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  1. AloE

    [1.4.+/1.5.+] Kerbal Wind Tunnel 1.2.1

    I very much hope no major obstacles emerge that would prevent Booots & Dkavolis from enabling/creating some great compatible combination to emerge :-) Thanks all!
  2. @dkavolis might the above be within your scope of interest & time capacity to evaluate if it is even a possibility for the future of FAR...a Kerbal Wind Tunnel type envelope plot working with FAR in RO? Maybe you have already discussed with @Booots (I did not see any conversation on the topic with Booots over at Git so decided to ask here) Thanks!
  3. AloE

    [1.4.+/1.5.+] Kerbal Wind Tunnel 1.2.1

    hmmm...I just encountered the 0% hang in 1.4.5 after changing B9 with CKAN and then calso hanging the version of FAR from rsparkyc which is based on 1.3.1 FAR to a 1.4.5 backport of 1.5 "Lighthill" FAR Continued... changed back to the rsparkyc FAR 1.4.5 recompile version based on 1.3.1 & reloaded KSP... WindTunnel is calculating again... is FAR being used by anyone else with the 0% hang issue...if so what version since 1.4.5 does not have an official FAR release? (ksp.log entries after entering SPH seemed unremarkable...things loaded..mostly just FAR index searches...) I am not skilled in aero (want to use this and FAR to experiment with/explore effect of wing shapes in KSP...hopefully to learn from these mod models :-) so not (yet) able to assess if the envelope plots are even reasonable (the Kranker craft in an earlier post is built in 1.5 so Iit would not load in 1.4.5 to compare with those plots)... or if the wings are being excluded in the WindTunnel analysis (no lift highlight on wings?...does that require Anti-aliasing to show?) is an example:..Thanks!
  4. About KSP & Unity Engine friction: a very useful post by @Stratzenblitz75 with video experiments & "craft fles" (see link in quote below from the post) for exploring friction in interesting insights in the comments as well... The original post:
  5. AloE

    Making History with EDU?

    @Klapaucius @MarkZero Yes: the appropriate Making History Expansion for 1.4.5 is actually working for me even in x32 KerbalEDU 1.4.5 Since I am in a MS Windows environment, for x32 KerbalEDU I do need to launch ksp.exe with the -force-d3d11 unity engine flag. Doing so, the RAM use running the Making History Expansion in x32 KerbalEDU is approx 2.5 GB. where as with the default launch with d3d9 rapidly exceeds 3.5GB of RAM and crashes ksp. Here is an example screenshot of the DLC working in x32 KerbalEDU with the first 'stock' mission...
  6. Useful Tips & Great KSP Content that (usually) work with KerbalEDU KerbalEDU + KSP community: remarkable human exploration, real rocket history, powerful aerodynamics & n-body gravitation models, beautiful artistry, physics studies, power of collaborative exploration & design. There is remarkable & inspiring KerbalEDU relevant KSP content on the www, I have provided links to some great examples towards the end of this post. General notes: EDU Mission Editor tips can be found at link. My observations are based on KerbalEDU in the Windows 10 (updated slow release channel) environment running on 3rd gen Intel I7 chips (e.g. 2700k & 3820qm) with older GPUs ( e.g. Radeon HD 6970 or 6950 or NVIDIA Quadro K3000m, or K2000m ) KerbalEDU versions 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 have been more stable, less buggy, & more useful in my environment than prior versions especially when used with mods...taking time to upgrade to 1.4.5 recommended. this post aims to cover the most common & biggest in practice issues: Please reply with your top additional insights & I will add them to this summary. If you encounter unusual lags: In game GUIs like the EDU Flight recorder, FAR data, etc can sometimes cause FPS lag in some instances (Iwe regularly encounter such issues...just hide the GUI until you need it...) ships with many parts will strain the cpu physics calculations: each part has its physics calculated pay attention to part count, "single thread" benchmark rating for a cpu is what matters for this aspect of KSP a Matt Lowne youtube video example of crushing effect of huge part counts useful FPS concepts at this ksp forum post (note: 'terrain scatters' are the rocks, trees etc that 'dot' the ground surface) Max Physics Delta Time per Frame monitoring tools: KerboKatzUtilities scatterer mod is the heaviest visual mod hit in my much so I do not use it with the laptop Nvidia quadro GPUs... 