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I'd like to see some of the coolest rockets anyone has designed! I'm new to KSP and I'd like to see cool thing other people have made just for an example to me of how creative you can get!

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This is the Kraken XI, the rocket that get us Kerbals to the Mun. The early Kraken models had a very low TWR ratio, so what do you do? Add moar boosters!!


It's pretty much a saturn V with some differences and boosters.

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I've designed quite a few orbiters, not real good at landings, so haven't done much with landers or rovers yet. I did make an interstellar probe that was kinda fun, it had 17km/s worth of fuel, and enough secondary to do the coarse burn to eloo. (stupid expensive parts, not really cost effective for career stuff) I took it out past eloo, circularized, then flipped it to a polar orbit, and still had plenty in the tank.

I'll have to work out posting pics, but I'm lazy. I'll be spending some time on orbital bases and fueling stations, might actually build a 5m rocket for tanker lifting, haven't had a good excuse to build one yet.


Edit: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2432160735 This is a bit hard to steer without the motors running, but is an ssto orbital base with large science bay, lots of solar, 3 seat capsule, but it's a sandbox only item, more for giggle and snort value. Really stable flight for such a big rocket, but it should have an intermediate stage, just to keep the trash lower.

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