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  1. fair in my book ;-) Also, I would be grateful for any tips on how to use the KK 'worker kerbals'...when we click the hire button we just get a NRE (we are using KSP 1.12.3 in sandbox games for now)...is there some specific sequence of things we need to do to be able to hire 'worker kerbals' from a given building configured with barracks with which to populate the research observatories? Thanks!
  2. @Corax Thanks for the above from the post of yours on the other thread (link) this is very helpful info...Are you aware of any more documentation about the barracks (I could not find any in the KK wiki and your post seems the most enlightening when searching the forum for 'barracks'). In KSP 1.12.3 I changed one building to have barracks, however I just get a NRE each time I click on 'hire'...perhaps there is another step I have missed? KK 'Hire' NRE
  3. OK...thanks! Yes, that is the more appropriate way...where i got stuck was that I use the Real Fuels mod in my various GameData/craft configurations...and by default the fuel stations were not offering Kerosene. However, by using the KK quick start tutorial (link) I learned that I may quickly add Kerosene and any other resources I need to the station (then I can also copy/past directly in the .cfg's with various fuel merchants for the bases I have not yet visited): Adding resources to a KK Refueling Station
  4. 'out string sBase, out float flRange' does look promising. Thank you! // Returns the nearest Launchsite to a position and range in m to the Launchsite, regardless of whether it is open or closed public static void getNearestBase(Vector3 position, out string sBase, out string sBase2, out float flRange, out KKLaunchSite lSite, out KKLaunchSite lSite2) ... rangeNearestBase = (float)smallestDist; sBase = sNearestBase; sBase2 = sLastNearest; flRange = rangeNearestBase; lSite = lTargetSite; lSite2 = lLastSite;
  5. Thanks! in case it helps, the FlySky i6x plugged in via usb appears as a standard Win10 HID...& the same buttons etc. show & work 'in game' in the AFBW configuration panel: click for full resolution to see text clearly
  6. @linuxgurugamer Thank you for this mod. I was pleasantly surprised to find that AFBW enables us to use our Flysky i6x RC transmitter as a flight controller in KSP. Pitch, Yaw, & roll assignments work as expected. However, while AFBW properly shows the correct True/False toggle state for several of the Flysky button/switches, strangely when I assign the functional buttons/switches to gear, lights, breaks, staging, etc. the result is that _everything_ I have assigned to any one 'button' toggles when I toggle any one of the 'buttons' I have assigned...basically the logic appears to be "if any button is toggled then do every action that is assigned to any button/switch". Given this, we are currently assigning only the 'gear' to a button/switch, but if possible with this controller, we would like to properly set the other switches that are clearly recognized & toggle correctly in the configuration panel (= button/switch state pairs: 0-1, 2-3, 4-5. 6-7 ) I have created a short screenshot video showing, as one example, the breaks & landing gear both toggling no matter whether I toggle switch/button 0-1 or switch/button 6-7 (one was individually assigned to gear & the other one to brakes...but as you can see the text also does not make clear which one). Here is the player.log ( .zip link) in case it is of any help. Thanks! 1080p screen capture of "all Buttons acting as one" for all assigned actions rather than the individual True/False state which is visibly OK per button in the configuration panel
  7. @Eskandare This is a very nice mod. Thank you. I would be grateful for insights from anyone familiar with the code of this mod as to whether there happens to be something similar to "SpaceCenter.Instance.transform.position" for the bases created by this mod...or perhaps even a better way to accomplish the following objective. Ideally I would like to modify the mod SimpleRefuel slightly for myself so that I may easily refuel when landed at any of the Kerbin Side Remastered bases. However, I recognize that to keep the condition list simple, I might need to choose just a few preferred bases to add to the SimpleRefuel condition list pasted below...which would also be great. Thanks for any insights that may help me with this objective (or if it is simply not possible). if ((int)vessel.srfSpeed == 0 && (vessel.situation == Vessel.Situations.LANDED || vessel.situation == Vessel.Situations.PRELAUNCH) && (vessel.transform.position - SpaceCenter.Instance.transform.position).sqrMagnitude <= SpaceCenter.Instance.AreaRadius * SpaceCenter.Instance.AreaRadius ) { canRefuel = true; ChangeButtonTexture(icon_green); }
  8. @KSPStar did Private Division happen to recover from Teacher Gaming the backend for the KerbalEDU mission editor? If not, I'll put an update note in the post above that this functionality is no longer available. Thanks.
