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@SciMan You're comparing a badly configured 9th gen I7 desktop PC to an ultrabook classed processor. It's comparing apples to oranges. Even if the processor/GPU combo Valve is using (equivalent to a Ryzen 3 5000 series APU) can run most games at playable frame rates with reasonable details. (30+ fps, middle to high details)

Most people wouldn't expect the Steam Deck to run anything like KSP completely perfectly anyway. It's basically an ultrabook. People who have played KSP on potatoe PCs or are not demanding perfect performance won't care anyway. They will except it as it is.

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4 hours ago, SciMan said:

What they can't handle is exactly what KSP is doing. Lots and lots of parts all interacting with each other via physics joints. That puts a large strain on any system, even mine with an Intel Core i7-9700k CPU water cooled. My landers usually have almost 70 parts on them after I put on all the experiments and cargo containers so I can deploy surface experiments and carry a few repair packs around (the lander itself doesn't have that many parts, it's all the parts that make the lander "useful" that take up the part count).

Not exactly. The Physics Engine is heavy, but what's really screwing up the machine is the SpinLocks stunt explained on this thread.

The day someone manage to replace that obnoxious crap with proper code that would behave on computer's multitasking O.S.s, you will see a significant  improvement on thermals, performance and on the Deck, even battery life.

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15 hours ago, Lisias said:

KSP1, I think you mean. KSP2 is still unknown at the present time (Only Windows support were announced,  and we don't know how the DRM will behave on Proton).

The Deck will be, essentially, an updated version of what I have for gaming now.  Quad core, 8 threads, 16GB RAM shared with the GPU.  But about 4 or 5 times faster. :)

Memory hungry mods will probably cause some pain due the shared RAM thing - using 4GB of memory for VRAM means you will have 12 GB of RAM for the CPU. Still pretty decent, but 4GB less than a similar system with dedicated VRAM.

Just forget about 4K, stick with 1080 and you are going to have a hell of a good performance, rendering some gaming machines still in use nowadays crying in shame on the bed at night... :D


4K resolution  is not a must have thing.  Especially on a Steam Deck. Yes, I ment KSP1 but there will be no reason for KSP2 not to work on this platform. Basicaly, it's depends on Valve not developvers, they do not have do anything to port their product on a Steam Deck, because it's literally a small PC. 

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3 hours ago, mattinoz said:

If Playing on an M1 iPadPro is considered far to ridiculously small a screen then surely Steamdeck is a not starter it's not even iPadMini sized. 

The iPad needs a dedicated port of the game, wasting dev resources, the SteamDeck is just a PC, no port needed and at worst we'll have people asking for a more scalable UI or better controller support.

If the Deck used the same proprietary crap Nintendo and Apple use I would be the first against a port of KSP and the last to buy one.

Discussions about power, size and screen aside, the Deck is a PC, that's the main selling point for most buyers, will KSP2 work on my Deck? I don't know, maybe it does then good I can continue my save from my PC with the same mods, maybe it doesn't and then I just play other games from the same library I don't have to buy 2 times due to proprietary crap anymore. The Deck is going to have the biggest library a console ever had at launch, even if less than half of Steam games works on it (and given the amount of remakes, remasters and remakes of old remasters that fill the console market nowadays it  seems like playing old games is not a problem for anyone).

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