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  1. Thank you for clarifying that it is DateTime.TryParse. In the future I will use the format that you recommend & that works in Principia as wel,. & for clarifying & reminding me that an image playing around with time formats does not make a clear separator of different questions, & for the useful distinctions regarding several reference systems & the respective time coordinate for each.
  2. RE: TT...yes, one impetus has been that my son enjoys exploring TRAPPIST-1 as 'observed' from equipment on/near Earth at various approximate dates where the light left that system at specific X,Y ages of his parents...( some Swiss kids & ;-) 80 km/s that is a change of about 1 light day per ~10 Earth years I think... maybe I just could not find it over at github...what epoch formats are currently supported by RSSTimeFormater? I see that RSSTimeFormater does ok with the following in the "Trappist1.cfg" file I added epoch = 2014-12-08T12:00:00 but it does not like the epoch format I see in trappist_initial_state_jd_2457000_000000000.cfg => game_epoch = JD2457000.0 as epoch = JD2457000.0 or epoch = 2457000.0 for example in my "Trappist1.cfg" & Thank you, this is fun!
  3. @eggrobin I am trying to display in game the common calendar date of the 'Principia' time in the 'TRAPPIST-1 for Principia" & would much appreciate your insight on how to use the RSSTimeFormater config resulting from your Git pull request: #3 for it: which I am under the impression would enable me to accomplish that, however I appear to not be understanding one or more important things. I do not see anything like the following in any of the .cfg in "TRAPPIST-1 for Principia", so is such a RSSTimeFormater config to be placed in game in a specifically named .cfg file in KSP GameData, or is it a config that needs to be used when making the RSSTimeFormater.dll ? & would a RSSTimeFormater config for "TRAPPIST-1 for Principia" look like the following? RSSTimeFormatter { dateFormat = dd.MM.yyyy epoch = 2014-12-08T12:00:00 } Thanks for your insights! reference note from eggrobin on GitHub:
  4. @Zeiss Ikon none-the-less, GregroxMun's work is totally worth its own ( fast loading ;-) GameData folder (remember, if you do not want tons of GB used in multiple KSP installs... you can use the same install & just change the GameData folder between runs via copy/paste...or use Junctions/Symbolic links which is what I usually do...I add a "1Var" folder in the main KSP folder then put all my various 'original modded working' GameData folders in specifically named subfolders (e.g. "roTRAPPIST1", "KerbalEDUstock", "KerbalEDUFAR", "KerbalEDUprincipia", etc) in there then link to the one I want to use in any particular KSP session of that given KSP can also do the same for Saves & CKAN & Ships & Saves folders for each 'environment' if you want as well...I'll eventually do a post in KerbalEDU forums with screenshots as well about this technique). Anyway, yhe SLIPPIST-1/TRAPPIST-1 views & even just the visual learning alone are stunning & a fun comparison with the Jupiter system in Principia RSS...I plan to explore that more myself with my mentees this winter...most of the stuff I post at the following link is directly visible in SLIPPIST-1/TRAPPIST-1, I just use StarryNight7 to make the screenshots since that is easier (and a few more FOV tools etc) for me when checking initial observations in KSP & doing further research of things to explore in the SLIPPIST-1/TRAPPIST-1 system when in encourage you to go exploring ;-)
  5. NASA artists suggest planets as Earth like 'apparent view' sized moons in the sky viewed from some planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system...but the NASA painting is a bit exaggerated ;-) Indeed at some points in the orbits especially for planets 1c & 1d, planet 1b is over 2x the apparent size of our moon & the sun TRAPPIST-1 nearly 10x the apparent diameter of Earth's Moon & Sun...the views of TRAPPIST-1 solar transits, of large crescent 'planet' phases near greatest elongation, & of some of the planets going from brilliant 'dot sized' to as large in the sky as we see our Moon from Earth in just a day or so are highlights for tourists in orbit of 1c :-) However, closer to home, the view of Jupiter from Io as well as Io & Jupiter from Europa would be stunning...especially for the 2032 March 20 Jupiter tipple shadow transit! Even just the 3 shadows would barely fit into the field of view of 7x50 binoculars! The apparent diameter of Jupiter being a gorgeous equivalent to ~30 Earth's sky apparent Moon diameters. Animated gif below alternates views from TRAPPIST 1c & view from Io...many more detailed StarryNight7 & Kerbal images in the album at:
