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  1. For the image, I advise you to use imgur, then copy the link under the BBCode section. Paste on your post and voila.
  2. This post should be edited to include KSP2 specific information: .craft files aren't a thing anymore, there's a .json , a .meta file and a thumbnail per craft now. I include all three in a zip for my downloads but no idea what is mandatory and what isn't. KerbalX doesn't seem to support KSP2 as of now. Also I don't know why you say to remove the [ img ] and [ / img ] part, it is very much necessary for the image to be displayed in the post.
  3. PHANTOM III I present the Phantom III, a simple hypersonic prototype that can reach up to 1490 m/s in the lower atmosphere, just short of Mach 4.5 I welcome all tips that can help me make it truly hypersonic (Mach 5 and on). WARNING: It is extremely maneuverable, so it's good to knock kerbals out with 60+ Gs turns, but since struts have a tendency to disconnect when switching scenes sometimes, I recommend checking all said struts are still connected (most are under the wings in the central part). Oh and you should turn off SAS after picking up some speed because you know, early access and all. Alternatively one can play with the control authority limiter to make it more manageable. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/h54eoovt083fxz5/PhantomIII_by_Initar.7z/file Let me know what you think!
  4. Yesssss! Thank you for this!!! The part manager is so poorly implemented... Haven't seen the code but you can feel the mess behind the whole UI.
  5. Initar


    Why not use a folder system, or categories of sub assemblies like in ksp1? This workspace mumbo-jumbo is not only confusing a lot of people, but possibly dangerous: I suspect if one of your crafts gets corrupted or a mod is removed, it might mess up the whole file and destroy several of your crafts instead of one.
  6. 3440x1440 here and it works, so there is ultrawide support but not all resolutions yet apparently. Patience...
  7. How friggin cool is it that they actually had help from NASA to find a way to make it's appearance scientifically explainable by making it a glass/ceramic planet? It still looks like mint ice anyway. Just harder.
  8. I hope modders will make proper posts on the forums later. Spacedock is a great hosting solution, but the forum threads are more informative and practical for troubleshooting for example. Thanks a lot for compiling this list!
  9. Very good suggestions. The whole thing is oversized, even the police is bigger than the rest of the UI. And yeah no numeric input why?!?
  10. Is there a set of debug tools in-game? Cause I haven't found any. Would be nice and helpful for bug reports (of which there will be a lot) to see the console, or be able to edit our craft to orbit for testing purposes (ie breaking things and complaining about it on the forums).
  11. Just saying for others who might have encountered this issue (like me) : press HOME to reset the camera.
  12. It is a HUGE exaggeration. What we have is NOT everything that has been done, just what has been released for testing purposes. And let me remind you that early access KSP 1 didn't have space implemented for kraken's sake. Some people already looked into the code and the science and career systems are basically functional, just not released. Because they want to fix the mountain of bugs related to core gameplay (aka building and flying things) that will inevitably arise with people playing on thousands of different machines, and in ways they could not possibly test by themselves. Be patient, from what we can see it might very well end up being our dream game. But right now we are play-testing a beta.
  13. First they have to finish it. Optimization will happen along the way, but it's probably not the priority right now. We are beta-testing an early build. IF (and that's a big one) they meet their goal of being feature complete at the end of the year, you can expect the game to run better from this point on.
  14. Just here to say I'M SO HAPPY!!! Yes it's buggy, yes perfs are poor, yes it's bare bones. But I played KSP 1 when freakin SPACE wasn't implemented for kraken's sake. Doesn't stop me from having a ton of fun in game already. It is veeeery early access, and that's a good thing for the game's future. From what I gathered from promotional material and now the EA release, they're going for exactly what I wanted, basically an upgraded KSP with a selection of Nertea's parts to enhance the experience visually and practically (love that they hired him). I'm also very happy to come back here and see old and new people, can't wait for the first mods, community challenges and so on. Love to you all, devs and players, haters and enthusiasts, kerbals and... others
  15. I can rebind keys in the menu but it's not applied in game... Yes I pressed the apply button. Oh and the game doesn't recognize local keyboard layouts (mine's AZERTY).
  16. So on my first rocket I put four radial separators, a tank and engine, then build the booster up with a small fuel tanks and nose cone. On launch the seperators fall down along with everything not connected to the rocket and the game gets all buggy. The flashback to early KSP 1 are strong!
  17. First mod of KSP2... Here we go again! Not gonna use this since you can also create a shortcut to the exe and not bother at all. But I get why people would still want to launch through steam.
  18. I know man, that's exactly what I used it for. Maybe there's another node definition we can use? I only dabble in modding...
  19. Testing this on 1.9, I experience some bugs with the fairings (I've been using these for years). More often than not, the payload will not detach from the ship after decoupling. Not only it's stuck in the fairing base, but it is not disconnected from the rest of the ship. I can even decouple again if it's in a action group, it plays the sound and effect but still no separation. This happens on most fairing bases, regardless of payload size or clearance. Anyway I hope you'll be able to fix this when you have time (I'll try and find a solution too), thanks for the huge amount of work you put in maintaining these legacy mods. EDIT: I got it ! After further testing, I noticed this bug only happened after reverting to the VAB and relaunching, and only on some faring bases. So I looked in the part configs, and noticed the buggy parts had two top nodes, whereas the good ones had the lowest top node removed or commented: node_stack_bottom = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 2 //node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.217, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2 node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.588, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2 So I removed the lowest top node on every part and voilà, they all work perfectly. Since we have the offset tool now, the lower node was a bit useless anyway. I also updated the decouple module, since the anchor argument is deprecated I think, like so: //OLD// MODULE { name = ModuleDecouple anchorName = anchor ejectionForce = 100 explosiveNodeID = top } //NEW// MODULE { name = ModuleDecouple ejectionForce = 100 isOmniDecoupler = false explosiveNodeID = top } This last bit is for tidiness, It didn't have any negative impact on part functionality. Hope this helps!
  20. Am I dreaming? Is it Christmas already? Because that's everything I ever wanted for this game! Can't wait to see what you guys have in store.
  21. The launch vehicle is a space shuttle derived rocket (basically a SLS, the concept is as old as the shuttle itself), so we kinda already have the parts. EDIT: getting a conflict with B9PartSwitch for the first stage. Urgent error says "two module can't handle the same ressources".
  22. Thank you so much for this!!! All hail the Guru!
  23. Me too, it's also a bit of kerbal history, as it was originally made by ClairaLyrae, who later joined (and left) the Squad team! So sad to see stupid_chris moving away from KSP...
  24. Yup, 1.1.2 didn't fix it for me either, mods or not, 32 or 64. And the squad team is on holiday now... Maybe they should have had some rest before releasing 1.1 , I fear it's gonna ruin their vacation... I suppose it's illegal for anyone to redistribute version1.0.5? 'Cause I'd kill for one right now (and I'd kill myself for not making a backup >.<)
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