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The Kerbal Effect

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Kerbal Space Program has now been out for a full 10 years, progressing alongside the space industry and the various people that operate within it. This documentary-style video takes a look at the people that have been influenced, inspired, and introduced to the wonder of space exploration by this bizarre game about little green beings, created by a small group of developers in Mexico City. We want to thank you, the community, for helping us turn KSP into the launchpad for the next generation of space explorers!

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Well... there can be no community if there is no game to begin with! I know we've said it enough, but just as many thanks that go to us deserve to go to both you guys at Intercept for making the Hype Train lethal again and the folks @SQUAD who kept it alive and thriving for so many years. Cheers, devs!



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I have always had a great respect for those at NASA. They are some of the brightest minds that I have worked with. I have friends who worked in NASA, some who still do, and even my sister who did work with NASA. One of the selling points for me, to get Kerbal, was seeing NASA worked with Kerbal Space Program developers. I had not heard of the game before then, but seeing that, I knew this game would be one of my favorite gaming experiences. 

I worked with a different agency, but did some satellite and aircraft calculations for missions and other things of that nature. I find myself in familiar territory, and am having a lot of fun with that. I really enjoyed my work then, and this is a good way to incorporate what I enjoyed with a video game, which is very rare indeed. 

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