  6. AloE

    KSP EDU version--teaching teens--advice

    @Klapaucius old thread, but I see you are quite active in the forums...nice to hear about your activity with the kids...would be good to hear what happened in the 2nd semester last year...even if it was difficult. The EDU energy spheres are a fun & great tool especially for ballistic or elliptical or orbital transfer activities. As a new item for anyone in a similar situation who comes across this thread...SLIPPIST-1 is great just to add to either KerbalEDU or KSP as a visual lesson in the Tracking Station or KSC (for transits) in combo with some of the cool NASA & ESA you know, but others who view this in the future may not...GameData is the most important folder in Kerbal of all forms... I'm active over in the KerbalEDU forum segment & will do my bit to help enable others to use the power of Kerbal in the remarkable community, EDU, & KSP forms...especially trying to clarify the items that took me awhile to figure out when new to Kerbal. The current KerbalEDU mission editor & mission library are powerful tools, however they do require skill with computers & basic scripting & have a learning curve...fortunately the KerbalEDU mission Editor did encourage KSP to create its own Mission Builder. On behalf of the continuation of improvement of KSP in general, I recommend that we all encourage KerbalEDU to leapfrog KSP the next step again with their next version of the "EDU mission editor" TG's separate licensing structure is also valuable to KSP's future in my assessment.
  7. Xvar - Planes on Other Planets Variation Highlights: Collaborative/friendly competitive opportunity for real time flight data comparison between students on adjacent machines both in cases of flying on the same planet or on different planets (easier & more engaging than printing flight reports for comparison ;-) using the EDU flight recorder to improve/change flight. Mission Editor: Condition triggers, Menu flow & button naming style built to be one example useful to inspect when going through TG mission building tutorial. A Topic to share mission building help tips, details, fun, & further variations of 3 related KerbalEDU Missions at these links: Original: by TG Rami Variation: Xvar: Flight Recorder & Improved Menu, Story, Internals, etc Variation: WIP: Xvar: FAR compare original rocket sledge with one adjusted for FAR aerodynamics model mod (not posted yet) Specific changes in Xvar - Planes on Other Planets: preset* EDU Flight recorder, relevant 'idea sparks' story line, explosive feedback draws attention to significance of velocity at impact: (turned off joint & part 'safety cheats') smoother menu flow, easier to follow event/button labeling system 'under the hood' in case you would like to learn mission editing from or modify this mission (*note: currently only some of the flight recorder parameters are available to preset in the mission editor.) Specific changes in Xvar - FAR Planes on Other Planets: above changes plus, added a 2nd rocket sledge tuned for the FAR aerodynamics model placed next to Rami's original one so the difference in flight characteristics can be observed & explored added 2 function tools to the FAR sledge in case you want to track custom data in the flight recorder Mission use TIPS:
  8. AloE

    How do you post pictures?

    Using the "Direct Link" option in Imgur I can get a single image to show up. However, I can not get an album to work either by pasting a link or using the icon & code...I just get this for example: Further suggestions appreciated, Thanks!
