping to force the game to recalculate what is shielded and what's not, but it didn't work. I also noticed after some time that the engines were maxing out at their stationary thrust (they're supposed to work like jet engines) instead of going past it as I gain some speed, which probably also contributes to my relatively slow speed. I did tons of test flights with that craft where everything went fine, but now it seems to be stuck with that weird aerodynamics behavior and I obviously can't revert to SPH now. I have a modded install but I don't think that any of the mods I have installed should affect aerodynamics (I might try installing FAR and seeing if it solves the problem though). I was wondering if anyone ever had the same bug and managed to find a way to beat some sense into that stubborn physics engine
  3. Yo guys, I am looking for a wind mod which can be used with the stock atmosphere. The only mod I know of is Kerbal Wind, but that one's for FAR only (though it still works in KSP 1.7 last time I checked) and I dislike the idea of using FAR due to nowadays pretty well-modelled atmosphere. Kerbal Weather Systems is still listed for 0.90 so that one won't work. Maybe someone more competent in programming than me can have a look at this? I think it'd be a great addition to the game, one that has not been done yet (at least for the more current game versions), making the game generally more challenging, be it when flying rockets or of course aircrafts and more realistic. Cheers - KK
  4. In the first half of this year, I did a lot of reentries with a Mk1 pod and a matching service bay underneath and it always went flawlessly, with the craft properly orienting retrograde and staying there even without SAS. When I fired up the game earlier this week after several months, however, I'm suddenly finding reentry nigh impossible with this arrangement: if it orients even 10° away from perfectly retrograde due to the pilot not yet having hold-retrograde for SAS, the whole craft violently flips prograde and plows into the ground at 600 m/s. Attaching a heat shield to the bottom of the service bay not only makes the issue even worse, but the heatshield actually generates so much lift that it nearly flips the rocket after first stage separation. Turning on the center of mass indicator in the VAB shows that the center of mass refuses to budge from the pod, even with a service bay and a heatshield full of ablator underneath. This most definitely did not use to be the case a few versions ago. What happened? Did an update modify the Mk1 pod's aero characteristics? Before anyone asks, I do not have FAR or any mods that affect aero. Granted, the Mk1 pod also didn't use to start violently spinning at the beginning of EVA that makes returning nearly impossible. And since I updated to 1.4, the "edit vessel in VAB/SPH" button on both the Launch Pad and the Runway is permanently dark and unclickable.
  5. Let me just preface by thanking the modding community for all the fun I've had these last 6 years playing KSP. One thing I've wanted since the time of Lazor systems and 50/50 odds of instaKraken on symmetrical craft is one (or few) - piece wing roots. These would contain fuel (less shocking in modern fuelled wing days) and have attachment points for engines or maybe even small payload bays. By matching the part(s) to stock wings it would help both with wing extensions for larger craft and would be more efficient in stock and FAR than the draggy/heavy DIY alternative. Given the recent pivot to early/pioneering designs in space, why not parts that reflect the state of the art in aircraft during the same period? On top of that, with environmental concerns putting blended wings back in vogue, I'm sure with seamless transitions between fuselage and wings some pretty futuristic craft could be created. Exemplars/Inspiration: Engine mount wing root Inline payload wing root FAT - 455? Comet (1st ever commercial jet) HP.80 Victor (tanker variant of strategic bomber) FAT - 455? Halifax (WWII bomber) Big - S Delta? Avro Vulcan (nuclear bomber) Modular wing size? B-2 Spirit (modern stealth aircraft) Modular Wing size (Inlet only)? F9F-8 Cougar (early jet fighter) Sea Vixen (1st gen supersonic carrier fighter) Just for fun, some decidedly less historical blended/loaded wing designs
  6. I've been able to turn most of @silentvelcro's DADV-1 mod (Link to the mod here) into a RO-friendly mod, but it needs serious balancing. I did most of the conversions needed(fuel use,engines,RCS, command pod etc.) But things like tank volume and part mass is quite provvisory. Another great problem is in the aerodynamics themselves : the vehicle should be capable to land on Mars by aerodynamic (so stable pitching without too much RCS use) and propulsive means (6x RL-10 engines). Feel free to edit it if it's needed. Code here: Thank you for your help.
