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InfiniteDice -=Skillful=- Combat Damage & Weapons Mod

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1.0.5 Download is available on Curse

Please read the included README.TXT before installing

Likely the last update for Skillful...



The (out of date) Manual is online below:

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1mJMx2LmsDY_p2Jm_9yNqKNXjCQ47ymvzyUzyDs3GKP0/edit?usp=sharing - Out of date, will update soon.

PDF version of the user manual Get it here - again this is out of date but still has good stuff in it.

And get the Mod here! - Updated November 16th - 2015 - 1:48pm EST - 1.0.5 support

Want to add the targeter/reticule from the machine gun to other parts/pits? Follow these instructions!

You'll need to use modulemanager to install Skillful so all stock and mod parts take damage. Get it here:


I have included instructions in the readme.txt


Update November 16th - 2015 - 1:48pm EST

- 1.0.5 support - to update for the latest version of the game.


Update April 5th - 2015 - 11:48am EST

- 0.90 support - minor tweaks.

Update November 18th - 2014 - 12:22am EST

Targeter reworked, new armour parts, vertex damage system, UFO (non-IFF tagged vessel) targeting, Fixes, Optimizations (hopefully not too many more bugs lol)...

Update August 17th - 2014 - 10:22pm EST

Bug fixes, tweaks, added support for mouse aiming on the two ball turrets (Auto-Air and 30mm) - rough implementation - just turn off/on auto track.

Update ([email protected]:00pm)

Support for 0.24.2, made a few changes here and there, added the prototype TurboLaser turret into the pack, it's rough and does not have any auto-tracking or guard mode. Also hasn't been balanced much at all. Should be neat to try in space (I haven't tried it yet). Have fun! :)

Update ([email protected]:00pm)

Totally changed how Skillful works so we have less issues. This means more setup work. I've included a zipped bat file, unpack it in the main IDSkillfulR1 directory and run it to apply the Skillful module to all the stock parts. Optionally you can edit b9 parts as well as those for Procedural Dynamics (pwings) parts. As these mods change they will likely add more parts so the batch file will not cover those. If you'd like a mod to support Skillful, then ask those mod authors to contact me, I'll help them out - its literally 5 lines to add to each part CFG.

Added heat seeking SAMs. Add them like any other missile/rocket to your craft... set the guard mode to true/on. Fly an hostile IFF vessel within 500m and it will launch. Add multiple SAMs to your craft... set one to guard, after the first one fires... the next one will arm in 8 seconds.

Gone are the falling apart vessels, and say hello to higher frame rates!

Update ([email protected]:55pm) - Details to come.

Update ([email protected]:34) Fixed some issues with ordnance not clearing/loading. Added Dynamic vessel loading ranges. - Double clicking targets further than 10km away will result in the game loading all vessels within 20km. There are 4 levels of loading up to 99km. Added an experimental Trident missile as well as the KLU-82b Air-Burst bomb with parachute. These will need more tweaking as time goes on, but they both fill the void for air-burst weapons that was supposed to make it into the initial release. Major Fix for stock fuel tanks, after watching a few community videos I realized there was something wrong. Also Liquid fuel, Ammo, and Antimatter (interstellar support) will now cause some crazy explosions if hit properly. Fuel hit in space will need a supply of Oxidizer in the same part, without it no explosion!

Update ([email protected]:44) Fixed the saving/loading... Fixed issue with the world position shift causing fires on the ground to follow you around in the sky. Fixed an issue with ordnance/rocket pods not being clearable. Improved rocket speed and now less likely to damage the firing vessel. Fixed bombs by allowing a brief moment of zero collision on release. Added new fire FX for smaller ordnance. Fixed cluster bombs so they now have Incendiary effects and damage. Added new model for the medium rocket Ex Hellfire... now Zephyr. Tweaked a ton of little things. Added one more pre-made craft... a ground attack aircraft, my Naval Bat - in CAS role. Very stable.

Update ([email protected]:47) Fixed the saving/loading yet again, this was a key issue. Rocket pods/rockets underwent some edits as they were clipping on reload, and the pods would sometimes break/fail to load on EVA. You can now rescue the pod by EVA Fix Pod to reset it to it's start condition if an error occurs. Tweaked the rocket a bit to make it hit a bit better.

