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[Collection] Silisko Industries - BACE 0.3(1) released! [April 28]


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Guest GroundHOG-2010

Please folks, if you\'re going to quote a post with images, remove the images.


Capt\'n Skunky

KSP Community Manager

Or spoiler it.

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Okay. We\'re getting closer now:


Let\'s see, what still needs to be done... from the original list:

4 liquid engines (1m and 2m)

7 fuel tanks (1m, 1.5m, 2m diameter with 1.5m high and 3m high options. also included is a bare and compact 1m tank)

3 command pods (one is 0.5m)

a slew of adapters (0.5m to 1m, 1m to 1.5m, 1.5m to 2m, maybe some reverse ones or a 1m to 2m coupler)

modular engine and payload shroud system (in all sizes, with optional decoupler pieces)

RCS quad and fuel tank

service module (1m only, possibly a 1m to 1.5m adapter service module in the future)

2 killrot modules (0.5m, 1m)

3 parachutes (0.5m, 0.5m stackable, 1m)

4 decouplers (0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, also serves as a mounting point for the engine/payload shrouds)

stage separation retrorocket

heat shield (hopefully physicsless)

2 SRBs (0.5m and 1m)

Edit: Also, name and describe all the objects.

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Guest Flixxbeatz

I have a Kerbalised Atlas V. You don\'t. My kerbalising abilities are better than yours.




I see you\'re questioning my Kerbalizing abilities. Now go Kerbalize the Energia. I challenge you. 8)


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