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[1.0.4] ESA Country Flags v1.2

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Very well done :)

Any chance for adding some dedicated ESA flags?

Here are some of the existing variants:



an old one:








Website with ESA logotype, including vector files: http://www.esa.int/esalogo/screen1.html

ESA 50 years fairing logo (blue) :


Perhaps also this one?


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Sorry about that. I noticed today that there are now Flag and Texture prefixes.

At the time I last edited this thread I don't believe they existed. :)

Ah, don't worry about it. Yes, those thread prefixes didn't exist until yesterday morning, when I petitioned Kasper to add them. I simply decided to retroactively recategorize a whole bunch of flag / texture add-ons while I was at it ;)

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i was wondering how i could add my own flag to ksp like how you do it.

(i want to add Fijian flag to ksp... (i come from Fiji))

It's pretty easy. I'd suggest using Paint.NET (it's a free software) which isn't at all as complicated as Photoshop but much better than Paint and everything is easier to edit. You need to make your (width)256 X (height)160 picture than save it as a .png file. After this just copy your flag in the Gamedata/Squad/flags folder so it will appear ingame.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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