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  1. fyi...Setting up a new KerbalEDU 1.4.5 install this weekend with the TG app I noticed the usual 1st launch odd screen resolution issue with KSP/KerbalEDU where I need to click around to find the actual location of the "settings" so I can set the graphics resolution to what i want but this as in other times for me only affects the KSP window (not the entire computer screen) & also makes things too large rather than too small...
  2. The TGdesk Lessons that use KerbalEdu mission files appear to still show the deprecated Mission Library links. Consequently, below are direct links to the KerbalEdu TGdesk mission files that go with the TGdesk Lessons (I revised the names & descriptions to better match what you see in TGdesk for the KerbalEDU TGdesk): Links to the relevant file by TGdesk Lesson: "NEWTON'S FIRST LAW OF MOTION" (A_Edu_TGdesk_Newton_First_Law_Out_of_Fuel.sfs) "NEWTON'S SECOND LAW OF MOTION" (A_Edu_TGdesk_Newton_Second_Law.sfs) "NEWTON'S THIRD LAW OF MOTION" (A_Edu_TGdesk_Newton_Third_Law_Planes_on_Other_Planets.sfs) Lessons "ORBITAL MANEUVERING" and "ORBITS AND DOCKING" both use (A_Edu_TGdesk_Orbits_and_Docking.sfs) Link to see the whole folder Using the KerbalEDU Mission Editor Tutorial The EHC lessons & missions links appear to continue to work fine. Link to Album Showing the Above Revisions
  3. @hypervelocity sent u a pm last Sunday...we can discuss further there then summarize here any useful tips regarding RSSVE for other planets during this RVE64k Earth alpha...though of course, I would love to see @pingopete 's magic spread throughout the solar system ;-)
  4. MIP is a thoughtful & beautiful reason to dust off KerbalEDU 1.3.1 (or KSP 1.3.1 ;-) Image below links to screenshot album of MIP Rald in KerbalEDU 1.3.1 (& a few to show the difference in 1.7.3)
  5. This is an awesome improvement! This is going to be so fun, thanks :-) Jovian Moons Resonance Mercury's 3 days per 2 years (orbits)
  6. WIP Real Solar System Cartography & Geology in KerbalEDU & KSP: NASA: "Io Erupts" (link)
  7. Planet Topography - visualization by exaggerating vertical height (& eventually by changing surface image) Links to interesting related articles: Mars Gravity Field: GMM-3 A Space Rock Hit The Moon During The Eclipse & ESA MIDAS Project (link) Collision that [may have] Formed the Moon Useful References:
  8. WIP Conceptual Exploration Mars Ancient Ocean: Links to Some Interesting [mostly] Ancient Mars Articles: Mars' Ancient Ocean (& clip links) Ancient Oceans on Mars May Have Been Older and Shallower Than Thought Was this huge river delta on Mars the place where its oceans finally disappeared? Mars Used to Have a Huge Ocean, but Then a Mega-Tsunami Ruined Everything "‘submarine landslides’ can transport big boulders" "when examined at high resolution, these shoreline-like landforms broke down and did not match what they would have expected of an ocean shoreline" "Now we have the view from the subsurface radar" "With Mars Methane Mystery Unsolved, Curiosity Serves Scientists a New One: Oxygen" Useful References:
  9. Somewhat inspired by the thought that KSP can do better than the interesting NASA's "Exoplanet Travel Bureau".... Since the KerbalEDU mission library has been deprecated, this posts offers a new concept for this sub forum. Note this is an ALPHA phase post & Concept subject to massive changes ;-)....much more relevant detail about how to do these yourself along with related .cfg etc will be added when I have more time... a continuous WIP post: This OP topic will be a summary of links to related posts. Table of Contents: Visualization: Mars ancient ocean (& also consider checking out @KerikBalm's MIP & Rald or "Dying Duna" which work best in KerbalEDU 1.3.1) Visualization: Exaggerated elevation & Technical surface textures Planetary Cartography Visualization: Mercury's 3:2 resonance To be continued...
  10. @sigladiator616 fyi...its been pretty quite in this sub forum for quite some time so you might want to look at older posts & see if those people are recently active & reach out directly to them... in case your search has not encountered these, below are some useful older topics in the KerbaEDU forum to give you ideas to start further searches. In practice from a user perspective, KerbalEDU is basically a 'modded' form of a few extra tools over stock KSP, consequently one can teach & use regular KSP mods with both forms... KerbalEDU licensing (i.e. anyone can use the install one at a time via login where as normal KSP is a 'personal use' license) is generally an easier (& in the past was lower cost for bulk license packs) form of KSP for schools to use, & TGdesk also adds some useful teaching aids to the TeacherGaming KerbalEDU version of KSP. a few perspectives on the future of education: Reddit also has some posts you may find useful as search starting points (and users you might ping if they have any recent activity): and you might be interested in reading my other topics for ideas....
  11. I tried to get more creative by using TST to visualize the improvement from the increase of Jupiter's model to J12 however found that this ends up being a bit more challenging since I can only currently see moon transits via a TST scope rather than also shadow contacts which would be less subject to observer position...for anyone curious, here is a screen capture of one trial where I also use Io textures (link) adjusted to match (link) the cartography convention enabled by using Principia (link). @JPLRepo i love TST especially with RSS & Principia: Thank you for adopting it & improving it over the years! ;-) ...& I wish I could figure out how to get Scatterer/EVE shadow casters to show up in TST scope views/images so I could replicate in KSP things like the HST timelapse linked below: consequently, back to the tracking station...& indeed both Europa & Io timings improve dramatically: about 55 minutes for Io & about 30 minutes for Europa & both now quite closely match astronomical observations (note: light travel time from Jupiter to the HST is about 40 minutes on 2015 Jan 24) : Link to album: KSP Principia Fourier v. Fatou and, here is the link to a folder with ZIPs of the save files so you may enjoy seeing for yourself with minimal setup effort ...just make sure to have RSS & Principia in GameData before loading the save :-)
  12. AloE

    Expansions and Mods

    you might find the following post useful to read through if you have not already done is divided into sections, the 1st of which covers mods I have used frequently in KerbalEDU 1.4.5.
  13. at least since Principia version Ἐρατοσθένης (when the video below was recorded) the improvement for Io has been dramatic...possibly even the timing for all 3 moons but I'll need to check that next time I have that test/dev save running: KSP 1.3.1 Principia 2032 March 20 Jupiter triple shadow event (screen recording & snapshot)
  14. For the past year KerbalEDU1.4.5 has behaved like regular KSP for me (in other words, it sticks to the screen resolution & other settings I tell it to use via the usual KSP Settings screens after the 1st launch... it does make the screen small...something like 720p...just like normal KSP does at 1st launch...note however I only have experience running it in windows 10 & I have it launched directly from the KSP_x64.exe (& not via TG app since I have old habits/practices from the pre-TGdesk days) & usually via shortcuts that include unity flags like -popupwindow and/or -forced3d11 If you share more specifics such as the OS you are running it on, how you are launching it, & ideally some screenshots of the settings & the odd behavior then I or someone else might be able to offer more specific suggestions.