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  1. Useful update notes regarding experimentation & scenario creation when using Principia saves: Excerpts from the change proposed in issue #2457 since "A vessel that gets teleported to another planet should be ignored and forgotten by Principia while that happens." "The canonical way to make Principia ignore a vessel in-game is to hack gravity (in the cheat menu) while it is active; this can be used to set its orbit using the cheat menu. This is however not persistent, so we have explicit mechanism to support save file editing. " "If you are doing save file editing, you have full control of the save file: the identity of the vessel for Principia’s purposes is its pid (A GUID, corresponding to the C# fields ProtoVessel.vesselID, Replacing that by a GUID you generate yourself will make the vessel appear to be a new one, unknown to Principia, obviating any issues involved with vessels changing while under Principia’s control." details on a 'fortuitous' way of save file editing of Principa saves that appears to work relatively well: Also, the Principia team has added a remarkable new capability to the mod in their recent Principia release. While KerbalEDU needs to be updated to something beyond KSP 1.4.5 to work with current versions of Principia, the Principia team's video is worth an anticipatory view: Principia team's videos: angular momentum, moments of inertia & time warp: (yes, physics DURING time warp! )
  2. to evaluate possibilities (a.k.a how hard something might be) I tend to load RSS so i can then use data & work (see especially. Table 3 & 6 and Figures 6 to 13) from people much more experienced & skilled in this domain than me. ;-) so if you do come up with something I am eager to hear about it :-) especially given this prior note below about station keeping challenges...
  3. I have been wondering how you decided on/calculated the orbital elements you are using for the extrasolar systems, including what data/choices you made regarding the inclination of the orbit planes of these extrasolar systems relative to our solar system. I would be very grateful if you would share links to key datasets/methods you used or recommend in your OP "Sources". Thank you :-)
  4. I am all for only when it is fun & enjoyable & rewarding to do so ;-) Thanks!
  5. I am extra happy you are doing this since I would have unwittingly kept using CTTP since my check showed some familiar references to CTTP in the TRAPPIST1 system even in the fresh CKAN instal for REX 0.9.6, sorry about that & thank you again :-) As for EVE & Scatterer, REX 0.9.6 does have some very pretty EVE & Scatterer configs in the "Visuals" folder, though as you wrote, AndrewDraws does not mention them directly (maybe perhaps because those mods are somewhat a default habit for RSS RSSVE users like me?): TRAPPIST1e & TEEGARDEN B (KSP 1.8.1 REX RSS RSSVE EVE & Scatterer)
  6. In the fresh CKAN created GameData I just made, here is what still has me confused...I see these calls to CTTP remaining for Trappist1b [no RSS] & Trappist1c [RSS] I anticipated that I still needed/benefit from CTTP for TRAPPIST1c when using RealSolarSystem, for example...or maybe those textures never get called anyway? Please let me know so I can remove CTTP if it really does little/nothing now. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for all your work with CKAN. Will you be implementing optional checklist configuration clusters such as the "RSS, RSSVE, EVE, Scatterer"? Edit: I forgot to add the most important thing I meant to write ;-): CTTP is also a dependency which I do not see CKAN yet include with REX: [CTTP no longer needed] Also, between 0.9.4 & 0.9.6 AndrewDraws decided to change the folder structure: e.g. moving REXVE into the RealExoplanets long as CKAN manages the initial install am I correct in my understanding that an update via CKAN would take care of any such future changes in folder structures...i.e. CKAN remembers locally & removes the entire old structure it previously installed & then copies in the new REX structure, or would it be good to do the extra check to make sure the old folders were completely removed (ie. have CKAN uninstall REX, check GameData to verify REX related folders are completely gone, then have CKAN re-instal REX).
