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Found 9 results

  1. import turtle Dlugo_PiS = turtle.Pen() Dlugo_PiS.shape("turtle") Dlugo_PiS.forward(200) Dlugo_PiS.left(120) Dlugo_PiS.forward(200) Dlugo_PiS.left(120) Dlugo_PiS.forward(200) Dlugo_PiS.left(60) turtle.done() turtle.bye() Want to write it simpler import turtle Dlugo_PiS = turtle.Pen() Dlugo_PiS.shape("turtle") while i in range(3) Dlugo_PiS.forward(200) Dlugo_PiS.left(120) turtle.done() turtle.bye() What i need to do to make it works
  2. EDIT: I find a way to remove it from non RO section. There is 1 side question below. So I'm trying to add engine and reuse the model from RO Engine but I faced some problems. If there is a guide please link it. So it still show in non RO section it. Here is the engine part cfg file. And here is the engine file . 1 side question How to calculate the fuel needed for a given mixture ratio of the engine ?
  3. I was browsing on a coding program called Scratch. I foun that someone was trying to make Kerbal Space Program on Scratch. This meant I had joined a group of people that wanted to make KSP from scratch! Like from nothing! It’s pretty big project. The group started to recruited others and work began sometime in November of December. We expect Kerbal Space Program Scratch Edition to be completed in May 2021. However progress is slower than expected. We will try our best to keep our promise though. If you would like to see the progress or complete game go to the link below: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/27870656/comments/ (Link to All Work and Codes) All positions and jobs for actually making the game are closed. I am very sorry. However you can still help. Go to Scratch and go to the link where all the codes and work is. Ask a guy known as TwistenX to see if you can test out of game in early version. This position won’t be active as much. But you will be cited and given credit in the game. ________________________________________________ Project Director / Supervisor - @TwistenX Physics Programmers - Advanced - @NathanCorporations - @TwistenX - @HermetAnimations - @xAwesomeRyanx Artists - Intermediate - @Ganymede45 - @NathanCorporations - @Hero_Clicker - @TwistenX Basic Programmers - Intermediate - @TwistenX - @NathanCorporations - @Misguided_Ninja - @xAwesomeRyanx - @HermetAnimations - @Coding_pro_27 Music Designers - Beginner - @Ganymede45 - @NathanCorporations Sound Designers - Beginner - @NathanCorporations Testers - No Experience Needed - @legowarrior123 - @Galaxy-Animator *All of the Username names are names from Scratch. I do not know if all of them have a KSP Forums account except me. ____________________________________________________ Kerbal Space Program Scratch Edition Countdown Clock: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/459122157/
  4. Hello guys i need answers for very important thing for me and many people. I need to remove or decrease to 0 the lifting of B9 Procuderal wings. Because i want to use them us structural parts. I tried to decrease deflection lift coeff to 0 but its not worked. How to remove or decrease to 0 the lifting of B9 Pwings ?
  5. A while back I asked a question on how to make your own code in this forum. After lengthy conversations I came to the conclusion that it was not wise to bother trying. Now I pose this question as follow up. When computers were first invented how exactly did they manage to code them. I ask this because when I asked the question of making your own code I was given answers that seemed that they all required a base code to work with in the first place. Then the question is raised assuming that this is the case, how was that code formed. I'm asking fundamentally how software works and went from a circuit into something you can code with using a screen.
  6. Hey guys, I want to ask something. What kind a good coding language for making addons?
  7. I am glad to start this thread out with a project which will come to fruition in a little while. Yes, yet another planet pack. But, still such a thing is an accomplishment of dozens of hours of work, if not more. I want to share my progress so far. Here is the basic map of the planet Pick as of now I know. Looks very messy, but still for a newbie like myself, quite an accomplishment. This is supposedly a planet topography map, with black being the lowlands and white being the mountains and the higher the place, the lighter the color. I would love to have some insight into the dynamics of planet building. So far, I have had some help from @Gameslinx, thanks to him, and I believe I have the adequate programs as seen in the spoiler below. Talking about Discord, I am starting a new one for this topic. If anyone wants to jump in, thank you. Here's the link https://discord.gg/8D6JVuj, Thanks for looking into this topic. Please bring your newbie, in-progress planet packs to see how others are faring. Happy Explosions!
  8. Ok, so it has been about 20 years (almost - holy cow) since I last did anything that resembled coding - I could get my Gorillaz to throw a mean banana across the city skyline - and I'm hoping there are one or two fantastic people out there who'd be able to help me get a few parts to "work", at least visually. Essentially when I tell the craft to pitch up, the ailerons show a roll to the right. Pitch down they show a roll to the left (the craft does what it's told for the most part, but it looks awful). If I tell it to do a roll to the right, the ailerons show a pitch up. If I tell it to roll left, they pitch down. Thoughts? Is this something that can be edited in a config/patch - or the part's config file itself? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
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