Make parachutes much more fragile?

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You know how if you disable the 'deploy when safe' tweakable on your main chutes, and deploy them at 1000m/s, they rip off and give you a warning 'parachute was destroyed by aero forces' or something like that?  I want to reduce that safe deploy limit to something like 50m/s, in order to force use of drogue chutes to slow down to main deploy speed. 

This would go along with a tech tree rebalance that gives you the small drogues before the big mains, making you crash sounding rockets and transmit data before you can safely recover probes and get full science recovery, etc.  Along with revamped rocket engine tech sequence, flight first, etc.

I mucked about with some stock chute variables but despite changing quite a few things I never seemed to have an effect.  Anyone have some pointers?

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Have you looked at the API page for ModuleParachute? Quite a few public attributes not in most configs.

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