'visual' mods like SVE, SVT for Kerbol system or RSSVE for RSS use much more resources e.g. vRAM than 'stock' KerbalEDU thus can slow things down. sometimes Windows DVR can be a problem New Portal: TGdesk KerbalEDU 1.3.1 & 1.4.5+ integration = REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION TO LOGIN EACH TIME (versions 1.2.2 and earlier were "installer" based = not portable and only required internet 'once' for activation): How to run a lesson with TeacherGaming Desk EHC & TG EDU missions are integrated into the TGdesk portal lessons KerbalEDU TGdesk Lessons (requires TGdesk login ) To be added...experience tips with using the new cloud save feature: cloud saves only looks at the "Saves" folder (NOT folders such as GameData, RecorderData, or FlightReports, etc.) Original Portal: KerbalEDU mission links: KerbalEDU made the original Mission Editor that uses its own EDU event system. stock KSP now also has a Mission Builder in its 1st 'extra cost' expansion. The Making History Expansion missions do appear to run ok in KerbalEDU but are NOT linked to KerbalEDU event system. original public portal: direct to KerbalEDU EHC (Earth History Campaign) lesson missions direct to KerbalEDU community Mission Library ( "sort options" is broken...have requested TG to fix it) direct to KerbalEDU community Mission Editor (requires login), TG Mission Editor Tutorial, Mission Editor Forum Tips some example favorite community created EDU missions that still work in KerbalEDU 1.4.5: Orbits Challenge (I plan to make a Principia rebuild for 1.4.5 since Principia GUI is more informative & EDU relevant than stock maneuver nodes) TG App & KerbalEDU: adding various forms of EDU Missions & KSP Community Mods to "TeacherGaming\games\kerbaledu\" Where are...? in the "TeacherGaming\games\kerbaledu\" game saves/quicksaves|: In game menu "Resumed Saved" are located in the main "Saves" folder In game menu "Scenarios" are located in the subfolder "scenarios" in the main "Saves" folder & launch in a new folder created in this same subfolder (which can be deleted to revert the scenario mission) In game menu "Training" are located in the subfolder "training" in the main "Saves" folder & launch in a new folder created in this same subfolder (which can be deleted to revert the training mission) In game menu "KerbalEdu missions" contains the EDU EHC Missions and any other EDU mission which requires a _Folders_ not just a .sfs file. These are located in folder "DownloadedMissions" and launch in the folder "temp" COMPUTER CLUSTER NOTE: if you want to PUSH custom lessons to KerbalEDU, then one way sync to the "DownloadedMissions" folder is likely the easier path to do this... By making your own 'EDU mission' save folder you can even package mods into custom lessons/classes, push those to this folder, then have the students select the lesson you want then kerbal will install the packaged mods on the student machine and relaunch Kerbal note: check & see if KerbalEDU removes the mods it installs this way in your environment...installed mods may remain in the GameData folder (if they are cpu or memory intensive, you may want to delete them at some point) *.craft files = vessels can be in either the main "Ships" folder or in a "ships" subfolder in a game save folder which will be in the one of the folders just described above. EDU Flight Recorder Exports are in folder "FlightReports" (data is stored in folder "RecoerderData" ) DLC missions are in the main folder "Missions" About EduMission .sfs Files & Kerbal Folders & KerbalEDU missions (note: these are different from KSP "Making History DLC" missions): What you may not change without a reload while KerbalEDU is running: if the mission .sfs file also needs specific mods to run...then drop those in the GameData folder BEFORE launching KerbalEDU (otherwise reload Kerbal after putting them there) If your computers have enough memory and are fast enough then loading all mods (=always have those in your GameData folder) needed for the common scenarios you use (e.g. Tantares mod for the EHC missions) may be less disruptive than students constantly reloading KerbalEDU when they change missions. What you may change while KerbalEDU is running: Save