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Kerbal Edu's ssage in classroom


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Hi (hopefully) teachers
I'm writing a prescientific work on serious videogames, and I took Kerbal Edu as one of the examples. Still, it seems I'm unable to find a study or even a mention of someone using Kerbal Edu in their classrooms. It doesn't matter if it worked, but if you used Kerbal Edu in a classroom, and you can provide some proof of it, pls DM me, and I would like to ask you some questions.
thx guys.

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On 11/24/2019 at 7:40 PM, sigladiator616 said:

seems I'm unable to find a study or even a mention of someone using Kerbal Edu in their classrooms

@sigladiator616  fyi...its been pretty quite in this sub forum for quite some time so you might want to look at older posts & see if those people are recently active & reach out directly to them...

in case your search has not encountered these, below are some useful older topics in the KerbaEDU forum to give you ideas to start further searches.

In practice from a user perspective, KerbalEDU is basically a 'modded' form of KSP...giving a few extra tools over stock KSP,  consequently one can teach & use regular KSP mods with both forms...

KerbalEDU licensing (i.e. anyone can use the install one at a time via login where as normal KSP is a 'personal use' license) is generally an easier (& in the past was lower cost for bulk license packs) form of KSP for schools to use,

& TGdesk also adds some useful teaching aids to the TeacherGaming KerbalEDU version of KSP.


AnTERXon went on to create these videos & now has a great youtube channel devoted to space edu (mostly using Universe Sandbox & SpaceEngine):

Minecraft in space: why Nasa is embracing Kerbal Space Program

& whoever said 'online' is not a classroom ;-)


a few perspectives on the future of education:


a few additional thoughts:


  • "Veritasium" has one perspective (e.g. their intro site visit video) of new ways of learning that has some ideas you might find interesting (e.g. if you want to push the upset buttons of older academic styles ;-):


  • even more historic institutions (e.g. Stanford & its algorithm MOOCs) are offering online learning...though more traditional in lecture/problem set format...



One could create a KerbalEDU MOOC...lol....just look at the amazing history video series by Bob Fitch e.g. Project Alexandria...just add a "problem set" for each episode ;-):






Reddit also has some posts you may find useful as search starting points (and users you might ping if they have any recent activity):









and you might be interested in reading my other topics for ideas....

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