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  1. For anyone with access to a 3D printer who would like to print a terrain model for themselves to go along with the Perseverance Rover's arrival at Mars (whether it be a fireball, a new crater, or a smooth landing...I'm looking forward to the event)... We have made some printable models using the NASA Mars Trek ...& anyone can also pretty easily make their own custom models as well either directly in the NASA Trek or with a DEM & QGIS... (I also wrote & included a short 'story' about the Mars atmosphere: sunset & cloud colors and how that relates to space garlic bread,
  2. a moderator pointed me to this post, I see you have posted in English on the KerbalEDU forum & since English is my primary language, my response here is in English (Google did an impressive job translating your message). Both KSP & KerbalEDU have a steep learning curve. KerbalEDU as it stands today is mostly now a licensing matter since it allows any person to use a copy. TeacherGaming seems to have kept KerbalEDU at version 1.4.5 since it was the last version to support both x64 & x32 operating systems which was easier for schools with older computers. I also own both
  3. & for those of us not traveling to today's total solar eclipse centerline we can watch the eclipse in KSP with the help of Kopernicus, Module Manager, RSS, Scatterer, EVE, RSSVE & Principia: 2020 December 14 Total Solar Eclipse & some fun additional ways to watch: Live Stream: NSO h-alpha network
  4. @hypervelocity 2 weeks until the next new moon & total solar eclipse...this screenshot is for you...I hope you make it to the path of totality on Dec 14...maybe with a nice pair of binoculars since the rare minutes of complete totality are the one time that a person may "safely" view the "sun"...well, the corona & prominences, that is...without regular solar filters (see details at NASA solar viewing safety page link). After the 2017 total eclipse, I really had hoped to visit Argentina & see this one myself :-) Fortunately, Principia will enable me to enjoy the view in KSP...
  5. @scimas Thank you very much for sharing all that work! Just tried your 2015 .cfg...I pulled a few vectors from jpl horizons to spot check your numbers, loaded it in KSP 1.9.1 & took a few screenshots of astronomical events...looks great! with scimas' 2015 initial state vectors .cfg (KSP 1.9.1)
  6. admittedly kids might like that idea, perhaps even better than squishing dimples in 'Bennu marshmallows'...please overlook the abysmal technical approximations & limitations of terrestrial kitchen materials ;-) We did consider that the large presumably ridged 'boulders' like this tower might have better hand holds & relative mass ratio for EVA 'climbing/handrail' activities...I still have not figured out how to make a good height & normal map...Bennu is really a tricky size for KSP...eventually I hope at least to have a 10x model that looks at least similar to the Bennu Trek..
  7. The sequence released on APOD shows a nice bit of the particle motion with a good shadow angle: Bennu tag particle ejection: [the nature of the 'soft dimpled looking' craters especially near the equator ( link: trek.nasa.gov/bennu ) has been of interest since this past summer... while looking at the Bennu Trek with some children and talking about this mission...(& the idea of rubble pile asteroids hitting Earth's Moon, etc. ) & wondering about a person in an EVA suit (or similar stone, etc.) moving near Bennu ,who might experi
  8. yes, I had intended the word in terms of its meaning of motion of the stacked gif images i.e. "the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions to create an illusion of movement when the film is shown as a sequence." i see how the phrase is unclear especially in context of the recent simulations. Thanks for adding the clarification
  9. I very much look forward to hearing about what did get collected & more views of the disturbed sight & those ejected materials as the craft backs away... some nice time lapse animations! https://www.asteroidmission.org/?latest-news=osiris-rex-tags-asteroid-bennu
  10. I've not studied the entire RealExpansion suite yet to see what it does in all cases...but for the portions of RealExpansion that add celestials...those also should be able to be made to work with Principia so long as the correct data is pulled to make entries to patch the gravity model & initial state in order to tell Principia where each is & where each is headed...one by one for any & each additional celestial added via Kopernicus beyond default RSS...so I am all for a shared doc (google sheets or whatever) of data for the elements to paste into a patch .cfg for each body of in
  11. likely easiest way then would be if you happen to know or can ID a real star that is near where Whirligig World is located...(or if there is not one, maybe I can figure out how to tell SE to go to a specific set of coordinates...or scroll to a specific distance from the Sun in a specified direction...etc...)
  12. Fall break...helping Growing Epsom salt needle crystals...surprise...searching for saturation curves reveals a paper about possible key 'water' dynamics due to such hydrates in the low pressures near the surface of Mars: ."Magnesium and calcium sulfate stabilities and the water budget of Mars" a Red mars...'rusts' & oxygen left over from broken molecules hydrogen lost to space?...& how many oceans of Mars water may have been lost or are now stuck in salt hydrates... so now both growing crystals & dreaming ("being pestered"...lol) "when can we build a colony" of Kerba
  13. I'd love to take a look!...I think this revision was post release of 0.9.6...might you be willing to post a link to the revised textures (and config file if that also changed :-)? Do you see that only in the Trappist system? I also have been seeing this behavior in TRAPPIST1 as home world system with Principia...
  14. I very much appreciate the improvements with 2685/2709 & all the effort ongoing with 2400. Simply put: Thank you (*10n+1).
  15. Now available publically in the Bennu Trek with 3D globe projection (& a >88 million vertices nexus shape model (nexus toolkit) ;-) now, how to add exploring Kerbals to such exquisite detail...lol...Thank you OSIRIS-REx team for capturing this amazing imagery. also a fun animation of particle ejections from Bennu in their recent news release...
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