  7. Hi guys, After taking a lengthy absence from KSP I decided to start playing again. The last version I played was probably 1.1. Current version is 1.3.1. I've began to notice some issues with some of my aircraft, who'se aerodynamical aerodynamical effects are, well, a bit over the top. At first I thought the problems were caused by my mods, so I removed those. After that did not fix the problem I've reinstalled KSP by removing the entire folder except for my save games and screenshots. This did not fix the problem either. The one thing that removes the problem is by turning off the aero effects. After thorough testing I've noticed that this problem does not occur on every craft, which makes me believe that the aero calculations are at the root of the problem. I've linked to one of the craft that is displaying this problem, the S7 Mammoth: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/shareables/s7-mammoth-series-ssto-stock I'd like to hear if anyone else experiences such problems and how they can be solved.
  8. By now there's multiple procedural parts generation mods that allow fully custom rocket and spaceplane designs. However, I'm yet to see one that tailors towards more graceful fuselage design for aircraft. I doubt I'm the first to think of this, but I haven't yet found any topics that discuss this. The would only feature one part - a regular procedural fuel tank. Users can edit the same properties that current procedural parts mods allow, such as textures, width, length, part type (fuel, structural, battery, etc), and so on. However, the following customisation options would also be included: Cross Section Type: Each fuel tank has a cross sectional shape that can be changed. Ellipse Rectangle Chamfer Rectangle (diagonal corners) Fillet Rectangle (rounded corners) Cross Section Dimensions: Each end of a fuel tank has tweakable geometric properties. These would be unique to each end. For example, you could have a fuel tank that starts as a tall ellipse and ends as a flat ellipse, or a square with small chamfer corners growing in size as you move down the tank. Section width Section height Chamfer size Fillet radius Cross Section Smoothing: Each end of a fuel tank has optional smoothing. What this means is that you can make a tank change shape smoothly, rather than instantaneously. This would allow you to have multiple parts inline that gradually change shape so that your fuselage doesn't have any jagged lines. This imgur link describes what I'm talking about. Section Offset: Each end of a fuel tank can be offset vertically and horizontally. This would allow you to create long and smooth tail/nose pieces, much like what we see in aircraft in reality. Is there anything already like this? What do you guys think of this?
  9. The Physics Conundrum, or I hate 1.0 Aerodynamics So, I was doing the scenic route challenge, you remember, right? *FLASHBACK INITIATING* Today I rage quit. Here's a recap. Scenic view challenge attempt 2 going up *FOOTAGE MISSING* (99% of payload outside fairing, leansing at 85 degrees) Why you little [REDACTED] [REDACTED] impossible unless autostrut [REDACTED]. That's what I get for using SpaceY. Try again tomorrow with a smaller rocket.
  10. I was wondering if anybody can offer insight on aerodynamics configs on Capsule + Parachute + Heatshield combinations? I am having a lot of issue getting a capsule to orient correctly. The three parts. The re-entry vehicle is a parachute, capsule and heatshield. Without any config offsets: Capsule enters window forward, surfing on the heatshield and cooking the crew. With config offets: It is a bit more well-behaved, but there are weird lifts in directions during re-entry (you can see also the capsule is tilting for some reason). The configs: Parachute Capsule Heatshield
  11. I've always hated the way drag is shown in stock KSP. I have no idea which parts are causing the most drag, and by how much. All i get are a bunch of long red lines overlapping each other so they are impossible to distinguish from one another. Is there a mod that changes the way drag is shown in the aero forces overlay view? I'm looking for something stock compatible that's not going to actually change drag, but just show it easier. Thanks in advance!