  9. NOTE 2022 January: With TeacherGaming closing its doors, the login based KerbalEDU 1.4.5 & 1.3.1 are no longer available. Private Division has released, to current holders of KerbalEDU, the old installer based KerbalEDU 1.2.2 with a much more flexible license. This keeps KerbalEDU alive. The information in this thread remains relevant in concept (just not the version numbers any longer) as many of the mods discussed in the thread have versions compatible with the old KSP 1.2.2. Consequently, I recommend using CKAN to help find KSP 1.2.2 versions of any mods you desire to use with KerbalEDU 1.2.2 For anyone desiring to use Principia in an EDU setting, I recommend using the most recent KSP (currently 1.12.3) as both Principia & KSP have progress tremendously since 1.2.2 and also since the Principia developers only support the current release of Principia. That said, if you really want to tinker with Principia without support in KerbalEDU 1.2.2 then Principia Cramer and its specific install dependencies (also study the Principia install instructions) was the last version to support KSP 1.2.2. (fyi... @pleroy)
  10. one 'thing' (ok its a cluster ;-) I would love for you to muse about if you ever have the interest or time is what might be able to be done with the Principia API: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/wiki/Interface-for-other-KSP-mods some other modders have requested improvement/expansion of the Principia API: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/issues/3132 at this point I am still way to early in the steep learning curve for LVD & KSPTOT in general to make any specific 'reasonable' suggestions or even know if something useful might even be possible with the current or improved Principia API recognizing that KSP mods are fun/learning/community/donation & not supported by development companies with revenue. In anycase, if you were to see some cool powerful use/interface that were to be reasonable to implement, my speculation is that with your experience & history that eggrobin & pleroy would likely eventually consider requests from you. (I, of course, am 'in the veil nebula supper nova remnat clouds' dreaming of some as yet 'who knows what' smooth user friendly interconnected workflow ;-) For my uses, mods like KSPTOT, Principia, RSS, (RO, Trappist-1) etc. will be why I continue to use KSP 1 to explore dynamics for years to come. And thank you for that detailed LVD walk through you provided in discussion with Tacombel above. I will also atempt that walk through as my next tutorial. I very much look forward to trying out KSPTOT's 1.6.9 pre-release 5 (especially since next months release of Principia should be a huge improvement). not that it matters except for searches, looks like a 5 got in the link text instead of a 6 since the file name is fine :-)
  11. @Arrowstar Is it possible to export a KoS .csv from your "lvdExample_L2HaloOrbit"? In LVD, when I select Simulation --> Create KoS Control CSV file & try exporting various parts (or all) I just get stuck at the "parsing state log data..." with no .csv generated (even with "Edit Event" closed...I just had that open in the screenshot as an example of looking at the details of a specific event). (I am currently still using the release 1.6.8 since I still have so much to learn...) (I was thinking I might try to visualize the example in KSP from the 700km sma LKO in a manner similar to your video.) Thanks!