  8. Thanks :-) I do hope to do that so I've adjusted the link to point to a folder rather than a single .zip...would be good to calibrate it with Scatterer so that at least the bright stars show in the nightside sky from the surface of Echo etc. I needed to start with the more 'astronomy' related skybox because the grids & Trappist1 'ecliptic' help get me in the ballpark orientation since the translation between the skybox rotation that SE seems to make appears to be quite different from KSP (at least via TextureReplacer) appears to be something like rotation around X (SE) v Z (KSP) axis I think...once I get that tuned well enough then I suspect that making 'matching' more realistic variations should work fairly smoothly... & yes I'll be happy to make a special skybox(es) for Whirligig World once I get a bit better at controls in SEpro to position & adjust the stars to better match what I intend (so far the 'preview' in SEpro shows a very different look than what you get when you actually generate the actual skybox, so it has been a bit of an iterative process so far)...SLIPIST1 can be the learning guinea pig ;-)
  9. @GregroxMun fyi...Kopernicus for 1.8.1 seems to have trouble building some of the SLIPPIST planets (Kopernicus builds .bin files for SLIPPIST1, Bravo, Charlie, Echo but throws an error & stops at Delta in the Kopernicus log): And, to add some more fun for 'night side' missions on the SLIPPIST1 planets, below is a link to a .zip with a decent draft SLIPPIST1/TRAPPIST1 8k skybox made in SpaceEngine Pro ...looks like the TRAPPIST1 planets may currently have Rigel as a 'South Star" (see animation below looking down on the North Pole of Charlie & more images at this album link ) Also, if you use this skybox with "Trappist1 for Principia" ( fyi..@pleroy ) the Skybox is 'ballpark' aligned with transit timings so stars are approximately where they would appear were one to be located 'over there' near the star TRAPPIST1. Also, I've only tested the skybox using TextureReplacer in KSP 1.7.3 & 1.8.1 & its for around the current epoch--well at least a good guess--using visualizations in NASA Eyes on Exoplanets, SpaceEngine Pro, GaiaSky, & StarryNight8 ProPlus... The constellation lines do point back towards Earth's solar system & reveal the general distortion in constellation shape as a result of viewing stars at a specific point away from our solar system... TRAPPIST1 8k Skybox with Galactic Grid, Constellations & Labels (CC-BY-SA download link to folder with .zip options)
  10. Do you happen to be checking also with the v.055 Scatterer for 1.8.1 (for me it seems to be behaving differently than the v.0541 'pre-release' 1.8.1 Scatterer). Thus, when you have a moment, would be great to know from you which scatterer version(s) produces your intended/desired 'RSS REX approved ' appearance ;-) Thanks!
  11. My observation is that the mod makers have been focused on working on some very remarkable additional features for the Principia mod...that takes time & focus. A change in KSP version requires checking for changes in the API etc. that can affect a mod...that also takes time. Additionally, Frenet may introduce by itself new bugs due to the new features in the works not just due to a change in KSP version thus using it in familiar KSP versions is prudent. If you are familiar with Principia already, one way you may help other Principia users is by verifying Frenet performs as you expect in 1.8.1: see: "This release has quite a few (invisible) changes to the management of parts and vessels, so we invite users to upgrade to help us find any problems/bugs that we could have introduced."" The mod authors have a very good history of supporting new KSP versions when the work is ready to do so.
