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[1.0.5] Versatile Toolbox System (Added USI Support)

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The primary feature of this mod is to provide a modular system for resource containers and utility parts that can be transported on the back of a Kerbal and attached to specialized racks. This mod requires Kerbal Inventory System for full functionality. Get it here:


For compatibility with USI resources, you must install USI Life Support and mods that enable USI fuels(Karbonite).

Versatile Toolbox System does not redistribute KIS/USI content or plugins.

Release 3 adds fuel cell parts and support for USI Life Support Resources:







Release 2:





Release 2: Added TAC Life Support containers


- opens, includes interior surfaces & colliders

- mod-friendly, create your own art for it, make it hold anything!

- support for Kerbal Attachment System

- additional support parts for attachment, extra parts with the same shape


Includes the VTS MMU, a small monopropellant vehicle, along with a small rack and large rack, both configured to fit within 2.5 meter cargo bays or popular vehicles like the KSO. The standard toolbox part is equipped with KAS container and science container functionality.

This mod requires Kerbal Inventory System for full functionality.

Exploring the different VTS parts: youtuber KottabosGames





USI Pack:


TACLS Pack:   







This mod is intended to be friendly to edits. You are free to change the texture or the function and include some form of the VTS parts in your mod with attribution. Post what you're using VTS for here or in the Dev thread:


more screens:

Goo container for scale




Mounting Rack, 1.25m


Mounting Rack, 1.875m


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Played with it a little, and now 'Id like the default KAS containers to look just like yours!

But you know what would be awesome? An additionnal node so the small one could fit in an extended 6S service compartment

http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/61040-0-23-6S-Service-Compartment-Tubes-Design-smooth!/page22 <<< last post on the page


Just an idea, thanks for the hard work anyway!

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This is a beautiful little thing. Only suggestion I have -- allow the toolbox to cycle open/shut in the VAB, so we can build stuff into its inner surface?

The stock generic animation module doesn't do this, but mods like Firespitter do. I decided to not include anything extra atm. The inner surfaces are there for future features if they come - KAS doesn't support surface attaching objects to a part that's been grabbed; they will fall off - but having the open interior and doors makes it easy to make new versions with new equipment in them, for example you could use model nodes/welding to attach existing small parts.

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hmm i have an idea how about adjusting the collision mesh so that we can place stuff inside the empty opened container

The boxes have interior collision but if you grab a part with KAS it won't keep objects on the part you grabbed. Not many parts are really small enough anyway. Also, I've added a video posted by youtuber KottabosGames to the OP.

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First, thanks for your time and creativity for this and all your mods and projects!

Second, minor bug report for the new containers (VTS RCS Fuel Container and TACLS resource containers) the TechRequired line has survivability misspelled.

Keep adding things to VTS, please! KAS-powered parts and things really add so much depth to EVA activities and ideas for new (Kerbal) projects. :D

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Nice mod indeed.

One suggestion BTW would be to disable the rcs by default on the VTS MMU. I was trying to dock a station part and I realised that the vehicles was messing up my rcs node repartition (and also it would be a pitty to bring it up empty).

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Can someone make a mod manager patch for this to adjust the racks? Since KAS is being finicky right now, you cannot "Grab" a part off the rack, and instead must rely on release/store. However the racks are coded as a single bay with multiple locations, so if it could be re-written to have 4 release points instead of one master release, it would have practically full functionality for resupply

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