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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Be careful what you wish for...

Basically, in your post, you grant the wish of the user who posted before you... but you corrupt it, so that the outcome is undesirable. Make it creative!

Then, just make a random wish. There aren't many rules, but there needs must be some:

  1. Do not make wishes that are designed to be difficult to corrupt. (e.g., 'I wish for this, but not for this, this and this to happen.')
  2. No double-posting, and no exceptions.
  3. Do not derail the thread by continual posting of irrelevant material and/or repeated and refined/similar wishes.
  4. a) Only one wish per post is permitted, and it must not have extra conditions or additional events not implied in the initial phrasing. (e.g., you cannot say "I wish I had a cake that can't explode on me.", but you can say "I wish I had an inert cake.")
    B) If this rule is overlooked, the conditions applied by additional wording in the wish should be ignored.
  5. Do not make wishes that would overrule moderation decision on the forum, e.g., "I wish [user] hadn't been banned", "I wish my thread hadn't been moved", etc. If you have a gripe, take it up with the moderation team directly.

As an example:

Person 1: 'I wish I was a fish.'

Person 2: 'Granted, but you are in the process of being battered and cooked.'


I'll begin.

I wish the world was a hamster.

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Granted, but you die before you get it.

I wish for a cup of flower.

I don\'t think dying before receiving immortality qualifies as granting...

Granted, but it\'s burning in a bonfire.

I wish for immortality.


Is there any punishment worse?

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Guest GroundHOG-2010

Granted, but I turn into a giant fish the size of Los Angeles and take over the world(While wearing an air-suit of course).

I wish I was better at GIMP(digital art)

Granted, but your only allowed to use it for rule 34 and 63

I wish I had a Hughes H-4 Hercules (any mention of the spruce goose gets the next person shot).

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While the astronaut is in orbit around the moon, performing the EVA needed to get into the lunar descent craft, the door shuts behind him and he dies in the cold of space.

Also, you are that astronaut.

I wish to make billions instead of trillions.

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