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  1. Mun Landing is the name of the tech tree node. We will be sharing more info on the tech tree leading to the release. Same with other Exploration Mode systems.
  2. Discoverables are points of interest of different kinds that can award you science.
  3. For clarification on my post, My comment about it not being a bug refers to the fact that this is not something that can be fixed with one change but rather a long term goal of improving perf. We will fix this but gradually and one step at a time.
  4. Number 2 is not really a bug but a side effect of all the calculations that are running in the background and that are needed for future features such as colonies. This will need a mix of optimizations and adjustments to the plan to be able to have something that can scale with future updates of the game. As with other areas we are exploring both short term improvements and long term solutions to the challenge.
  5. The game not opening anymore never happened to us and I am not sure why. This issue is not new, it's been there for a long time. We are glad some one noticed it. Checking the registry is not a common test case but it will definitely be now!
  6. We usually don't estimate bugs because the solution to the bug is not always obvious so I don't have those stats. Almost every sprint has some bugs scheduled to be worked on. We do meet every week to look at incoming bugs and prioritize them and every sprint we pick the top priority stuff from the backlog. Some interesting stats from this release cycle, about 4 out of 5 of the check-ins to the repository did not make it to the patch notes. Those check-ins will include internal bug fixes and feature work for future versions. It also includes other stuff as localization, project cleanup, art source files, etc.
  7. You would have to convince @Nertea about it.
  8. That is one of the ones next in the list to get fixed.
  9. Not other projects but other features. We are always looking for a balance between doing fixes for the next minor update vs future features such as heat, science and others. We are constantly looking at the top reported bugs and we try to fix as many of those as time and other priorities allow.
  10. Number 5 Number 6, it was wrongly classified and didn't make it to the patch notes. It is fixed. Number 15, it was wrongly classified and didn't make it to the patch notes. It is fixed. Number 20
  11. We identified and removed two issues that were slowing down the game but even after that, there is still a difference in perf between and that we want to keep investigating and fix in upcoming patches. It is not a general thing, some players might notice it and others might not but it is definitely there so we will continue looking for the changes that are dragging us back.
  12. Please do, and also vote on the ones you care about.
  13. I don't want to spoil the interview. @TriggerAu will also do a better job at explaining it than me.
  14. Some additional context on some of these: Orbital Decay. The team has identified one source contributing to the orbital drift and fixed it. Unfortunately that has not fixed drift in all situations. The team continues to investigate other sources for orbital drift. Undock/Decouple/Physicsless Parts causing Crafts to Fall Apart. As we have mentioned before, these type of issues have more than one source causing them. We keep working on fixing them one by one. Let us know if you see this still happening and in which conditions.
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