folders or .sfs files files may be added to the Saves & Ships folders & immediately accessed via in game menus while the game is running...very helpful for adding/sharing craft or EDU scenarios/missions or saves without waiting to reload Kerbal (assuming no new mod load is needed). easiest is to just drop the single mission *.sfs directly into either the scenarios or training subfolders in the Saves folder... then from the main in game Kerbal menu you can go to & click the in game Training or Scenarios to see your new mission .sfs file(s) added the respective list (I usually just always use the Scenarios folder) NOTE...once you launch a mission from the Scenarios menu you will see a new folder created with the same name as the .sfs file...this you can copy to the Saves folder if you want to access the game from the normal ResumeSaved in game menu in the future where as, when you want to use the Saves folder, you must put the .sfs files in a subfolder of any name, such folder also needs the .sfs to be renamed to persistent.sfs NOTE:...EDU scenarios/missions placed in the DownloadedMissions folder behave differently (they launch in the 'temp' folder) than ones placed in Saves\scenarios or Saves\training (which create a new folder in the same place they are located). this is helpful for pushing custom lessons/missions to KerbalEDU in school computer clusters using one way sync Portability: This is helpful when you are building your class/lesson can make & keep 'master" KerbalEDU folders. The copy these to your student computers (efficient ways to do that vary depending on the complexity of lesson mods, # of student computers) TGdesk versions of KerbalEDU ( = 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 ) are portable so you can easily copy/revert to whole preconfigured folders, or Saves, Ships, & GameData folders generally contain all you need to make one whole KerbalEDU 'install' folder the same as another (same kerbalEDU version of course) if you do not want to copy the entire 2+ GB). for example, I often create a folder "1Var" and put just the Saves, Ships, GameData & CKAN folders in dedicated folders for various configs...e.g. KerbalEDU, KerbalEduFAR, KerbalEDUroRSS, TRAPPIST, Principia, etc...then you can just copy the folders as needed or drop junctions/symbolic links... Here is a screenshot showing an example folder structure: A tiny example of EDU Relevant KSP Community MODS & Crafts (KSP has mods to do just about everything, these are just some I use often with KerbalEDU ): (the following note is just In case anyone who is new to Kerbal & reading this is like me, where your last computer 'game' was 3 people at one keyboard playing 'Rampage" on a TRS-80 ) Note: "Mods" are what you place in your GameData folder to add tools or otherwise change the Kerbal environment "Mods" come in versions so (usually) make sure to use the version of the Mod that was built for or most closely matches your KerbalEDU version, e.g. 1.3.1 or 1.4.5 etc. *.craft files are things you make in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) or SPH (Space Plane Hangar) surprise complications: *.craft files are not always in the main Ships folder...they often are in a Ships folder inside your Saves folder Craft Manager is a mod that can help deal with that...e.g. load ships from anywhere *.craft files will ONLY load if all the parts are available, so *.craft with KerbalEDU function tools, energy spheres etc WILL NOT load in stock KSP ( KerbalEDU has its own Mod folders EDUegg & KerablEDU Mod folders after all ) so make sure all mods a *.craft needs are in your game data folder before KSP launch...for example, this include Tantares for EHC mission VI. ( & here are links to spreadsheet lists of many more mods I sometimes use: TRAPPIST1, PlanesOnOtherPlanets ) KerbalX craft sharing; example high performance FAR craft: SU-35, Lockheed UAV, MiG-23 there are many unusual & amazing craft (including trucks, submarines, aircraft carriers, helicopters, Interstellar Endurance, Star Trek ships, etc. usually using additional mods ) Convenience Mods: CKAN (the meta mod to manage most of the rest of your mods & DLC missions? ) (CKAN merged the pull request to recognize the new KerbalEdu 1.4.5 build ID, so update your CKAN or just use the KSP 1.4.5 build ID instead) Draggable Navball (yes, the old version still works even