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  1. Heh when I was going through all of the assets I found the original Gemini that was released in Novapunch before you expanded and made FASA
  2. Yeah that was the idea, they were just exploding when loaded on the ground otherwise. As long as it playtests fine now, should be good lol
  3. I changed some of those a good while ago, when the parts, especially fuel tanks, got more massive; something with high mass values and the physX calculations was causing individual connections between parts to act weird; either failing ot pushing a large amount of force onto a neighboring part, so certain structural pieces had to be unnaturally toughed up. I expect that's all solved now (hopefully) thought it might be worth a playtest with a crazy large rocket stack. (This was before you could hide strut connections too, so there's that)
  4. Ask and ye shall receive. You may regret it eventually. I just went through and sorted all of the assets and models I could find; there is quite a bit of it, some duplication I'm sure. I'm uploading it now and will PM you a download link.
  5. This is great! I'm very glad the project lives For the M50, is it a matter of having the old .blend or DAE file to edit? I have them here somewhere, though I have moved to a new PC so Blender/Unity isn't set up so I'll have to dig around if that's what is needed. (I know it was hard to get a model back from a .mu file in the past.)
  6. Oh hey there. So I am busier than ever in real life, and working with/on computers all day has made me have much less desire to pursue such things in my leisure time. I know, it surprised me too. So, I probably won't be picking up this again in the foreseeable future. Who knows what the future holds.
  7. I teach computer applications 1 & 2 in high school and am an advisor for the newspaper and yearbook classes.. Among other things. It's been.. Interesting
  8. Awesome. I've said it elsewhere, but I'm glad, and good luck. Also, amusing sidenote: I named those engines 'Bearcat' after the mascot of the school I graduated from. It also happens to be where I am teaching now. Go Bearcats! (in any form )
  9. This is good, glad to see it live on! On the history/ownership thing; Harvester didn't make anything for Novapunch, any part with his name in the config is likely a clone of a stock part he made, that I copied or modified to be bigger or something. There's a list in the 1st post of the original thread, and the same info is in the readme file of the downloads: There's a few of the original parts by Nova, Sundaypunch, and Slug left. Most of the newer parts were modeled/textured by myself or frizzank and I did pretty much all of the config work. I don't think there's anything left by Omni, Chillen, or Andras now, but bac9's adapter plates and those logos by everyone are still around. Also, note listed there by HOPEFULLY in the readme is the IVA for the Freyja pod, which is by master Porkjet himself. (Odin and the others just use a stock IVA) Anyway, good luck, send me a PM if you need info on something.
  10. So this surprised me quite a bit when I saw it (on PCGamesN no less) I don't lurk here much anymore, or in the dev/mod chat channels.. but to me it looks like pretty much all of the people who "know" the game inside and out have just bounced. I know some of the QA guys surely know a lot of it, and maybe some of the new devs have been quick studies. But.. losing Mu? He literally made the universe go 'round - he wrote the planetary system. It's also hard to overstate how much NathanKell has done since he got on board. These guys have scoured systems and parts and modules and removed so much of the weirdness and buginess, and now that expertise is moving on. So.. maybe this is the end of an era. Development can't go on forever obviously, and if KSP is close to being its "best" then maybe its time to celebrate a job well done and move on to whats next. Its not like it won't be kept fresh for years anyway due to modding. So whatever happens.. its been a pretty awesome ride. It may be a little bittersweet, but its still hard to be too upset. All of that aside...we owe those guys on the list big time for what they contributed to KSP. You guys rock.
  11. Ah Kasper, you have done a fantastic job with the community. I am sure whatever you do next will be great. I still think your name is KasperVid though. That'll never change.
  12. Well, I finally got a job, I'm teaching Computer Applications at my local high school. Since it is new to me, much of a 'free time' is taken up in preparation or other work, and I haven't really wanted to spend even more time at a computer. I would say for now, everything is on hold indefinitely.
  13. Best wishes to you sir. This little game really make an impact, in many ways. You have inspired countless people to learn more about space and science, you were a beacon of hope to small game developers and an example of how to do things right with regards to your fans and community. Personally, not only did it rekindle a love for "space" but it pushed me to learn new things so I could mod. There are other games where I thought "Hmm.. I would like to change this, or add that." But you made KSP open enough and easy enough to get even a neophyte started, and once you get started, you are hooked. Thousands of hours played and many, many more spent modeling and editing config files... You certainly made it easy to answer the question "What is your favorite video game?" Its been amazing to watch this grow and evolve over the years, and even just being a community member and player gives me a sense of pride. Thank you. Can't wait to see what is next for you.
  14. These are the same thing. Or at least the former is is submitting critical feedback on the product you bought, while the latter is usually an inappropriate extension of that, where you criticize the devs instead of specific things. Consumers can validly criticize the new features of an iPhone or a car, but if they criticize Apple's HR operations or Ford's design philosophy, they usually get ignored, because its outside of the business/consumer relationship. Now, those are all things that human beings can hold valid opinions on, and you can even express them. But you shouldn't hold onto the hope that it represents something can Squad should or even CAN address publicly.
  15. Boy I dunno, the OP and title sure seems to be complaining about game development (how buggy 1.1 is) and then you immediately drug in the other discussion from reddit, one can only assume as a "reason" about the bugginess game development problems. So you, the OP, started a topic about 1 and invoked #2 immediately. So I'm gonna have to disagree.
