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  1. Eh, do I really have to? @sal_vager go!
  2. Built a STOL tactical transport plane and took it for a short trip to the nearby islands.
  3. Finally. I'm not entirely gone so PM me if you run across something that makes even less sense than usual or just want some help.
  4. Just letting you guys know I'm less busy IRL and coming back to update this!
  5. Rope and cloth are pretty expensive if you can't do it on the GPU, you can however do pretty good approximations using multiple rigidbodies driving a skinned mesh renderer.
  6. http://snjo.github.io/ That should be the best place to find up to date Firespitter.dlls at.
  7. Let's just say that I fundamentally disagree with that. There is nothing stopping people from making weird contraptions with multiple dynamic parts the same way they make weird contraptions with multiple static parts. What currently limits opportunities for inventiveness is more so a lack of detail by the simulation than too much freedom, right now there is no thinking involved with making a wing in the game, practically any configuration will give the same results. And as such the base game has no real need for the detail dynamic parts allow in this case. When it comes to customizing pods, engines and so on the game is however more susceptible to allowing the users more freedom to make the smaller detail choices dynamic parts allow.
  8. In my opinion: none. As you play the game you get more and more familiar with it, and at the same time you'll find things you feel lacking. That's when you ought to start looking for mods to fix these perceived issues/gaps in gameplay.
  9. I'm not sure what we are doing.... Sal, bail me out!
  10. Curse isn't run or maintained by anyone from Squad or the games community team, if you have trouble with it you'll have to contact Kaelten. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/members/113472-Kaelten
  11. pWings supports FAR, NEAR or Vanilla flightmodels. FAR is recommended though.
  12. Updated for .25 support, added NEAR and a bunch of other stuff.
  13. Please take the bickering to PMs and leave this thread open for discussion on how to improve/supplement the current stock wings.
  14. In all seriousness though, if a smaller control surface is something a lot of people feel is missing (or anything else that's easy to fix) I'm sure we can get it included if not in the next update but the one after that. So make a sketch of what you want and stick that on the bugtracker as a feature request. The first implementation of a larger overhaul like this is never perfect so I'm sure Squad has planned for the possibility of adding some extra stuff in later. Just like when .18 added the size 2 parts and we got ASAS and whatnot that was missing in the update after.
  15. Moving the tipchord actually still works, it's just 50 times slower. Something changed in how mousespeed works in .25. The indev version works fine but I hoped we would be able to finish the SP+ style assets in time for the release, but even if we don't get that done I'll push out an update later today.
  16. With the effort they've recently put in to making new spaceplane parts this is something that hopefully will happen soon, in the meantime KAX and B9 has some nice longer legged landinggear.
  17. On my screen (2560x1440) this looks completely normal, what's the issue?
  18. Yepp, that seems to work. Should be in the next update.
  19. That was my original intention, but Unity doesn't appear to understand that moving parts of a skinnedmeshrenderer independent of it's parent armature is technically possible, I could work around it by making a more complex armature however... Adding this feature should be very simple, so that's something we might do even if FAR doesn't support it yet. Just like we added wing thickness even though it currently does nothing.
  20. If you launch the game via the launcher, you can simply tick the borderless window option under advanced settings. Last time I talked to Harvester about this it was concluded that this was the only way of doing it until Unity changes.
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