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FPS issue with KSP.


I have stock KSP, just kerbal engineer and kos (and module manager and toolbar thingie mod). Even though, when i look the (or a planet) my KSP frame rate drops badly. I've never checked my fps on KSP, neither i know a way how to, but i would say it drops to 15 fps or less. Does somebody has a solution or anything that i have to set off on settings to fix this?

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51 minutes ago, anothernormalplayer said:

I've never checked my fps on KSP, neither i know a way how to

the Steam fps counter has never worked for me, so I use Fraps.
another in-game but inaccurate way is to look at the mission time colors on top left:

If it is green it is running at 25+FPS
Yellow 10-24FPS
Red 10 or less FPS.


51 minutes ago, anothernormalplayer said:

but i would say it drops to 15 fps or less. Does somebody has a solution or anything that i have to set off on settings to fix this?

looking in space 51fps


looking at kerbin surface 19fps


warping in atmo with a simple ship 10fps.


many situations are even worst.
I don't know your pc specs.
my APU is an amd 3500u with vega 8, not properly a fast pc.
my settings are the following... if it can help.


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There’s a little mod called ShowFPS which does exactly that- shows an in game FPS counter and toggles with the F8 key. If you’re getting bad FPS around Kerbin or near the surfaces of other planets, it may be caused by a few things:

  • Terrain scatters- the game has to load them and track them as physical objects that can be collided with, so turn them down/off and it can really help your FPS at low altitudes;
  • Large vessels with high part counts- game physics engine doesn’t do well with lots of parts, especially when atmospheric effects have to be continuously calculated for those parts, so get into space quickly and it’ll work better (plus you lose the parts from the booster which also helps);
  • KSC itself- all those buildings are physical objects and have some complex 3D geometries which the game also simulates, not much you can do except get away ASAP;
  • Graphics settings too high- reflections hurt FPS a lot, and various other graphics settings (terrain texture resolution, pixel light count, shadows, aero FX and more) can influence your FPS too, try turning the settings down a bit and see if that helps, but be careful about changing the terrain detail settings as this can make landed vessels suddenly be underground with catastrophic results;
  • Graphics mods- scatterer in particular eats into your FPS, but any graphics mod can slow you down if your GPU can’t keep up with it, turn the settings down or use lower resolution textures in mods with several options.

Low FPS in KSP is often because the physics engine requires a lot of computation and the processor can’t keep up, there’s not a huge amount you can do about that but if you keep your rocket designs as simple as possible with the fewest parts (use bigger versions of things like fuel tanks where possible, etc.) then you’ll ease the processing load and the game will run a bit faster. Atmospheric flight is inherently more CPU intensive as the aero forces also have to be factored in, so you may need to tolerate some lower frame rates early in a launch when you have all the boosters and are in the thickest air.

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Check these 3:

  • In settings.cfg make sure that under each of the three "name = KerbinOcean" entries you have  "minDistance = 4".  You can also try "minDistance = 6" which will prevent the ocean surface appearing lower than it actually is but has a performance drawback.
  • Turn off Anti-Aliasing.
  • Lower Render Quality but increase texture resolution.

IDK what "Surface FX" does, but I'd try turning it off. Terrain Scatters should not be an issue that high up, but they do drop FPS.

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