  12. Ok, so it has been about 20 years (almost - holy cow) since I last did anything that resembled coding - I could get my Gorillaz to throw a mean banana across the city skyline - and I'm hoping there are one or two fantastic people out there who'd be able to help me get a few parts to "work", at least visually. Essentially when I tell the craft to pitch up, the ailerons show a roll to the right. Pitch down they show a roll to the left (the craft does what it's told for the most part, but it looks awful). If I tell it to do a roll to the right, the ailerons show a pitch up. If I tell it to roll left, they pitch down. Thoughts? Is this something that can be edited in a config/patch - or the part's config file itself? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
  13. Hi all! The standard wings, visually at least, have the same width at the root as they do at the tip, and at the front as they do at the back. They're boards with nice edges. The Big-S series of wings, however, has varying thicknesses and a much more dynamic profile. They taper to the wingtip, and have a thicker airfoil, several times thicker than the standard wings. I know this thickness is probably meant to model the fuel capacity and look nice with larger planes, but I'm curious if there are any other aerodynamic effects of the dimensions that distinguish them from their early-tech-tree cousins. Do Big-S wings have higher drag (like they would, intuitively, judging by their size)? Do they produce more lift at low speeds than a standard wing constructed to the same planform shape? Do they produce more lift at the wing root than at the wing tip? Heck, does it stall at the wing root first? ...or is it just a different-looking standard wing that you can fill with fuel? Those of you with more programming experience than me (i.e., x>0) would probably be able to navigate the part file or aero model to see any differences, so besides designing and flying a carefully controlled flight test experiment, I can't answer these questions as well as you guys can. Thanks!
  14. I have this spaceplane built in the previous versions, which doubles as a reasonable lander And it used to make it to orbit with plenty of dV to spare. I've just loaded it in 1.2.1 though and the rapiers can't keep up the thrust when they are breaking the sound barrier: They'll hold up to about match 1, but between match 1 and match 1.1 they will consistently keep loosing thrust, even if I level out or even descend slowly, which keeps me stuck below match 1.2. I've tried placing precoolers in front of the engines, but they don't change performance. I've replaced the front of the spaceplane with the MK2 (not inline) cockpit and while there is a thrust loss, it isn't nearly as pronounced and I can more easily break the sound barrier, so I guess the issue is related to the changes in drag. Am I right? (And it's a pity, because that's a nice position to put the docking port). I also installed Interstellar (and removed the rapiers MM patch as it caused them to overheat) but I don't think Interstellar should be the curprit
  15. Okay. I've got a shuttle-esque replica that flies... sort of. I've got a problem with it I've never encountered before: At low speeds, it flies fine and normally (tested at manual launch from runway and low-speed approach from orbit). At high speeds, however, any deviation more than about 10 or 15 degrees off vector results in it flipping. After which time, it flies perfectly happily... backwards. Attempts to slow in reverse, then bring it back to forward flight are 50/50, but I suspect it's at least partially my piloting in that. COM and COL are appropriately placed.
  16. I've been working on my Launch Escape System again. It's modeled after the one from the Apollo spacecraft. I have revised the nose-cone part to have animated canards. I created the part and animation in Blender and imported that to Unity. The animation simply rotates the two child objects around their two axes (I don't have any rigging in other words). Then I wrote a simple plugin to listen for the Abort action, and to deploy the canards (activate the animation) after 11 seconds. Everything so far is working the way I want: I abort, and 11 seconds later the canards pop out. What I am still really confused about is how to simulate the actual aerodynamics of the canards. In real life, when the canards deployed, they shifted the center of pressure of the escaping CM such that it became aft of the center of mass and thus the CM re-oriented so that it was pointed retrograde. I've tried fooling around with the drag cubes for the nosecone, vastly increasing the area and coefficient of drag of the "deployed" state of the part in the X dimension, hoping it would act like a big lollipop and catch enough of the airstream to cause the CM to flop around the Z axis, but that didn't seem to work. I've also tried dynamically adding a ModuleLiftingSurface to the part, but that didn't seem to work either. I don't ever see any lift when I turn on the aero overlays. If I had been smart enough to copy down the code I tried I would paste it here. But I wasn't that smart and now I don't remember where I copy-pasted that code from. My next guess is having some kind of control surface, which is, of course what a canard is. I just don't understand what I need to do next, or even if it is possible. Most of what I've seen in these forums is for control surfaces that respond to user input. I don't need that... I need something that either generates no lift, or else, once deployed, is locked into a specific orientation. Which to me is what a wing does. But like I say, I couldn't figure out how to make that work. Can anybody point me (and my CM...) in the right direction? Thanks!
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