  12. Yes, exactly, with the specific point to simply demarcate that space as different for a particular specific scenario. I agree with you & egg as right on target especially for smoothness of career game play. Thank you for clarifying & emphasizing the setup that is indeed best for users. In the case at hand, at the time I saw the post, I was musing about cubesats & microsats. Specifically the JAXA SLATS mission as a scenario discussion project to work on this upcoming foggy winter period in the Swiss Seeland...In one of my RSS configs I have included a very thin atm to ~250k to demarcate, for scenario purposes, that region of space as significantly subject to other dynamics. Dynamics which, as egg describes, make little sense to model in KSP. That 250km config works well (yes, I deliberately wanted, for this particular case, those normally annoying implications egg describes) for my particular SLATS scenario in KSP. It helps experientially emphasize some key points I plan to discuss (with my son in this particular case who finds microsats interesting & is the one who dragged me into KSP when he was age 3 & to my surprise has been unusually interested in mathematics & aero-astro since.) Thus I let a special use case sneak into my posting. Thanks for keeping things clarified. Some links with interesting info about SLATS for anyone interested: SLATS additional interesting SLATS links: https://global.jaxa.jp/press/2019/03/20190318a.html https://www.eoportal.org/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/content/-/article/slats https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/592663-lowest-altitude-earth-observation-satellite-in-orbit
  13. @OhioBob Thank you for this elegant & easy to use & adapt revision 2.0.5! One question from the tidally "Locked" planet sheet--just to make sure I have not missed something significant: looking at the Sigma Heat Shifter's github page, my understanding is that I do not need to make some type of additional config specifically for "Sigma Heat Shifter" (i.e. that it adjusts things based on the curve keys data provided in a given planet .cfg [e.g. designed in your worksheet then pasted into the .cfg])...is my understanding correct? While using v2.0.5, I found I needed to remind myself about KSP & inclination/axial tilt from your in depth discussion post on modeling atmospheres, so I have pasted an excerpt here in case anyone else also finds the reminder/clarification helpful: RE:
  14. a fyi update on #3064: The a.k.a 'flickers/textures' symptom that appears to manifest only on some machines, correlates with an as yet unexplained large (~ 1 MB/s) & constant increase in memory allocation by the KSP_x64 process only when the "Principia 'Flight Plan UI' window with an active flight plan" is Open on screen. To help understand who is & who is not affected (all machines to which I have access for KSP are badly affected ;-), I have created a short Google Survey (link) that you are welcome to fill out if you would like. You may easily observe if your machine has the effect by watching the size of KSP_x64 process memory as you alternately open & close the Principia Flight Plan UI window with an active flight plan. For example, on a windows machine: watch the memory value called 'Private Working Set' for the KSP_x64 process either from the 'Details' tab of Task Manager, or using Process Explorer. If your machines shows the effect, the 'Private Working Set' value will immediately start & steadily increase by on the order of 1024 KB/s = 1 MB/s = 1GB per 20 minutes ONLY when the Flight Plan UI window is OPEN on screen. Use the 'Flight Plan' button on the main Principia UI to close the Flight plan UI & after a few seconds the memory will stabilize. Repeat the process for reliable control of growth in the KSP_x64 process memory. The above method should be similar on MacOS & Ubuntu, etc...from my reading online the default memory reporting metric on those systems is basically similar to the 'Private Working set' value on windows. The reason remains a mystery. Current details at #3064. Thanks!
  15. While Principia itself does not directly model decay from atm drag as Al2Me6 clarified, Principia does work nicely with FARc & RSS, especially after all the great work that was done associated with the "Spin-up on reentry under physics warp with FAR #2519" issue. Prompted by your query, I looked more carefully at data from the FARc "Flt Data" log & KerBalloons flight recorder log. Interestingly, the current RSS Earth atm model registers at a lower altitude than I expected (see data images below). Looking at the numbers from the FARc "Flt Data" log, FARc will at least apply drag & lift for atmosphere pressure on the order of E-08. So if you wanted to experience decay drag starting around 160km for example, you could make your own revised custom atm model using @OhioBob's "Make your own Atmospheres for KSP (automatically)" spreadsheet and paste the values into your copy of the RSS Earth.cfg for Kopernicus, replacing the atm keys for the default model in that .cfg...in which case also make sure to also delete the Earth.bin in the Kopernicus cache so that it rebuilds the model of the Earth at next KSP load. I'll probably tinker a bit in this area of the atmosphere model this fall/winter as well.
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