  12. Thanks for asking me to clarify...indeed I left a lot out: Simply stated: You & Egg are much more experienced in this domain than I, so I shared the observation in case seeing it sparked in your minds a 'go read x ,y, z papers" (or to catch if there was something obvious I was completely misunderstanding). Initially, I was skeptical of my understanding regarding the rather complex patterns of motions of Trappist1 in the skies of the various planets: for example, especially clear in the large drift in the 1d & 1e plots. I speculate these are the patterns of interaction between the planets on each other enhanced by their resonance frequencies, but perhaps you see a more accurate interpretation. For visual example, Trappist1 goes from a large relative motion in Trapiist1d's sky to almost stationary during the time period captured in the 1st video in the album. Also, adjusting the history plot in real time reveals some patterns in the less drifting more 'oval' wobbles of 1f & 1g. So I am open to your insights if you would like to share. Regarding the illumination difference: to reduce the possibility that I had messed up the Principia model I ported it to 1.8.1. This forced me to check and to get a dramatically better understanding/experience with all the numbers & patching etc. (& some of what can go wrong when I mix things up). I attempted first to port for myself Gregroxmun's nice SLIPPIST1 to 1.8.1 but kept failing to get the 1.8.1 Kopernicus to build all the SLIPPIST1 planets and I still can not figure out what is going wrong (I currently speculate a pqs or scaled space issue), so I switched to using the REX Trappist1 system CB models which were confirmed to work in 1.8.1 along with their scatterer & EVE choices...thus the difference in illumination between LEFT = 1.7.3 SLIPPIST1 models & RIGHT = 1.8.1 REX models for "Trappist1 for Principia"'s gravity model of that system in the album images. I do hope that this personal use exploration port to 1.8.1 conveys my very sincere & great appreciation for the huge amount of beautiful work that each of you @GregroxMun @eggrobin @pleroy @AndrewDraws have done. With Principia's great new features of orbit analysis, CB plotting, plus the past big improvement of encoding saves in base64 (& hopefully soon the angular momentum) combined with the better garbage collection handling in KSP 1.8+ I am very much looking forward to finally building much more complex saves. I expect to now be able to use (much more interesting) vessels to explore the gravitation dynamics & opportunities of this system on various long term vessel & station orbits as well as various types of transfers over 5 to 10 years of simulated time (on my decent but older computers). How far out do you assess the Trappist1 gravity model provides a reasonable approximation of the system beyond the published data? (I have no way to check like I did with your implementation of up to J12 in RSS which makes it a very good model even after 80 years). Thanks again!
  13. very much looking forward to that! I had hoped that might be the answer (thanks @scimas for asking the clarifying questions :-)
  14. you are welcome. In that case, likely would have been better for me to have suggested for you to have just deleted the kopernicus \GameData\RealSolarSystem\RSSKopernicus\Cache\Moon.bin while you still had the 16k textures in GameData...did you happen to try that before reverting to the 'regular' RSS textures? The Moon height map in VaNnadin's 16k texture pack is a massive 32bit DXT5 where as the stock RSS height map is a small 8 bit file (sadly the tools I have to split the RGBA channels do not work for a file that large for a detailed look) it might be that just deleting the Moon.bin would resolve the issue as well when using the 16k texture pack (PQS link below). As a habit, I delete my ModuleManager cache & .bin in the \GameData\RealSolarSystem\RSSKopernicus\Cache\ anytime I make any type of Kopernicus related .cfg or texture edit. & remembering to create & use a new save is helpful when changing anything in the principia gravity model for a system...I tangled with that confusion when I mistakenly had not fully weeded out some of the old optimization "Trappist1 for Principia" folders and/or saves lingering around in my plethora of various GameData folders...
  15. Happy sarbian nycat day (MM Feb 22) :-) Also, in the process of drafting some saves to contrast (for some kids (me included ;-)) the special double sunrise (or sunset) points on Mercury with what I find to be an even more remarkable potential & rare possibility of 'somewhat perpetual combined sunrise AND sunset points" on some planets in the Trappist1 system I've been using Frege's fixed surface frame to help find the 'wobble' patterns of the 'Trappist1 Sun' in the sky. The results surprised me enough, so below is a link to an album of some screenshots for easy viewing (I even created for myself a second simulation in KSP 1.8.1 to compare with the simulation in KSP 1.7.3 to check) (Ok I included the sarbian nycats too ;-): Principia Frege In pursuit of Trappist1 System Rare "Sunrise-Sunset" points (image below links to album which also includes some (ultra time warp draft ;-) ingame video capture of some examples of such points)