in 1.4.5) Craft Manager Control Mods: TimeControl (e.g. students can slow down scenarios for better study or control ) TweakScale MechJeb2, MechJebForAll HyperEdit RCS Build Aid Recover and/or splice a craft from save files (.sfs): ShipSaveSplicer (verified working in 1.3.1 but not yet figured it out in 1.4.5) instructions: Other potentially helpful tools for Students: Trajectories Landing Height Surface Mounted Lights Kerbal Wind Tunnel ( only 1.4.5+ also support for FAR Continued is in development ) KAS EVA Enhancements Continued Easy Vessel Switch Transfer Window Planner Take Command Continued Some Popular Aircraft & IVA Parts Packages: B9 Procedural Wings (see B9 collection via CKAN ) Procedural Parts built for 1.3 seems ok in 1.4.5 Airplane Plus Nice MKseries Body ASET IVAs: ALCOR, , MK1 Cockpit, MK1-2 Pod, MK1 Lander Can ASET Props & Avionics Some Rocket Models (both historic & current): Launchers Pack SLS RealScaleBoosters (good for RSS, TRAPPIST-1. If using in Kerbin System for add the 'stockalike' configs ) RaiderNick maintains a bunch of historic rocket packs FASA (now requires RO?) FPS & Physics Frame Time Ratio management: KerboKatzUtilities Mods that alter parameters that break some EDU event triggers in some Missions or change the solar system which obviously breaks all stock scenarios/missions/training : FAR (Ferram Aerospace Research) (GitHub 1.4.x topic ) 1.3.1 works via CKAN, 1.4.5 needs the fork backport of FAR Continued for 1.5.x by is an _old_video of FAR aero model experiments: Realistic Atmospheres RSS (Real Solar System) SLIPPIST-1 RO (Realism Overhaul meta mods) 1.3.1 is supported, but RO team will skip 1.4.x due to FAR and resume with 1.5.x x64 KerbalEDU ONLY: Principia ( conflict with KJR ) precise n-body iterations...can even observe very nice real date & time solar eclipses in RSS: TRAPPIST-1 Fun (for example with a Kerbal School Club or extra-curricular event ): Planetary Domes We even assembled 'Bob's Bubble' @Thrimm: great for containing Kerbals & objects while kids practice EVA controls etc in space (or falling in atmosphere ;-) are some screenshots: Chatterer Chatterer Extended Ship Sounds, docking sounds Omicron Flying Car (included this here because you can climb around inside these parts which is different...concept related to 'external command seats') Pood's Skyboxes or make me a properly aligned one with constellation markers using Space Engine (fyi for those newer to Kerbal...following KSP forum (and Github) members with mods you find interesting is one good way to find relevant KSP content, for example...linuxgurugamer has taken over maintaining a bunch of interesting mods ) Visual improvement mods: planetshine distant object enhancement heavier hitting = more strain your gpu but fun 'visual' mods: SVE & SVT for the default Kerbol System RSSVE for RSS scatterer (we love it, but this is _the one_ biggest FPS slow down hit for our systems) again this is just a tiny sample of KSP community made mods, for those new to Kerbal, there are many more fun or useful mods by the KSP community...depending on class topic...lots of great aircraft parts mods EDU Relevant DLC missions: (to be determined) DLC is not currently included in KerbalEDU licences so requires additional purchase ( & install = it is a "SquadExpansion" mod folder dropped into GameData) KSP "Making History" expansion DLC 1.4.0 DOES run its version of 'missions' in KerbalEDU 1.4.5 DLC missions are seperate & different from KerbalEDU missions DLC is not at the moment included by default with KerbalEDU. ADDING License SHOULD BE CONSIDERED BY TT/SQUAD & TG as these are really rather 'student' focused types of missions & make a useful addition to KerbalEDU. DLC 1.4.0 will run in even x32 KerbalEDU 1.4.5 RAM limitations BUT in Windows environment one must use -force-d3d11 to keep x32 KSP.exe RAM use at around 2.5 GB : see this topic Unity engine flags: helps easily switch focus to other window programs (e.g. file explorer) while keeping KSP on the screen -popupwindow helps reduce memory use if stuck using x32 KerbalEDU: -force-d3d11 Here is a screenshot of what a shortcut to launch KerbalEDU looks like with these two flags (you can use as many or as few flags as you want): Community KerbalEDU youtube channels: EDU explore & observe channel includes playlists of select top remarkable EDU Aero-Astro content we have