Update ([email protected]:07pm) fixed an issue with saving/loading, I'm sure there are more, but this was somewhat important. I also fixed the issue with ordnance not showing up in the hangar when a craft is loaded. Lastly there were issues with detached parts bouncing under the ground, they will now go away.

Update ([email protected]:22pm) has added support for custom keybinds to control manual turrets and the fire key. This should support any Keycodes listed IN THIS LIST - be sure to edit the cfg for each of the 3 manual turrets (30cal, tank and battleship).

This mod is not MULTIPLAYER. Nor can I say it will be supported when playing a multiplayer mod. I will build that bridge (if it's buildable) when the Official multiplayer is released by squad.

Below are some community videos (listed in order of release):

My Skillful videos can be viewed here


PLEASE post your pics and rate the mod on spaceport...




Mod in its entirety, or in part: code, models, textures, are shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

You are free to: Share copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format - You can modify files for your personal use.

If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

You may not use the material whole or in part for commercial purposes.

A note on the license - I have 7+ months of my spare time in this, I'm sharing it out to the community for no required fees. If you like the mod please share your thoughts/images/videos on the KSP forum thread!

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Great to see a thread for this...been on my mind since your deckgun pics in the boatparts thread =)

Is that armor plating I see...

Fully functional armour, I'm making a basic APC/tank chassis and some upper structure parts and a few panels. Balancing will be tricky but shouldn't be too bad. I'll be releasing a new short video in a few moments that will shed some light on how things are coming along.

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This looks intriguing, but you might want to explain what differentiates your new mod from other mods like my now over a year old gatlinggun mod and lazorsystems bombs and missiles? You have an added HP system, is that the only change?

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This looks intriguing, but you might want to explain what differentiates your new mod from other mods like my now over a year old gatlinggun mod and lazorsystems bombs and missiles? You have an added HP system, is that the only change?

Hey man, there are massive differences. Really I wanted to build a damage system in the beginning, then realized the only way to make it work correctly was to make the projectiles that interact with it at the same time.

The damage system accounts for the structure of the part/object, the material hardness, how flammable it is, if it can sink. Etc. Fire might start in one part, then spread out. Etc. My parts will include multiple damage states, at least 1 damage state. So visually you'll see if you have penetrated the part or not.

The system uses a flexible assortment of ammo types all are resources that have mass. So every bullet in the magazine has mass, I've calculated all the different ammo masses so they are semi-realistic (if kerbal mass is 1 metric ton per unit). Each ammo has different characteristics mass, velocities and can be set to various warhead types, AP, HE Incendiary, or normal.

Bombs and rockets and eventually torpedoes are loaded EVA from a common resource depot, all have changeable options - cluster, incendiary, HE AP etc.

The CIWS turrets have what I call 'guardian mode' that essentially is activated when the player is not in control of the vessel the gun is on. The gun looks for an IFF tag on any vessel that comes within range to see if it's a foe. If so it engages the enemy at the set range. Burst patterns and firing speed will change according to target flight conditions.

The CIWS turrets also check for LOS before they engage, it wouldn't want to shoot part it's own vessel off would it? :)

There are so many differences that I could write an essay on it. And most of it is working well enough to release now, I'm just very picky on what I let out the door. Essentially someone will be able to take off, fly a mission, land and rearm - refuel and use the same aircraft for the next target.

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My god...:0.0: This and your AWSOME Boat mod, my brain cannot handle how cool this is, keep up the magnificent work! Plus I think you did the right thing taking a break, I could not model (or code!) a block in kerbal:D! Can't wait, Again great job InfiniteDice. HATS OFFFFFA.

Really late but, Happy New year!

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Pigbear, I think in his video about the mod he says when the armor plates are "shot to pieces" they will either explode or they will just become nothing, basically he turns off the collider of the object so the projectiles pass through. I might be wrong though!:D

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Hmm.. That talk about the CIWS, I wonder if it might be really overpowered or underpowered. Does it just point at the COM and shoot or does it lead the target? And how much damage does the spray of bullets do, plus you made a video of it a long time ago testing lazor missiles against the CIWS, and the CIWS almost instantly destroy them. Just wondering!


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