  16. Again, please follow the previous link I posted in response to you. There you will find more anonymous "comments" from employees or former employees. If you expect more than this, you do not have realistic expectations in this situation. A company commenting on the wages and contracts of their employees publicly with their community is NEVER EVER going to happen.
  17. Well, if you are going to get ANY info, its going to be from this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/4hw5x7/in_regards_to_pdtvs_post_damion_rayne_former_ksp/d2t7hdm Where r4m0n is gathering comments from anonymous former and current employees. There has been some backup about the original claims, and also word from one current employee that things have already been improving.. Honestly, that is about as much as you can hope to hear, I reckon.
  18. Unless you are one of the people working or seeking a job from them, there is nothing to "accept" or "deny" as a community member. Tiny Squad from Mexico isn't going to lead the charge to change the industry, no matter how many angry people post their "outrage" on the forum or reddit or 4chan. I've seen suggestion that nothing ever changes unless there is forum drama here. In my experience, the forum drama has basically never solved anything. The ancient "DLC" drama might count, but i reckon that sort of outrage got much more mainstream "play" and the fallout from that resulted in a communication blackout with the community that lasted almost a year. Electronic Arts was publicly outed for severe issues with their working environment by a mainstream gaming magazine and dozens upon dozens of articles and followups occurred. It earned them repeated "Worst Company in America" wins. Did it change anything? No. EA made token gestures, had no impact on the industry, and crunchtime/working conditions continue to be a hot button issue well beyond our community. You have to be realistic about what you can expect to change. Someone said that pressure might make them "alter course" -- to what course? Do we want them to pay the current staff the industry standard? Does the current staff have the industry standard in qualifications (degrees or experience) to earn that pay? Do we want them to hire experienced game devs? Is that a realistic goal for a game that's already shipped and sold a large percentage of its copies? Anyone with the barest of business experience will tell you this will never happen. I think there are realistic goals that we can all agree on. We want them to be more flexible on release deadlines, so that they stop shipping versions to meet marketing needs when there is more QA to be done. We want the awesome people that work on this game are healthy and can live comfortably. I'm not sure what is going on over on reddit is going to achieve any of that (outside of what r4m0n is saying, but thats getting ignored in lieu of good old fashsioned hand-wringing)
  19. Think about this; They had no one at Squad with any Game Development experience and as far as I know they have never hired anyone that has such experience in the 5 years since the game "emerged." Its been mostly community sourced. So no, there is no "normal" There have definitely always been issues. It took them a long long time to find people who could represent the game to the mainstream via Media/Marketing, and in the interim there was a lot of damage done between them and certain parts of the community. There's been regular growing pains, and mistakes, and its never been "normal" On the other hand, stressful working conditions, crunch, and poor job security are about as normal as things get in the industry, and yet Squad gave entry to the industry to a lot of people at a much lower threshold than they would have found elsewhere. My question? Is there any benefit from discussion this within the community? Would it change anything? Or just create more negativity? My experience here suggests the latter. And then there's the origin of all of this, the post on 4chan that basically ends with "I want to damage the company and the game so it sells less copies because they don't deserve it." No professional would ever say that even if they believed it to the depths of their soul. Muckraking is the worst, and no sane company would ever engage with a topic like this. In my opinion, it barely deserves attention.
  20. txt files compress nicely. Zip them up and file a report with them so someone can see what is being spammed.
  21. Well, I wouldn't be streaming for that reason, though I might post a donation link if people want to leave tips. I've never really sought money for anything NP related since so much of the original content wasn't mine. Honestly I watch a lot of twitch and really am interested in doing some casual streaming. I've watched Roverdude stream his modding and it looks pretty fun, I think having the instant feedback and such would help me improve and keep things moving forward as well. In any event, I'll get the config edits needed on the current version done before I worry about any of that.
  22. I've been playing with it in 1.1, its mostly working. The IVA overlay thing causes some weird model swapping (visual only) because some of the pods are using the IVA of stock pods. Parachutes are broken again of course. The upsized fairing clones probably don't work right. I'll probably do some tweaks to get it playable in 1.1. After that, I'm starting to feel like it might be time to start on a new major version, remake a lot of things from scratch and only bring forward stuff thats good enough. A lot of stuff just looks dated (or outdated now) and I think I could do better. I still haven't found a job yet, though there are some possibilities, so I might actually get set up on twitch properly and livestream some of the modding. Would that be something people are interested in?
  23. I have absolutely no affiliation with Spacedock or any other content hosting site. I'm just a modder who has been around a while and seen a fair number of mod hosts come and go. I was trying to let you know about some issues you might want to look at. So, maybe you weren't looking for that sort of stuff, so I won't continue. Thanks for the new info you posted. Your EULA/TOS is... a start. Good luck.
  24. So you have no Terms of Service, no End User License Agreement, and no rules or guidelines about what can be uploaded (maximum file size, upload time, file types, anything) You also have no information about the technical aspects of your server or internet connection, or any indication that you have any experience in administrating a large webservice like this. You aren't giving anyone any reason to entrust their work to you other than a nice looking webdesign. What you are aiming to do is expensive and a lot of work, and if you want people to upload things to you, they must trust you, and without any sort of ToS/EULA to govern the mountain of license/ownership issues you are now stepping into, they simply cannot do that. Much less trust you enough to donate money to keep the site running. I applaud your desire to learn how to do this, and to provide a service to the community, but you have only accounted for one very small slice of running this sort of operation, and you are NOT ready to be live on the internet. You need to step back and consider these other issues and examine how other sites handle them. As it stands I find it unlikely any major mod developers would use this, and I would urge any newer developers to be careful.
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