found so far on are a few examples of amazing & beautiful real rocket history & astronomy from the playlists: Community Kerbal youtube channels especially relevant to KerbalEDU: Tutorials: Scott Manley @illectro (links to his "tutorial playlist"...he has other interesting KSP playlists as well). two examples in box below of EDU relevant KSP talk through tutorials with key distinctions students could study at home History: Bob Fitch e.g. "Project Alexandria: the history of human spaceflight from the 1500s all the way to today, carried out in Real Solar System." and other series Matt Lowne @Matt Lowne has some interesting 'real' craft history explored in KSP & a 'special box' & 'related channels' that list KSP players making interesting KSP youtube content. (note: any may need a brief edit before use in the classroom, etc.) Example KSP Youtube Tutorials & History What is KerbalEDU v. KSP: Licenses: KerbalEDU is login based multi-user per one license; where as KSP is a personal single user license. Economical pricing packages for EDU/public institutions sold by TeacherGaming a Package of Teaching Lessons & Missions & TGdesk integration (from versions 1.3.1 on) to make teaching with KerbalEDU easier cloud saves of important game files for each unique login identifier ( = getting better at device independence ) the original Mission Editor...anyone with a KerbalEDU license may make & post a KerbalEDU lesson/mission in the EDU Mission Library this is connected to the KerbalEDU event system which also sends info to TGdesk KerbalEDU includes "Mods" like the great EDU Flight Recorder (much better than MechJeb's) & EDU Function tool & Energy Spheres tool, etc... Updates about 1 year behind the main KSP releases & skips minor KSP updates. KSP mods run in KerbalEDU note: some Mods ( e.g. FAR ) will change conditions so that some specific stock & EDU missions events will not trigger (e.g. parachute settings) or work e.g. RSS or SLIPPIST-1 change the solar system so missions in the Kerbin system will not work & explosions abound ;-) The "Making History Expansion 1.4.0 for KSP 1.4.5" runs in KerbalEDU 1.4.5 but is not currently included in the KerbalEDU license so requires an additional purchase....remains a gray area not yet worked out. Enjoy Exploring! & use the EDU Flight Recorder ;-)
  7. AloE

    Making History with EDU?

    EDIT: YES! appears to work even in the x32 KerbalEDU 1.4.5 .... with x32 KerbalEDU running in Windows you MUST launch ksp.exe with the Unity flag -force-d3d11 to keep the RAM within x32 limits. @MarkZero does the EDU event system conflict with the TT DLC or was any code removed for the KerbalEDU build that would prevent the DLC from running in KerbalEDU 1.4.5? @Klapaucius So far what I see for KerbalEDU 1.4.5 : [EDIT: the crash was due to hitting the approx 3.6 GB x32 memory limit ) the windows .exe installer for DLC 1.4.0 for 1.4.5 does extract into the new KerbalEDU 1.4.5, KerbalEDU successfully loads the expansion folder, selecting Play Missions or Mission Builder does load the respective menus, & can launch _into_ the builder & tutorials, however _exiting_ either of those or trying to run a DLC mission (either the TT included ones or a downloaded .zip) appear to crash KerbalEDU 1.4.5 for me so far... [EDIT: x64 KerbalEDU is now included in the download from the Windows TG app] also note, for now I appear to only be able to download a x32 bit version of KerbalEDU 1.4.5 ( I normally use x64 in all prior versions that offered x64 ) Some relevant screenshots:
  8. KerbalEDU Mission: Principia Mun "Free Return" FlyBy Why Use this Scenario History: Apollo 13 Plan your 1km Sunset crater FlyOver: (a.k.a Expensive Real Near Future Space Tourism) 2006 Burt Rutan TED Talk 2018 Big Falcon Rocket Learn Principia: Tinker with an already created flight plan adjust maneuver to fly lower through canyon add maneuver to enter Mun orbit add maneuver to slingshot to Mimus bounce off Kerbin's atmosphere Free Return Trajectory Fun! Scenario Requirements & Credits: REQUIRES x64 version of KerbalEDU Principia: @eggrobin & @pleroy Principia Mun Tutorial: @eggrobin DRAFT Principia Mun Flight Plan Saves KerbalEDU x64 1.3.1 : 'New Mun" canyon approach save file: Closer2Mun.sfs "Dark Side" approach save file: Day15QtrMun PracticeShipReturn2Kerbin.sfs KSP 1.4.5 : ( still need to make one ;-) KerbalEDU x64 1.4.5 ( only x32 is downloading in the TG app so far...) Instructions: some ways to use the .sfs save file... Mission Draft Ideas, Issues, Etc.: You are welcome to post suggestions in comments! NO KerbalEDU Mission Editor event triggers have been added yet as craft & 'free return trajectory' timing are still being edited Vessel has added EDUtools so the .sfs files fail to load the craft in regular KSP EDU tools have made craft too heavy for current parachute...explosive crash on re-entry landing Mun approach angle considerations: lit crescent approach celestial timing: easier Mimus "add maneuver" transfer option More Images: Change Log: 2018 Oct 8: Created Post & added initial KSP 1.3.1 draft WIP .sfs files 2018 Oct 26: clarified x64 KerbalEDU required
  9. Thank you for clarifying that it is DateTime.TryParse. In the future I will use the format that you recommend & that works in Principia as wel,. & for clarifying & reminding me that an image playing around with time formats does not make a clear separator of different questions, & for the useful distinctions regarding several reference systems & the respective time coordinate for each.
  10. RE: TT...yes, one impetus has been that my son enjoys exploring TRAPPIST-1 as 'observed' from equipment on/near Earth at various approximate dates where the light left that system at specific X,Y ages of his parents...( some Swiss kids & ;-) 80 km/s that is a change of about 1 light day per ~10 Earth years I think... maybe I just could not find it over at github...what epoch formats are currently supported by RSSTimeFormater? I see that RSSTimeFormater does ok with the following in the "Trappist1.cfg" file I added epoch = 2014-12-08T12:00:00 but it does not like the epoch format I see in trappist_initial_state_jd_2457000_000000000.cfg => game_epoch = JD2457000.0 as epoch = JD2457000.0 or epoch = 2457000.0 for example in my "Trappist1.cfg" & Thank you, this is fun!
  11. @eggrobin I am trying to display in game the common calendar date of the 'Principia' time in the 'TRAPPIST-1 for Principia" & would much appreciate your insight on how to use the RSSTimeFormater config resulting from your Git pull request: #3 for it: which I am under the impression would enable me to accomplish that, however I appear to not be understanding one or more important things. I do not see anything like the following in any of the .cfg in "TRAPPIST-1 for Principia", so is such a RSSTimeFormater config to be placed in game in a specifically named .cfg file in KSP GameData, or is it a config that needs to be used when making the RSSTimeFormater.dll ? & would a RSSTimeFormater config for "TRAPPIST-1 for Principia" look like the following? RSSTimeFormatter { dateFormat = dd.MM.yyyy epoch = 2014-12-08T12:00:00 } Thanks for your insights! reference note from eggrobin on GitHub:
  12. @Zeiss Ikon none-the-less, GregroxMun's work is totally worth its own ( fast loading ;-) GameData folder (remember, if you do not want tons of GB used in multiple KSP installs... you can use the same install & just change the GameData folder between runs via copy/paste...or use Junctions/Symbolic links which is what I usually do...I add a "1Var" folder in the main KSP folder then put all my various 'original modded working' GameData folders in specifically named subfolders (e.g. "roTRAPPIST1", "KerbalEDUstock", "KerbalEDUFAR", "KerbalEDUprincipia", etc) in there then link to the one I want to use in any particular KSP session of that given KSP can also do the same for Saves & CKAN & Ships & Saves folders for each 'environment' if you want as well...I'll eventually do a post in KerbalEDU forums with screenshots as well about this technique). Anyway, yhe SLIPPIST-1/TRAPPIST-1 views & even just the visual learning alone are stunning & a fun comparison with the Jupiter system in Principia RSS...I plan to explore that more myself with my mentees this winter...most of the stuff I post at the following link is directly visible in SLIPPIST-1/TRAPPIST-1, I just use StarryNight7 to make the screenshots since that is easier (and a few more FOV tools etc) for me when checking initial observations in KSP & doing further research of things to explore in the SLIPPIST-1/TRAPPIST-1 system when in encourage you to go exploring ;-)
