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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. they start stealing your cheetos and smacking your mother! But they feel REALLLY bad about it! And give the Cheetos to charity. All the non poor people are now starving.

I wish I had some Cheetos.

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I meant the video game :)

I know.

Granted, but then it gets invaded by Taiwan.

I wish countries didn't feel the need to dispute each other's claims of land.

EDIT: (And I live in the UK. The Falkland Islands still cause controversy.)

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Granted. You are fired/suspended with immediate effect, and have forfeited this years pay/your degree.

Lasts for lifetime too, no returning to that job/school. Your bad reputation spreads, meaning it will be hard (Read: Impossible) to get in anywhere else.

I wish I was omniscient.

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