  9. StarryNight7 suggests that the plane of the planet orbits in the TRAPPIST-1 system appears to be about perpendicular to the plane of the Earth traveling around the Sun. The Sun is ~40ly in the distance slightly left above image center & the pink ~horizontal line approximates the orientation of Earth's orbit around the sun: TRAPPIST-1 'near' the Moon in the sky Some times, like on 2018 September 23, the Moon passes near line of sight for an observer on Earth towards the Trappist-1 system: (click image to see detail)
  10. A place to add useful insights you encounter while using the KerbalEDU Mission them below & I will add key insights to this following list... @MarkZero Summary of useful insights from TG collected over the years: KerbalEDU Mission Library & Editor: TG's Mission Editor Tutorial (links): Useful Reminders: Questions from KerbalEDU 1.3.1 Send TG Desk Mission Event Click Corner to expand Mission Editor Text Boxes EDU Function Tool--custom data plot in EDU Flight Recorder Set the Flight Recorder parameters Has TG ever hosted a mission "competition"... Share all the TG Mission .craft files Mission Variations Notes Create KerbalEDU youtube playlists New KerbalEDU 1.3.1 login 'SAVES" details KerbalEDU 1.3.1 ReadMe.txt Questions from KerbalEDU 1.2.2 I have not been able to get images to display in message windows via the Mission editor...what folder should I put the images in? Are there image size or dimension limits, file type (jpg only?), etc.? Can I make the Mission Library 'Launch in KerbalEDU' button launch the x64 version (it always launches the x86 on my machines which is not licensed since I activated the x64) I assume KerbalEDU must load Mods during main program launch rather than loading a mission launch? Or? KerbalEDU appears to handle .sfs in /saves/scenarios|training differently than folders in /DownloadedMissions Is there a difference between the message boxes in the KerbalEDU mission system v. the 'TutorialEditor' called by the 'Training' .sfs saves in stock KSP
  11. Kerbal TRAPPIST-1 Where Planet Years are only a few Earth Days...more like Jupiter & its large moons. 1.5 b, 2.4 c, 4.1 d, 6.1 e, 9.2 f, 12.4 g, 18.8 h Earth days per "year" This "Topic" is an invitation to join an exploration of the TRAPPIST-1 system ...students, teachers, KSP players all welcome to share fun & significant TRAPPIST-1 related insights... missions you build either for SLIPPIST-1 or TRAPPIST-1, a place to share your explorations of this exoplanet system, contrasts with Jupiter or Pluto moon systems in KSP RSS Principia, e.g. orbit transfers, etc., cool research you discover about this system, remarkable moments encountered while exploring this model system in Kerbal, etc, focus on creating together a fun & educational concentration of information about TRAPPIST-1 & our exploration of it. NASA JPL: TRAPPIST-1 Compared to Jovian Moons and Inner Solar System - Updated Feb. 2018 Observe 'actual' planet transits in Kerbal! For the Principia adjusted version, the epoch start date is "JD2457000.000000000" = UTC Noon Monday 2014 December 08. Here is an excerpt from the Principia GitHub FAQ: Credits: @GregroxMun ( SLIPPIST-1 ) & the Principia team Eggrobin & Pleroy ( TRAPPIST-1 for Principia ) a remarkable model of the TRAPPIST-1 system that works well in both KerbalEDU 1.3.1 & KSP 1.4.5 source: source: Mission links (To Be Added): KerbalED_mission: WIP_Principia_TRAPPIST1_Transfers Save file for KSP: Seven Worlds of SLIPPIST-1, and an Astronomy Lesson on Stars and the Exoplanets around TraPPiST-1 At the above link, Gregrox has written a fun & insightful astronomy lesson with some cool details about the beautiful model images of this system...'almost eyeball' planets & all!...a few excerpts: "You get a hot zone, and then progressively cooler zones down to the night side of frigid temperatures and nothing but ice! You'd have a band of scorching desert, a band of rainforests, a band of tundra, and a massive cap of ice. Or if it's colder and wetter, it can look even more eyeball-like, maybe a cracked frozen ice ball like a huge Europa with a circular sea of melted ice. But these don't account for the fact that real tidally locked exoplanets spin. The Coriolis force drives winds that completely change the climate." "Try to figure out the resonant chain in TRAPPIST-1! Just kidding, I'll tell you. It's in a 24:15:9:6:4:3:2 resonance. Neighboring planets are in 8:5, 5:3, 3:2, 3:2, 4:3, and 3:2 resonances"
  12. @MarkZero Only some saves appear to get uploaded/downloaded... at what point do the saves uploaded to the server...for example, at "Return to main Menu" or at ID Logout, or at "Save Game/Quicksave"? Perhaps under specific user conditions or internet connection drops, etc there is not enough time to upload a complete new save properly or there is no retry or file integrity check ? For now, I have been using S.A.V.E mod to backup & restore saves
  13. @pleroy Do I understand correctly that the TRAPPIST-1 system starts at epoch : "JD2457000.000000000" = UTC Noon Monday 2014 December 8 ?
  14. Thank you :-) Pretty clouds and scattered atmosphere now working in TRAPPIST1 in both 1.3.1 & 1.4.5... I foresee many hours in my future helping someone who very much enjoys the result of your efforts engage with plenty of transfer exploration & colony experiments this winter on days under the Seeland fog. Using RO with both TRAPPIST1 & RSS Principia arranged solar system insightful solar system contrast/comparison. Thanks again!
  15. If you decide to use 1.2, assuming the Principia team does not mind, I do have my 1.2 archives with various older Principia versions I could share with you...