  13. NASA artists suggest planets as Earth like 'apparent view' sized moons in the sky viewed from some planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system...but the NASA painting is a bit exaggerated ;-) Indeed at some points in the orbits especially for planets 1c & 1d, planet 1b is over 2x the apparent size of our moon & the sun TRAPPIST-1 nearly 10x the apparent diameter of Earth's Moon & Sun...the views of TRAPPIST-1 solar transits, of large crescent 'planet' phases near greatest elongation, & of some of the planets going from brilliant 'dot sized' to as large in the sky as we see our Moon from Earth in just a day or so are highlights for tourists in orbit of 1c :-) However, closer to home, the view of Jupiter from Io as well as Io & Jupiter from Europa would be stunning...especially for the 2032 March 20 Jupiter tipple shadow transit! Even just the 3 shadows would barely fit into the field of view of 7x50 binoculars! The apparent diameter of Jupiter being a gorgeous equivalent to ~30 Earth's sky apparent Moon diameters. Animated gif below alternates views from TRAPPIST 1c & view from Io...many more detailed StarryNight7 & Kerbal images in the album at:
  14. AloE

    KSP EDU version--teaching teens--advice

    @Klapaucius old thread, but I see you are quite active in the forums...nice to hear about your activity with the kids...would be good to hear what happened in the 2nd semester last year...even if it was difficult. The EDU energy spheres are a fun & great tool especially for ballistic or elliptical or orbital transfer activities. As a new item for anyone in a similar situation who comes across this thread...SLIPPIST-1 is great just to add to either KerbalEDU or KSP as a visual lesson in the Tracking Station or KSC (for transits) in combo with some of the cool NASA & ESA you know, but others who view this in the future may not...GameData is the most important folder in Kerbal of all forms... I'm active over in the KerbalEDU forum segment & will do my bit to help enable others to use the power of Kerbal in the remarkable community, EDU, & KSP forms...especially trying to clarify the items that took me awhile to figure out when new to Kerbal. The current KerbalEDU mission editor & mission library are powerful tools, however they do require skill with computers & basic scripting & have a learning curve...fortunately the KerbalEDU mission Editor did encourage KSP to create its own Mission Builder. On behalf of the continuation of improvement of KSP in general, I recommend that we all encourage KerbalEDU to leapfrog KSP the next step again with their next version of the "EDU mission editor" TG's separate licensing structure is also valuable to KSP's future in my assessment.
  15. Xvar - Planes on Other Planets Variation Highlights: Collaborative/friendly competitive opportunity for real time flight data comparison between students on adjacent machines both in cases of flying on the same planet or on different planets (easier & more engaging than printing flight reports for comparison ;-) using the EDU flight recorder to improve/change flight. Mission Editor: Condition triggers, Menu flow & button naming style built to be one example useful to inspect when going through TG mission building tutorial. A Topic to share mission building help tips, details, fun, & further variations of 3 related KerbalEDU Missions at these links: Original: by TG Rami Variation: Xvar: Flight Recorder & Improved Menu, Story, Internals, etc Variation: WIP: Xvar: FAR compare original rocket sledge with one adjusted for FAR aerodynamics model mod (not posted yet) Specific changes in Xvar - Planes on Other Planets: preset* EDU Flight recorder, relevant 'idea sparks' story line, explosive feedback draws attention to significance of velocity at impact: (turned off joint & part 'safety cheats') smoother menu flow, easier to follow event/button labeling system 'under the hood' in case you would like to learn mission editing from or modify this mission (*note: currently only some of the flight recorder parameters are available to preset in the mission editor.) Specific changes in Xvar - FAR Planes on Other Planets: above changes plus, added a 2nd rocket sledge tuned for the FAR aerodynamics model placed next to Rami's original one so the difference in flight characteristics can be observed & explored added 2 function tools to the FAR sledge in case you want to track custom data in the flight recorder Mission use TIPS: